Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Spring on Zarechnaya Street / Весна на Заречной улице

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We can get you right to the town

Don't be afraid, we won't take too much. Ten note.

For 200 gram of fuel .


Close the door.

What a mother.


A year is finished. We'll wander to far lands.

You'll leave for reindeers .

And I'll leave for Kazakhstan .

Excuse me, did I guess right?

So , you've finished?

So you're going to our backwoods.

- Please. - Thank you.

Can I ask, what is your profession?

- A teacher. - Ahh. A teacher...

You teach Russian literature, am I right?


- How do you know? - I know were they will sent you.

- Where? - Zarechnaya street, 21.

An evening school for the working youth .

- The address is right. - Why do you think so?

- You study there. - I? You must be joking

I've finished 7 forms, It's enough for me.

My friends study there.

They don't have literature there for two weeks.

She ran away.

How is that?

Just ran away and that's all.

I carried her. Just like you.

There and back.

She had also finished. She was young.

It seem uncivilized for her here.

No TV's, no fashion houses.

Of course we have a fashion house but ...

there's no cosmopolitan cabinet in it.

Again ,there's a smell of plant smoke here.

She was complaining about this all way back.

How they took her around!

Your guys are hot-tempered.

And we have the same work.

Your main avenue .

The shift is going.

And besides, here are your students.

Hello school boys. Do you learn your lessons?

- Hello. - Yes we review them.

Stop the engine Ura. Join us.

- I can't. They'll pick out my permissions. - Don't be scared.

Aunt Masha, your health!

Thank you nephew

- Happy journey. - Don't lose your passenger .

- Alex, come on, I'll give a lift. - Thank you, the rain is almost over.

You're already carrying one, it's enough.


How do you like the students?

Don't be afraid they are quiet.


Sasha, aren't you afraid of your life?

I grudge walking on foot.

- Good day . - Good day.

- Is there room for 3? - Yes, sure.

- Wait, I'll give you a place. - On no account. Ura come on.

- Okay. - Wait.

What are you doing? Stop, I'll get off.

Wait. A little farther. It's forbidden to stop here

Again permissions.

- Are you for long? - Depends on different circumstances.


Can I ask why?

Fiancés here are of handsome presence And brides are like hot cakes .

- Stop the car. - Take it easy.

Be careful, one can kill a man easily.

And who will answer?

And without jokes, what are you going to do today?

- To grieve about past. - That's not for good

Do you know , we have a big party today.

Where? Why? And why I don't know?

- We meet New Year. - In November?

- What calendar do you use? - Martenovskiy.

- Sasha, did you finish squeezing ? - Yes.

- Let me kiss you. - My neighbor.

- Let's wash off. - Stop the car immediately.


Come lass. I don't know name and patronymic.

I invite whole-heartedly. We'll dance and have fun.

Zarechnaya 2, no evil dogs.

- So it's at Zina's home? - I'll wait.

We won't be late.

I advise . Very pleasant company.

You won't regret.

We are here.


Please , here is your heavy one.

Dribs and drabs. You'll give back on your way back.

When you'll run away.

(music plays)

You all saw.

There she is. Please.

- Hello. - Come in girls.

- Zina. - Glad to see you. Take off your clothes

We have enough plates and forks.

- I give the best. - I know mother.

Watch it, now it's progressive then you'll collect grits from the floor,

- Stop joking mother. - He's good.

Earns good money, honest, but his character ...

Look, how much money did he spend?

- A festival for friends. - Why are you counting other's money?

- Maybe they are mine too. - Stop this, have fun.

Don't raise your voice on your mother.

- May I? - Keep house daughter.

- Smells very tasty here. - Treat to guests.

- Zina, what did you do in the kitchen? - Are you tired of dancing?

- No, I want to dance with you. - You want?

- Why are you here? - Go and dance with your Lubochka

- Well, I've danced with her once - And with Tosechka once more?

Zina, stop this. I don't need them.

- Go away to your love. - I already have my love, it's you

Dear Sasha, I don't belong to you.

- Go away, I don't want to see you. - We can't get along well.

- Yes. - And the dress is in the soot.

- Where? - Here.... Got you

- Here what they are doing. - Why didn't you knock at the door?

Now you can.

Sasha, why din't we begin? I'm thirsty.

- For whom are we waiting? - For Krushenkov.

Who is he? Engineer?

Heh, one can think that this festival is in his honor.

Well if we had no engineer then this festival would never take place

- Welcome! - Bless you.


Well enough, who is it?

