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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: My HUSBAND Matt Works for the YOUTUBE HACKER! (Secret Meet inside Hidden Escape Room)

Difficulty: 0

- Kurt Hugo Schneider

is gonna be the next person

on Game Master Network. - Wait, let me see that.

- No, we gotta go.

- I can pick these locks quicker than you think.

- [Rebecca] Wait, look at this.

- The whole room is red.

- [Matt] What?

- [Kurt] Don't worry, don't worry.

I'm pretty sure this is the right one.

- It's gotta be Kurt.

- No, RZ Twin!

- Kurt all the way!

- She's helped us so much.

She helped bring Black Jack back after Clue.

- Kurt's like saved us.

- Kurt's hypnotized though.

- Kurt's not hypnotized.

That's not even true. - He chased us on--

- Wait, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.

Okay, hold on.

There's, you gotta make a decision.

It's gonna either be RZ Twin or Kurt.

Who's it gonna be?

- It's gonna be Kurt.

- No. - No!

RZ Twin should join the Game Master Network.

Right, you guys?

- There's gotta be a better way to decide.

- Yeah, just choose Kurt!

- No. - Okay.

Rock, paper, scissors. - No no no.

Let's let the ZamFam decide.


- Okay!

- Oh, like an Instagram poll.

- Yeah!

- By the way, follow us on Instagram.

We got Rebecca Zamolo,

Matt Slays and Daniel_ZamFamCameraMan

- Okay well then I'm gonna do a poll right now

on the Instagram stories, and I know you guys are

going to choose RZ Twin.

- Kurt all the way.

- Because she's actually good.

- Kurt.

- No, RZ Twin, you guys.

- Let us know which one you think.

But, I guess, just go to my Instagram right now,

'cause I'm gonna do a poll.

Okay, so I'm putting out the poll now.

Who should join the Game Master Network?

- Lock picking skills.

He got out of those handcuffs so fast.

- He chased us!

- He's already a spy ninja!

- [Daniel] So, the RZ Twins chased us too.

- Exactly.

- [Daniel] They've both chased us.

- Yeah, but she's done a ton more things.

Daniel, come on.

- [Daniel] I know, I'm an RZ Twin vote, I think.

- He's RZ Twin!

- We all know you are, Daniel.

Let us know in the comment section down below

who you think should join.

This is kind of pointless.

I just know it has to be Kurt.

It's Kurt, guys.

- It doesn't have to be Kurt!

They get to vote.

- [Daniel] Why can't we just try RZ Twin first?

- I agree.

I think they both should have to do training

before we assume it.

What are you doing, Matt?

- Huh?

Vote, let's go! - Okay.

- Okay, well, I put the poll up.

They're gonna pick RZ Twin, I know it.

I know ZamFam, you guys want RZ Twin.

I mean, Daniel, come on.

She's helped us so much more.

- Okay, okay, so what do you have against Kurt?

'Cause I just want to know what's going on.

- First off, he chased us in a hide and seek chase.

You remember that, right?

- Right.

- I dunno.

Is he working for the Quadrant?

We have no idea!

- Yeah, I mean it has been really strange

all the things he's done.

On the other side,

the RZ Twin has chased us.

She's been hypnotized too.

- But it's not her fault.

- Who is to say it's Kurt's fault?

- I know, but what if he's actually

working for the Quadrant?

- I guess we gotta find that out.

- I just think that RZ Twin has proved

her loyalty over time.

I mean, you've worked with her.

- I did, yeah, I did work undercover.

- Yeah, she helps-- - Guys, the results

are already in.

We got votes.

- What is it?

- Look at it.

Kurt. - What?

- [Matt] Yep, I told you.

I knew the ZamFam would agree with me.

Kurt Hugo Schneider is gonna be the next person

in the Game Master Network. - Wait, let me see that.

- No, we gotta go guys, come on, let's go.

- [Rebecca] To Kurt's?

- Yep, grab your bags.

Let's go. - Like how?

- Okay. - I know they would have

picked RZ Twin.

- [Daniel] I thought so too.

- We're gonna go test him out.

- [Daniel] Okay.

- All right.

- [Matt] He said just to come inside to--

- [Daniel] Okay.

- All right, and you're sure you want Kurt?

- [Kurt] Hey, what's up, guys?

- Hey Kurt, Kurt, hey!

- You've taken your shoes off?

- Yeah, what's up?

- Yeah, yeah, we got it. - Yeah, what's up buddy?

- What's up! - Good to see you, man!

- Hey! - Hey!

Hey Kurt.

- Well, we had some time.

We wanted to come over. - Yeah!

- Did you get the lock picking stuff?

- Totally, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- I brought the other part of it here with us too, so.

- Nice, yeah, that's cool, sure.

Let me just take this.

Got some locks going on.

- Yeah, you said that you wanted to join

the Game Master Network.

- Totally, yeah.

I want to show you my skills.

I can pick these locks quicker than you think.

- Oh, I bet. - These are some crazy

spy gadgets here.

- [Kurt] Totally.

- [Daniel] Oh, Rebecca.

Oh, guys.

Kurt, I have to use the restroom.

- Yeah?

- Can I use the restroom? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Just, just, - Yeah, you know what.

- there's one right upstairs.

Okay, you know what, I need to go too.

We might as well before we get started.

- [Daniel] Yeah, I would say it's a long,

- 'Cause we're testing, - it's a long drive.

- aren't we testing him out? - Oh, yeah, yeah, no worries.

- Like career? - Yeah.

- Yeah. - Yeah.

Okay, so we should get done fast, right?

- I'll stay down here with Kurt

right now. - Okay.

- [Daniel] Perfect. - Great.

- We'll go over the locks.

