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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: American accent fast English | Learn English Live 74 with Steve Ford

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hello hello everybody my name is steve ford we have a wonderful lesson today

it's a lesson that i have taught before but i wanted to review it with you this

is something that is so important so many people ask me tips on how they can

speak english better and how they can listen in english better - it's a

two-way street and we need to learn how to do both so

we're going to do that and i'm going to give you some tricks some tips on how

you can improve your english so that you can speak from slow to medium and then

medium to fast so are you ready let's go before we go into the video in case you

would like to subscribe to any of my channels on facebook instagram or you

can follow me on whatsapp it's right there for you and i really encourage you

to share this video with your friends i really depend on your collaboration to

like the video and also to share it if you liked it the first thing that i want

to talk about is your pronunciation in English particularly American

pronunciation now one of the big tips that I want to give you is that you

really need to start using contractions what are contractions well contractions

has a few meanings contractions means to get smaller what I googled it the first

thing I found for contractions was when you're having a baby yeah but it's it's

not that contraction it's when you make words smaller and that's going to help

you to speak English faster now I want to share my own experience here that

we're going to help you learn how to speak American English faster and the

trick number one is to use contractions such as can't didn't cheese

she'll he'd were wheel I'd and there are many of these contractions that caused a

lot of confusion for non-native speakers I know it I see it every day I hear it

and I don't want you to be afraid of using contractions um are that many are

afraid to use contractions because one they're afraid they will get that face

now what is that face that face is when you as a non-native speaker say

something in English you think okay I'm going to try and use a contraction and

you get that face from the native speaker like that face is the face of a

native speaker who did not understand what you were trying to say and all of

my one-to-one students who live in the United States who don't live in the

United States they all say I hate getting that face maybe you hate getting

that face but I don't want that to discourage you because these tips are

going to help you not get that face and the second reason is they are afraid

they will get that face from a native speaker that there's it's one reason

after the other and it's always the same reason you're afraid you'll get that

face number two is relax your teas in the middle of words this is so

fundamental in American English when you're speaking fast now I've talked

about this in previous videos that when you're relaxing a tea like in the word

better for some people like Americans Canadians we understand that as a D

sound now for a lot of people that role they're ours are we don't English but I

think it's damn sexy when people do it in another language

utter it's that other what we call the flap out of that you want better better

better better so that's very important for you to remember to pronounce your

T's like that you will see in a very popular video

that I did on YouTube about American accents that you have variations

you have some people that will say better common day-to-day English better

in North America and then you will have a rural accent where the tea is cannot

pronounced and people will say bearer bearer is a very shall I say lazy way of

speaking by Bearer better yeah go with the one in the middle

better trick number three pay attention to reductions in linking well what is

that all this technical language reductions and linking it sounds so

technical well when you see it in action you understand it so do you want to

dance do you wanna dance let me in let me in did you do it did you do it not

yet not yet I'll catch you later I'll catch you later I'll catch you later

I'll catch you later so as you can see these are simple visual representations

of how native speakers link words together how they can use them through

reductions and linking to say them much much quicker if you can start to use

these and be understood not get that face huh then you're going to boost your

confidence and you're going to speak faster and faster

oh this next one I've never talked about before a way for you to make some visual

representation and Association of a word in English that you're having difficulty

pronouncing you could use it for learning new vocabulary to is you could

imagine two leaves with eyes Levi's Levi's we have lis

and then they these leaves have eyes the these are Levi's Levi's okay so now

we're going to be going into a dialogue and before we do that I want to show you

step by step how you can take sentence in American English and you can take it

slow you can take it medium speed and you can take it super fast which is your

objective your final goal now I'm gonna give you a situation now there's this

guy and he likes to go to this cafe to try to find a girlfriend that's his

biggest goal his biggest objective in life he would like to find a girlfriend

now let's try to work as we hear a dialogue this is John and he will do

anything to try and find a girl friends I'm looking at you I'm looking at you

and you can imagine somebody sneezing at you are you talking to me you talking to

me you're talking to me I want you to call me I want you to call me could you

give me your number could you give me your number could you give me your


give me a break give me a break I told you to call me I told you to call me I

told you to call me what do you mean

what are you mean what do you mean you know what I mean you know what I mean

you know what I mean do you want a cup of coffee you want a cup of coffee you

want a cup of coffee I have got to go I've got to go I gotta go

okay so that's the dialog there and you could see the phrases in there there's

separate forms in slow medium and fast and now I'm going to read the whole

dialogue through at normal speed at fast beats so let's try and do it fast and

then you can try and try and do it yourself when you practice this in your

free time so here we go are you ready

I'm looking at you are you talking to me I want you to call me could you give me

your number give me a break I told you to call me

well what do you mean you know what I mean do you want a cup

of coffee I gotta go okay so this is a very simple dialogue when

you look at it written out in its full form and said very quickly and probably

you understand it but if you try and apply some of those tricks and tips that

I was explaining to you at the beginning of this video it's going to make it a

lot easier for you to pronounce these sentences and questions with more

confidence and to speak like an American fast so I hope that you enjoyed this

lesson this is something that I will be doing more of it's something that I love

doing when I'm talking about speaking fast and really really hope that you

will be able to watch this lesson again and again so that you can practice the

dialogue maybe you can practice the dialogue with your friend

I can leave the complete dialogue under this video I invite you to join me on

whatsapp and I will be on YouTube live next week at 2:30 p.m. and I hope to see

you soon bye for now

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