Alya ?

So we got to know with whom did Krushenkov fall in love.

- Tania. - I'm Tolya.

- Hi Tania. - You'll stifle

- Tania, how did you get here? - On the dump-truck.

So you didn't forget the address? Decided to visit?

- How, do you know each other? - Sure, very good.

- Where were you? - Yes, Tania, please meet.

- Sasha Savchenko. Hero of the occasion. - We know each other

Yes, we really know each other.

- How is that? - Please take care

Young teacher. She'll teach in the evening school

Russian literature, prepare note-books for your marks.

- And you know this also? - We know everything.

Except one thing that she is your relative .

Tell us, who is she, you wife or bride ?

- It's not important. - The wine turn sour.

- Let's sit down to table. - Right. With cases.

Look, the matter is that, Tania ... Tania Sergeyevna ...

isn't provided with housing, so we ... excuse us ...

Zina, I've heard one mother leases a room.

Maybe you ..

Yes, let's go .

- Do you like here? - Observe the apartments .

Why are you making arrangements with rooms of others?

This is in the order of consolidation.

Anyway your mother leases this room, so I help.

- Will do this without you . - Don't worry .

- If no, will find another place. - Don't bother Zina.

How can this be? A girl has no place to spend the night in.

We must put ourselves in her position. We are all humane

Should an intelligent man wait? Come in, my dear.

- Right, come in. - Make yourself comfortable.

Fell at home. 250 rubles .

How much? It's ridiculous Maria Gavrilovna. Too expensive.

Too good room. Separate. With furniture.

And light and cleaning? No you won't find cheaper.

- Expensive Maria Gavrilovna. - I take it.

Okay. And you guys, why are you standing still?

Why are you staring ?

She wants to change clothes. Go go, get lost.

We don't sit down, we are waiting.

Alex, this is pink port, woman's.

And I want liqueur.

Thank you.

Here, take a snack of a pear.

I like apples .

- Okay, whom are we waiting for? - One moment.

Tania Sergeyevna, are you ready?

Tania Sergeyevna?

I an tired of the road. Fedya propose a toast in verses.

We boiled steel on our open-hearth furnace.

we left the time behind and moved an amendment in calendar.

- About the main ... - Stop it.

Let it rain today . During November's bad weather

Just like in the middle of the severe cold we'll celebrate New Year.

For our health .

- And Tania? - I don't know. Wait

Tania Sergeyevna, drink for company.

Then for your health

- Well. - Why are you breaking glasses?

It's by pure accident.

And now you won't break away.

- Did you catch? - Yes.

I caught you and won't let you out.

- Hello people - Hello.

Sit down.

People let me introduce you

a new teacher of Russian literature,

Natjana Sergeyevna Levchenko.

Tatyana Sergeyevna also will be your form-master.

Please take care.

- Please. - Thank you.

I won't bother you.

Well, you already know me.

And I have to get aquatinted with you.

- Can I ask you ? - Yes?

For how long are you here?

- For long? - For long and for about a week?

It depend on many things.

Mostly on how many questions you will ask.

- Strict - And we like to ask questions.

I see.

- Aleshina. - Here.

- Bondar. - Here.


It's me.

- Vovk. - Here.

- Valovoy. - I am.

- Grohovskaya. - It's me.

- Donchenko. - Here.

- Digay. - I am.

- Eremina. - It's me.

- Zabolotniy. - Is present.

- Ish...Ishachenko? - Ichenko.

My surname. Please don't mix up.

Migulko, I. Migulko M.

- We are. - Who we?

I and Marusia.

Why don't you stand up when you're called out?

- She can't. - I ask you to stand up.

Sit Marousia.

Sit down.

- Mironov. - Here.

- Nazarenko. - It's me.

- Osadchev - Here.

- You're late - Accidentally .

- Rogovoy. - It's me.

- Revenko. - Here.


- Savchenko. - Is absent.

He has New Year holidays.

He cancelled.

Good evening Tatyana Sergeyevna good evening friends.

- Hi. - Did you take up the duties?

- Why are you so late? - I? Well it happens sometimes.

Yesterday my watches let me down.

Today - here. Can I congratulate you with your beginning.

I hardly procured them.

We don't have a lesson of biology You don't have to congratulate me

Also from the whole class.

I ask you not to be late the next time.

Okay. Honestly.

Pupils, on the last lesson you've finished studying

the unfading comedy "Sorrow from the wisdom" written my Griboedov.

Exactly. Clarence , Clarence , And she got into the train and left.

