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Hey guys, Jenna here,

and it's time for another video tour and this week it's a special video tour

because visiting me is Dylan.

He just did a video tour of my tiny house on his YouTube channel,

but today we're going to go through his Van.

Previous to living in a van, I did three months in South America,

then three months in the US backpacking, and while I was in South America,

I met this guy named Alex and he had a big 177 wheelbase sprinter.

We started talking and we went and we climbed this volcano and we camped out for

a while. Whenever I came back to the States,

I wanted to continue traveling but didn't know how I was going to do it.

And so the idea of living in a van,

it seemed like the most reasonable and feasible option.

So this is Gladys.

She's a 1994 Chevy G20 that I converted into my mobile home and I've

driven it literally from coast to coast,

had it for two months before I renovated it and lived in and out of it with

nothing in it.

That really made me understand what I need in this space.

I have like a decent background in construction.

I did it for awhile with my dad did home remodeling with him and so like I have

a basic understanding of construction.

I took it out to where it was just a bare empty metal box and then built it up.

I've got R13 insulation for the walls and then this is Cedar,

which is nice.

The subreddit van dwellers is like super helpful if you're trying to get into

van dwelling, there's so much information on there.

I have these folded up towels to kneel on because that's hard and it hurts.

Do a lot of squatting, a lot of kneeling and occasionally I'll stand up.

I don't do that much because I can't,

a van like this is definitely suited for shorter people,

but if you're into the van, I feel you can make it work.

That's just kind of like what the whole lifestyle is about is just making it

work. That one here and another up here

so I can hook that anywhere and just watch some TVs.

You got the full set up dude. I got the hookup.

I've got a gallon of propane back here,

which the hose runs up to here to my stove.

I've got a three burner stove. I only ever use one burner at the time though.

This is the first cabinet I've ever built and so it's not that nice.

This is the second one. It looks a lot better. Um, just food stuffs up here,

I can carry seven and a half gallons of water. This is two and a half gallons.

And then back here I've got a five gallon jug.

So I can go just about a week or a week depending on how conservative I am.

completely off-grid cause I can get about a week's worth of food in my fridge

and all my other food stuff is in this box.

I'm considering switching to like a DC compressor fridge and putting that right

in between those two chairs and then changing this section into another cabinet.

And then that would allow me to get rid of this box and put all my food in there

and have the fridge there. But I haven't done that yet.

This curtain goes across here for whenever I'm stealth camping and these are

fantastic. Then I've got the bed,

which I want to redo these cushions wasn't the best design.

Um, but it works. It's comfortable. And then this sets up

into a couch, like

for whenever I have guests over. So living in a van,

there's some things you have to figure out. One of them is the bathroom.

It's really easy for guys. This is a pee bottle. That's great.

Restrooms are everywhere. Like almost every single store has a restroom.

Gas stations, like if you're afraid of public restrooms, you'll have issues.

But if you don't mind public restrooms, they're everywhere. And then showering.

That's different. Um, a lot of people have gym memberships. They do it that way.

Uh, I,

I don't have a gym membership so I just like bum off of friends whenever I can.

It's just like, Hey, you have a shower, can I use it? And they're like, yeah,

for sure. My job is online. I do like everything I do is digital.

And so for internet I do a lot of coffee shops.

I work a lot in coffee shops and then I also have an unlimited data plan with

T-Mobile that I use and I do a lot of tethering.

It's nice to be able to be completely mobile, go off grid,

go into the woods and still be able to work and make money.

This is like the solar system area. Um,

my batteries are a little bit low cause I've been in Oregon and it's been

raining for the past couple of days.

But down in here are my two batteries.

I'm not a professional electrician, but it works.

You got the two solar panels.

Each of them are a hundred watt solar panels.

200 Watts of solar comes into my charge controller.

And then that goes into the battery.

And then over here I've got an inverter for the fridge cause that's actually a

freezer. And the reason I did that is because I found this on Reddit.

If you do a freezer it has more insulation and then you run it to here.

And then right here is a temperature probe.

So that goes right in there and that's the probe and that has a relay which cycles

on and off

this inverter which keeps that at the temperature for a refrigerator that's like

a $250 set up opposed to a DC compressor fridge is like 600 bucks.

The vast majority of us in the van life community,

we um,

we have like a pretty low bar for comfort and our whole goal is to like be out

in nature and be able to travel and move and do the things we want to do.

Whether that's like adventure sports, like climbing, kayaking, whatever.

That's like the main goal of life for most of us.

And so the van is just a way to facilitate that.

I've got snowboarding stuff along with mountaineering stuff in this section.

This is like my climbing section. I've got my crash pad, uh,

the little bit of climbing gear that I have along with my larger backpack camera

equipment, skateboard, uh,

laundry stuff, just, just the, all the stuff you would have in a garage.

A common question I get is like how much did this all cost?

And I paid two grand for, the van itself was 65,000 miles.

It was kind of a steal.

And then the whole inside setup costs me about three and a half grand.

So you know, about five and a half grand for my house.

And then with maintenance and whatnot on the van through the past year,

I've probably spent a thousand or 1500 from oil changes to,

I've had to do some work with the axles and whatnot.

So altogether we're still talking less than 10 grand.

The most I've ever spent on gas in a month is like 500 bucks, which is a lot.

But that's still less than most people pay in rent.

I don't have to worry about electricity or water or you know, all,

all of the other things people worry about.

I mean I would honestly rather live in a house,

but I can't live the life that I'm living now in a house.

It's definitely a super cheap lifestyle and it's just like very much meshes with

who I am as a person for the rest of my life. I'll always have a van.

I'll live in a house at some point, but I'll always have some sort

If you guys like this video,

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My channel is just my name. He just did a video of my tiny house.

So I'll put a link to that in the description. And until next time,

see you guys later.

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