I see that you know the comedy very good.

Then we'll ask you to tell us about it by the blackboard.

I didn't offer to answer be the blackboard.

I call you out. Go to the blackboard.


Tell us about the main characters in the comedy

- He'll tell now. - About the main characters?

- Yes - The main characters in the unfading comedy,

written by Griboedov "Sorrow from the wisdom" are:

girl, called Sophia , a man called Molchatskiy ...

- How? - Molchatskiy .

- Did you read the comedy? - Yes. In the childhood.

I see. I wish you glanced over the book.

I didn't have time. I had a lot of work. Yesterday was a festival.

You know. My head is still spinning.

- I can see that. Get some fresh air. - How?

In the corridor.

For what?What did I do? I won't go.

Complaints to the head master .

Savchenko, I'm waiting.

What' with you today. Don't want to study, don't bother others.

- And what about you guys? - What?

We keep silent

It's not a good start. Bad sign. No luck.

I don't believe in signs.

Everyone must know this comedy for the next lesson.

Famusov's monologue by heartb. I'll ask.

And now let's start new theme.

Sahsa, my dear, why are you here?

- You wanted to smoke. - No, I was turned out.

- Well? - Yes

- And who ? That teacher? - Yes.



It is all, all your fault ...

Fedenka, take books, okay? Hi.

In that year when Suvorov's army rushed the Alps,

when the emperor Pavel spent the rest of his life

in his cold castle,

in Moscow, in the house of well- born but impoverished noblemen,

was born...


The sitting is over.

It's interesting, who was born?


From the heart I advise you, for what do you need science?

You won't become a professor, you'll mar the mood.

- All people study, we need this. - For what? Do you have a small salary?

Yes, studies is light, but the Lanterns on our street shine very good.

We have to spend the time in the civilized manner.

Listen Ura, I like him .

Do you understand? What should I do?

Are you just a little kid? You don't know?

And now, after blowing the last leaves from the bald trees,

the downy snowy winter has come.

The houses has out on the white hats.

the trees has put on the white furs.

The white carpets are suspended on the wicker fences.

Everything is white all around.

Everything is white all around.

The frost painted all windows with patterns.

The windows of houses.

And it's warm and cosily inside,

As if there's no winter.

As if there's no winter.

Decrepitate resinous billets in the stove.

- Savchenko. - What?

If you'll peep one more time in other's note-book you'll get 2.

Do you think I'll get the better mark?

You'll come into the house from the street,

And forget that it's cold outside.

Cold outside.

Migulko. Migulko.

What's with you?

Go and sleep at home. Shame on you

What? I brought my wife to the maternity hospital last night,

and I worked all day long ...

Go home. Go.

And even slanting rays of the winter sun will seem caressing.

Will seem caressing.

Short winter days.

Long winter nights...

...will light up the frozen ground with cold rays.

rays.... comma.

Stroll on the edge of the sky, and there's no sight of it

Tatyana Sergeyevna...

What injustice.

The report is by volume, and the dances are so short.

Why isn't that inside out? Zina, here what you are today.

- You here to meet steel founder? - Why don't you undress?

- You don't have a ticket? - the steel founder isn't here.

They look for him.

He went away from the house and didn't come here.

- And where is he? - I thought you know.

So worked out that you can't keep yourself in hand? Scared?

- No, thank you. I didn't expect. - I expected from you.

Tatyana Sergeyevna, today in the Culture Palace

is an evening of dances .

- And what? - I have two tickets, and no pair.

- Do you understand me? - No.

I invite you. Don't reuse. All evening I was waiting for this.

In vain.

Tatyana Sergeyevna, why do you treat so ?

- With whom? - With you.

You don't go anywhere. Sit in your room like an old woman.

No one asks you to take care of me.

Who knows, maybe she asked.

- Isn't it disgusting for you? - What?

- To say this bull shit . - Tajana Sergeyevna...

I'm talking seriously with you and you resent.

- Tajana Sergeyevna, I ask... - Let me go.

- There's a beginning. Accept. - Is it your method to receive agreements?

- Get off the way. - Tatyana Sergeyevna.

The first kiss.

How hot.

Tell me Migulko, a boy, a girl?

- A girl. - You're obliged to pay.

Excuse me, Tania.

I'll be back. One moment, okay?

One moment.

These engineers, they are there standing with the teacher.

- Good evening. - Good evening.

- Good health. - May I invite you?

Maybe you'll ask those who had invited you earlier?

- Why so? - Let's go, Nikolay Nikolaevich.

Tatyana Sergeyevna, may I?

«School waltz», special for you.

- We grew up long ago. - I don't dance.


Leave her.

- Tatyana Sergeyevna. - I don't dance.

Me too. I wanted to ask your advice.

- To read. - What sort of reading?

- Verses. - What verses?

It just for me, it's not good here with rhyme.

And I want to hear criticism.

- How? Right here? - Why here? We have other places.

Tatyana Sergeyevna.

- I have a daughter. - Congratulate a man.

Drink with us. 11 pounds.

I'll read you the last.

It is called «For my friend» .

For my friend .

My friend is a common guy. He's not famous because of his guitar.

He boils steel in a open-hearth furnace. And sits in the evening near the desk.

He's full of energy and wisdom.

He got used to leave behind. He got to the factory when he was young,

And became the master of fire.

And became the master of fire.

At home he has mother and sister and a father's photo,

That died in the war from the gun shot .

Yes, it's not easy for you sometimes, but wait to see.

There are other easier fates but your is better.


- Will you bother people? - Why are you breaking the rules?

- Drive him out. - Get out.

We must drive him out.


You know, the verses are not quite good.

But very beautiful.

About whom are you writing? Does he exist?

Yes. I wrote about Sasha. About Savchenko.

About Savchenko? That's not about him.

You don't know him at all. Don't think that he's always such.

Something has happened to him in this period.

A company established here...

But don't think so...

I don't think about him at all.

Sasha, here is a dear guest.

- May I? - Come in.

- Hello. - I'm messing around.

I'm ironing Zina's dress, everything for her and son-in-law.

He'll get everything prepared, won't resent.

Zina, Sasha is here.

- What are you doing here? - Hello

Decided to visit the apartments for 250 rubles.

Well it's good here. But you'd better ask how do I live with her?

Cluttered up all the room.

So you've forgot how to get here?

We were waiting for you all Sunday...

Wonderful music...

I played "the bottle". I've kissed Pasha 5 times.

And who is that?

Ladies' man. Do you see how he is clipped.

She got used to deal with such.

Ladies' man.

- Good evening. - Good evening.

How dare you?

If there are no host so you can turn the room over?

The room is like a thrash can .

- You told that you're well-bred. - Stop this Zina.

Nothing happened to the room. Maybe a little lighter.

Tatyana Serjeyevna , excuse me.

- I need your help. - Help?

you see, Tatyana Sergeyevna it's difficult for me to study your subject.

And I don't understand many thing ... can you ..

With great pleasure I'll help you, That's my duty.

- Sit down. - So, I warn you,

or you put all this away or..

you go away.

- Take off your clothes. - I ... okay.

- What are your questions? - You see Tatyana Sergeyevna, I...

- Excuse me, do you hurry up? - No.

You know, this will take 20 minutes, sit down.

Not too long.

Sit down

Attention, we begin the concert on listeners request.

On request of factory workers Naumenko and Riabov ,

teacher Levchenko and other listeners

we broadcast the concert of Rahmaninov for the piano and the orchestra.

Performs Lev Oborin.

We met with you during the sunset. You were cutting the gulf with oar.

I like your white dress. And disliked your refinement of dream.

Refinement of dream... Sasha.

- Sasha. - Sleep.

why don't you sleep? You have to get up early.


- And? - Right here.

«Refinement of dream «, what is it?

Refinement of dream? How can I explain? This ...

- Well... where did you get this? - In the library .

- And who is that? - Poet. Alexander Block.

- Poet? Laureate? - I don't know.

- Do you have a biography? - Probably.

Born in 1880. Too old.

- Yes. - Namesake . Alexander.

- What did he write about? - About love.

About love? I can give you love.

What is it? One breaks the windows in the class.

- The other reads about love. - Not in the class, but in the corridor.

You aren't asleep? Now I'll take off my belt.

- You won't. - Why?

- You'll lose your trousers. - I'll give you a thrashing.

- Sleep. - Okay.

All come unstuck . If mother is on the duty then they are happy.

- Why are you going barefoot? - There.

You'll catch a cold.

Sasha, when did you begin to do lessons?

- It's not lessons. - What is it?

- Tell what are you breathing with? - With air.

- No. With oxygen. - A-a.

And the stove, it also breathes with oxygen.

And I want to make so that it could breathe easier, understand?

- No, I don't understand. - Do you like our surname?

- Savchenko. Sounds? - Yes.

It sounds for you but not for everyone.

- For whom for example? - That doesn't matter.

Rahmaninov. Sounds. Or also ... Block.

I was walking in the raining night, And in the old house near the window

I saw thoughtful eyes . Sounds?


So I want your surname to sound.

For everyone could recognize it.

- Who is she? - Petia, go to bed.

Look what they wrote.

Whose work is this? Who scribbled that?

- Look closely at it. - Your, poet?

- No, really can he? - No.

Could Petya write that? It's classic, no doubts.

Signature ... Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin.

Hello friends. Be seated.

- Savchenko. Why don't you sit down? - I...

The last work revealed that with direct speech there are problems

That's why we'll repeat today the main rules

of the direct speech.

Who is on duty? Why the blackboard is dirty?

- I am. - Where the rag?

- Disappeared. I'll get. - Please.

You had to take care of this before the lesson.


I'm please that you repeat the material even

in such manner .

Nevertheless, but Pushkin was muddled , please wipe this.

No I won't wipe this. The one who wrote this must wipe.

- Or I'll conk him... - Savchenko, sit down.

I won't. Let the one who wrote that stand up.

- Savchenko. - Jenia, get up. It's you handwriting.

- Ah, it's you. Go and wipe that. - Savchenko, please take our seat.

And you wait. Don't wipe. Read.

- I? - Yes, you. Boldly.

You can't make out your own handwriting?

- Alack! Tatyana isn't a child. - For what person is it written ?

- from the first. - What it is?

- Direct speech. - Futher.

- A granny said groaning . - And this?

- Indirect. - No, author's words.


So will we separate direct speech from the author's words?

May I take my seat?

- Inverted commas and hyphen. - Hyphen.

- Hyphen. - Why didn't you separate?

Take the chalk.

And now you can wipe and take out seat.

So, while we were trying to make out this example we made sure,

that if you take up to write on the blackboard,

then write so that nor you or desk could redden.

- Shame on you Ishachenko. - Savchenko.

If you'll say one more word I'll drive out from the class.

Good bye Marochka.

Be careful Marusia or you'll slip.

- Bring. - Okay.

- Who are we waiting for? - Go, go.

Someone criticized me. And I what? Only truth.

Let's go.

- You? Why don't you go home? - I'm waiting for historian.

- I need. - He'll come out .

Tatyana Sergeyevna...

Tatyana Sergeyevna, I perhaps won't wait till him.

- I'll go home. - You're going in the other direction.

Savchenko, don't.



- Tatyana Sergeyevna, hello. - Good evening.

- Why are you missing classes? - I'm sorry Tatyana Sergeyevna.

Were delayed on the factory. Emergency analysis.

With spare shoes?

- Are you going home? - Yes.

I'll explain everything. Sasha, why are you falling behind?

Tania, why are you so strict?

- Come up Sasha. - There he is Sasha.

- And I have the other direction. - Handsome .

- Hello scientist. - Hi.

You broke onto studies, even grew thin.

- I feel sorry for you Sasha. - Why?

You're studying and other take around.

- Look, took 2 at once. - And you?

Please meet, my brides, Lidochka and Raya.

- Taya. - I said so. I recommend.

Maybe next time.

Dear, girls, excuse us.

So Sasha, gets away from us?

You loose many things.

But now a great company has been established.

I, Jenia, Nikolo , girls ...

Look, get off me with your girls.

I see that you're now interested in only one.

Tatyana, let's remember golden days.

- Shut up. - What, you don't like?

Did you hear Chaikovskiy symphony ? -

- What? - Do you know Vasnetsov?

- From the motor depot? - Shame on you.

- Go home now. - So strong.

- What? - She strongly made your brains dull.

Present symphonies for her.

And if you'll look soberly, she's is usual.

Look Ura, I ask. Please don't bother her.

I won't but engineers...

- What engineers? - Nothing, just said.

Why are you lying here ? Go home

- Why don't you sleep? - Study, study.

You'll remain a fool.

Citizen, your adnission.

Sasha I only see you, to work from work.

We are gathering today, will you come?

- I'm busy. - Today is Saturday, no lessons.

- I'm busy. - I don't believe in this.

I don't make you.

What can I say, Sasha?

- I didn't understand your though. - Didn't understand?

Now exactly, understand?

Sasha, how is it going at school with chemistry and physics?

Why do you ask? That doesn't concern the matter.

Concerns. You see, you scared us ...

- And? - Look yourself.



It's for me.

- Tania hello. - Hello.

- Don't open without me. - Okay.

- Good day Savchenko. - Hello.

- Wait. - It's filled with smoke here .

- From home? - Yes. And cigar-butt on the table?

- And the slab is burning on the table? - From home Sasha.

Young specialist. And bachelor.

Don't worry Tania, everything will be alright. My dear.

Why do you regale yourself? Treat yourself.

- Yes Sasha, treat yourself. - Thank you.


Do you like? Mother did her utmost.

- Really good mother-in-law? - Stop this Kolya.

- Where are you going Sasha? - I'm in a hurry.

- Wait. - We'll arrange a tea-party.

- No. - We'll talk about this later.

What we should talk about?

Glad that you understand . I'm not talking about technical faults.

Here it is in your line Tania

How will you write "application" in prepositional case?

We repeated that

We'll have to repeat once more.


what's with you Sasha?

- Zabolotniy. - Here.

- Ishenko. - I am.

- Revenko. - It's me.


- Savchenko. - He won't come today.

- What's with him? - He was taken ill.

I see.


And here on this crossroad

I met your love.

Stop feeling keenly Sasha.

Here, drink this. It helps.

You don't want? As you like.

I met your love.

You're not happy that you've met her.

My heart is full of you.

For what, for what on earth

exists that unrequited love?

For what...

So you though, did your best, invented,

And he...

- Why? - What?

He doesn't like that you chase about Tatyana Sergeyevna.

So does his best to trip you up,

every time, everywhere.

- For he could feel himself better. - Freely ?

It's not enough for him that he muddles Alka, and he...

Fights on two fronts.

You think that they are all friends there.

Maybe but only in the afternoon.

- Look Ura, dodn't... - Okay, I shut up.

You can continue on the same lines.

Run to school and sigh,

and they will laugh at you.

- What? - Exactly.

The whole class laughs at you.

You're chasing after her like a chicken .

And she treats with you so...

Lets you chasing after her.

It's even favorably: progress, raises the attendance.

And you make compliments for this?

And if she wanted something more serious she would find.

Someone better. She doesn't need a factory worker.

- Okay, enough. - Why are beating about the bush?

Can you ask straight Where's your working pride?

- If I'll want , I'll ask. - It will be too late.

That's not your business.

Prepare for the next lesson:

the meaning of lyric poetry of Lermontov .

4 stanza of " Thought" by heart.

- May I? - Why are you here?

You are ill.

Why, I'm just fine.

- May I? - Then ...

- Take your seat. - Thank you.

- What's with you? - I got stuck.

Pupil, did everyone write down the task?

- Why are you here? - Go away.

If you're here, then write down the task.

Is it worth?

You'd better...

lie down .

Why did you come?


Don't you know?

Why do I come here every day?

For I could see you.

You know that.

I can't hold on any more. It's enough for us...

to play the roles of schoolboys .

We are drown-up. I tired of sitting at the desk.

Of writing down the tasks.

- Will you tell me straight . - What should I say?

- Wait. - I have to take the note-book.

You'll take later.

Tatyana Sergeyevna, I'll do anything for you

Even dead I'll come.

I'm just a factory worker.

A worker.

A common guy.

- Do you want to marry such? - You have a temperature.

I have the temperature for a long time. Wait.

Answer Tatyana Sergeyevna.

Why do you keep silent?

- Why are you in the corridor? - You see that. Look yourself.

What's there? Open up.

- Tatyana Sergeyevna. - Open the door

So you disdain? Afraid to soil yourself?

- What do you mean? - I mean nothing.

You're drunk and please leave the class.

I see.

What is going on?

What has happened Tatyana Sergeyevna?

Okay, we cleared up.

Sasha wait.

What have you done?

We cleared all up Fedya

You're here?

- Get lost. - What has happened?

- Disappear. - What are you doing?

You have impudence to ask what am I doing?

A teacher. We can learn only one thing with such teacher:

how we can take away boys.

Did you forget your eyes at home?

Okay , you can go.

Do you see? Isn't asleep. Thinker.

- Who? - Engineer.

Hey Sasha look here.

I don't look in stranger's window.

Stop this. It's very curious .

You didn't believe me. So you'll believe now.


Now you understand? Just look at your Tatyana.

Makes her bed. How is that all simple.

And you were suffering.

Yes.. Where are you my touch-me-not?

Did you see? And turned off the lights.

Sweetheart, smile

Sasha, it's great that I met you.

Met... We'll meet you now.

Wait a minute.

- Can I spend the night at you? - What?

You see that the hosts refused to let out the room.

I brought her to mine , and now I have..

- Why did they refuse? - She doesn't say. Refused and that's all.

I don't know why

- Hold it. - What?

- Hold it. - What's with you?

- What? - Go away.

- Where? - Go home.

- Why did you argue? - Doesn't matter. Come on.

- Where are you going? - Aunt Tania. Quiet. Emergency.

- A telegram . - Here is it.

- Hi . - Night-bird.

- May I? - You may not

- Why? - Alex, I have news.

- Zina drove the teacher out. - How is that?

- Yes, that's truth. - And where is she now?

Don't worry. One specialist sheltered her.

- Maybe I'll sleep on the floor? - That's not guest's place.

Give me matches.

Thank you.

- Isn't it too hard? - No. Good night.

Good night.

The dream was broken.

Maybe I'll read something?

Yes, here is biquadratic.

Once I got the worst mark for them .

Yes, the worst mark.

I didn't learn anything. And I didn't have time.

I studied in the evening school

I worked and studied

Then I wanted to stroll.

It wasn't easier for me than for you now

I missed, was late and I even wanted to desert it.

And i would have deserted if there wasn't a girl.

My neighbor. Little and funny.

She made me study.

She was bringing books, and was sitting with me and watched me

My neighbors got used to be quiet when I was studying .


She even locked me up.

She had to.

I gathered myself and finished school and entered a university.

And a girl soon decided to become a teacher.

And She did that.

Her name was Tania


Are you sleeping?

Then sleep.

A blizzard broke out just before spring

A teacher, are you leaving us?

On foot? Without saying good bye?.

- As you can see. - Why didn't you warn me?

I promised you to deliver you. And you're in debt.

Give me your library. Jump.

Give me.


- Sit down Kolya. - Hi, three not allowed?

- When it was so? - Forgot how I brought you here.

Back we'll fly like the wind

The course is over. Will wander to far lands.

- Wait. - What? The station is on the left.

- Who is here to the station? - And you?

- We are here. - How?

Well right here.

2 runs. Thank you.


Hold your library.

With new home Tania.

Now you have your own room.

You have a place where you can put your letters and receive guests.

Tania, and a sight...




Tatyana Sergeyevna.

- A teacher. - A teacher. What kind of teacher is that?

- I'm a girl for them. - For whom?

I don't think that my pupils will boil steel,

drink Vodka and grow their moustache?

The matter isn't in this, what has happened?

For what do I need this room and house-warming?

when I'm a stranger here and all are strangers for me.

All? Maybe not all?

- What has happened with him? - with whom?

- With your pupil Savchenko. - I don't have such pupil.

- How? - He left school.

- Totally? - I don't know. Probably.

- Doesn't visit lessons for 2 weeks. - Why didn't you tell me?

Because I don't care.

Don't care? You said that he left school and you ...

You see that one?

«A proposition of reconciliation".

You know I studied it and I understood.

Sasha is a gifted guy.

You don't care and he remains half-educated?

Described everything so slovenly ,

that I couldn't understand in the beginning.

I don't understand , is this a claim for the leaders of the class?

What a woman. Claims, class...

They are a working class.

It's the basis of their life.

They are studying for this.

And you don't know this. Maybe that's why they're strangers for you?

Come here boys. Come in.


Hello Tatyana Sergeyevna. With new house-warming

- Where can I put this? - Hello.

- Hello. - You got too high.

- Jenia, so what? - Half-dry.

Meet our neighbors Marusia.

- With house-warming. - Thank you.

- And we are near here. - So small.

- The kitchen is public. - Look Tania.

Ivan , what are you talking? We need crockery.

Quiet. What are you doing? Why?

- Because it's house-warming. - With house-warming.

We can't do this in empty room. Great room.

Gawk, carefully.

- Ishenko. - Tatyana Sergeyevna.

- How are you here? - How can I get to the furnace shop?

It's very far, but I can get you there.

Get up here.

- Let's go. - Be careful. Don't soil yourself.

- Want to visit your friends - no, not friends.

Here is it. Furnace.

Attention stove steel makers,

in the 10th stove carbon number 25...

Do you know the voice? It's your pupil.

- Aleshina Alya? - Yes.

- It's you? - What?

- Control all this? - Yes we.

And what about Krushenkov? She came to you.

- What? - Didn't you understand?

Fedya, please don't interfere in the other's business.

- Ha, we are all wicked. - Let's finish our talk.

Alya, why do you avoid me?

- What has happened? - I must ask you.

- Everything is clear. - I don't understand. What is clear?

- Don't go after me. - Hello.

Does he follow you? What does he need Alex, my sweety?

My name is Alya. I'm not your sweety.

Why? An engineer has other pleasures.

All right. You'll come.


Everything's alright in my life.

I never had troubles.

I now every store,

Where I can get a glass of beer.

I now every store,

Where I can get a glass of beer.

I don't believe in promises.

A promise are a hollow sound.

Girls make an appointments.

All remain single anyway.

- What did she do on the factory? - Who she?

A teacher. I wrote out an admission for her.

- Did she come here? - I didn't see.

Stop this Zina. Enough.


I'm tired . I'm so tired.

- Maybe the spring will be better - Sasha. Hi Zina.

We prepare for the exams in the school.

- He isn't interested in it. - Wait, I'm talking to him

- Do you leave school entirely? - Entirely.

What do want from him? Leave him alone

- You can't answer? - What?

- Nothing. - Then go away.

- I don't need teachers. - And schoolmistresses.

- You're a fool. - Look at him.

- What did you study at school? - Move aside

- Play the guitar. - Stupid pigheads.

Let's go.

Let's go Fedya.

- Look Fedya... - What Fedya?

Go away.

I'll go, With whom will you stay?


What can we do so that everyday could be a weekend?

Jump here.


Sasha, why are you standing? Queer, let's go.

You'll get wet to the skin. Faster.

Sasha, faster. Your you'll have to swim.

He can get here.

Girls let's kiss just in case.

Here comes spring.

You're so funny. All wet.

- I won't give you anyone - Please. People watch.

I don't care. Even if there was a crowd

Who is coming. A teacher. What a meeting.

How do you do girls? Got wet?

You are late for your lessons?.

the pupils are waiting and the teacher sot stuck here?

What can we do?

Maybe we'll start our lesson here?

We miss our lessons so much, really Sasha?

Let's talk about:

«What it is nothing? And how can we do something from nothing

Why do you keep silent?

Maybe you need summaries? One moment.

Don't .

Don't .

Recently I saw a man ,

who knows how to work so that others could enjoy his work.

I feel shame for him.

Because he is standing and listening to all that vulgarity

that you say.

Don't loose your suitcase, teacher.

And note-books too.




- Sasha where are you going? - For what? You'll catch a cold.

Go. Go.

Please Zina. Don't do that.

Everything's because of her.

We had to drive her out earlier. Where could you get 250 rubles?

- 250 rubles. - Damn them.

I didn't like him. Look at Pasha Chobotov.

He hangs round you. Earns good money.

And Tarasuk also.

Zina, daughter, don't cry.

You so beautiful. You won't be without a husband.

And love. There's no love for you.

You need only money. 250 rubles, 350 rubles.

The host... the trunk for you. Nothing exists except this trunk.

What a mother.

- Sasha how you are. - What funny?

Sasha wait. Where did you sit? Soaked all through.

Prepared special from him and he?

- Look. - What do you need?

- How our surname sounded. - What are you talking nonsense?

Not nonsense. Everyone talked like you.

It's written here about the oxygen, gift ,

school and mostly about her.

- About her? - About stove.

Really out surname began to sound great.

Well Sasha, if we'll succeed in today's boiling ,

Then we'll celebrate New Year in August.

Who knows?

You stay at school for the second year, am I right?

Stop doing this, it's important to study

for your work, life and love.

Why are you looking at me like that? People move mountains for love.

And you're afraid to pass 100 meters.


Alex I turned to you with heart . you treat with me like with a log

- Leave me alone. - Hello Alya.

- Hello. - Can I talk to you?

- No. - I'm talking no to you


A girl doesn't want to talk to you.

Don't disturb me

It's easy to write out traveling allowances.

Can you?

Go back to the teacher, she didn't lock the door.

- Where? - Sasha... you see...

- What? - That you Sasha...

- Where should I go? - Let me go.

- What are you talking about? - Nothing.

- Why do you worm yourself into confidence? - I was joking.

- Joking... - Stop this all.

Okay, remember.

- What's with you Sasha? - It's good for him.

We'll meet some time. And I called him my friend.

Swim musician.

It's easy to drown.

It's not deep here.

- Well, I have to go. - Where?

Not far. 100 steps.

- Don't be late for a shift. - I won't

Ticket number 17.

First question.


In what cases do we put dots?

In the end of the sentences,

or the whole story if it isn't finished.

And many things will be in the future.


I've got to go.

The Description of Spring on Zarechnaya Street / Весна на Заречной улице