- [Kurt] Yeah, yeah, it's just right up on the right.

- Okay. - [Daniel] Okay, thank you!

- Yeah, yeah, no worries.

- [Daniel] We'll be right back.

- [Kurt] Yeah.

- [Rebecca] Okay.

- All right, Kurt. So let's get the lock--

Whoa, wait a second!

Is this what I think it is? - Yeah!

You know!

- [Matt] The Jasmine outfit!

- [Kurt] Jasmine outfit.

- If you guys haven't checked it out yet,

Kurt and I did a music video together with Bethany Mota.

- The Aladdin song!

- It was really good.

We'll put it in the description down here below.

You gotta go check it out.

Comment Lock Pick Master.

Go put that on Kurt's video.

- Yes!

- Let us know in the comment section down below

that you did that.

- Oh my god, I'm gonna find you guys.

- [Matt] We got some spy gadgets?

- Oh yeah.

So I'll show you how we use these.

- [Matt] Okay, I'm voting for you.


- All right, all right.

So here's how it goes.

The goal of picking a lock,

you gotta get the core of the lock to turn.

- [Matt] Okay.

- So we're gonna use these little spy gadgets.

We're gonna put them in here.

- Daniel, did you even hear Matt call Kurt?

- [Daniel] No, it's like they were planning

to come over anyways.

- Yeah!

I think we need to look around here,

see if there's anything that would link him to the Quadrant.

- [Daniel] Yeah, yeah!

- He might still be hypnotized.

- [Daniel] Well, wasn't Matt acting really weird

before we came over here too?

- Yeah, you're right.

Yes, I think it was.

It was like he really wanted Kurt to join

the Game Master Network, which, I mean,

I like Kurt, and I think he's really good,

but I don't know if he's still hypnotized.

- [Daniel] And we've been working with

the RZ Twin a lot longer too.

- Exactly!

- [Daniel] I dunno what's going on.

- This is Kurt's recording studio.

Matt was here recording.

- [Daniel] Oh yeah.

- Daniel, oh look, his phone.

- [Daniel] Oh!

It's unlocked!

- [Rebecca] Wait, look at this.


- [Daniel] No and Red Hood.

Calls from Matt and Red Hood?

- It says Matt called, Red Hood and then four from Matt.

You guys, wait.

It's in Chinese.

We can't even see

how long the conversations are.

- [Daniel] Oh, yeah, yeah.

Everything's in Chinese symbols.

- Do you think that this is the real Red Hood?

Do you think Kurt's been communicating with her

or him?

- [Daniel] I dunno what's going on.

And then calling Matt almost right after?

Or at least like--

- Something is suspicious.

- [Daniel] This is really, this is strange, right?

- Yeah!

- So everybody's kinda just learning

how to do this right now?

- Yeah, yeah.

- Like a how-to tutorial.

- Oh, you got this, you got this.

Okay, so this is--

- [Matt] Whoa, look at that key right there!

- [Kurt] Yep!

- [Matt] What?

- [Kurt] So we're just gonna go inside

and we're gonna pick up on the lock.

Pins are--

- [Matt] How long have you been doing this?

- Oh, you know, a little bit, a little bit.

Doing it for a minute.

You know, I think we're about to get it.

We're really close.

- Oh, so you can like - Really close.

- just see what's going on - to breaking in.

- in there.

- [Kurt] Yeah, except I just lost.

Yep, there we go.

You hear that click?

- [Matt] Yep.

- [Kurt] That's a pin dropping into place.

- [Matt] What?

- [Kurt] Yeah.

There we go, okay, there we go.

And then you get it to turn.

- Cool. - Now we're in.

- What, that was awesome, Kurt!

- Yeah, man. - Good job, man!

- Yeah, you wanna try this in real life?

I got a place where you can go.

It's got locks all over the walls.

Tons of locks.

- That'd be awesome.

- We need to put this back.

- Okay. - It's crazy

that the ZamFam wanted Kurt.

I thought they would have for sure wanted RZ Twin.

Wait a sec.

- [Daniel] Wait, Matt's been acting strange.

- The poll!

- [Daniel] Check the polls, check the polls.

- Do you think it was real?

- [Daniel] I dunno.

Check your phone.

You haven't even really looked at it since we left.

- Daniel. - What?

- Daniel. - What?

- Look, I screen shotted the poll.

Look, do you see this?

- [Daniel] Oh.

- ZamFam, do you guys see this?

Kurt, RZ Twin.

I put RZ Twin first.

This looks like Matt, hold on.

This is original!

This is my story!

- [Daniel] That's the original one!

- [Rebecca] This, look, there's not even a story!

- Oh! - He edited it!

- Yeah, let's go!

- Let's go, go!

Come on, follow me!

- [Matt] Okay, should we tell everybody else?

- Nah, nah, let's just head.

We'll be back really soon.

- [Matt] Okay perfect, let's go.

- [Daniel] He tricked us to come over here.

- Why would he want us to go to Kurt's right now?

It makes no sense.

- [Daniel] I don't know what's going on.

- That's not cool.

- Yeah. - You guys, do you see this?

This is totally edited.

- [Daniel] Yeah, that's not right.

I mean, he should have been fair and square.

- We need to confront him.

- [Daniel] Yeah, let's go back downstairs.

- Okay, we're gonna go and confront him.

ZamFam, if your friend did this to you or your husband,

would you confront them?

Comment below.

Daniel, I think we have to.

- [Daniel] Yeah.

- This is not okay. - No.

- All right, let's do this.

Look, KHS.

- [Daniel] KHS.

- Do you remember when Flip, Rocky's dog

found the piece of paper with KHS?

Matt played it off. - Oh!

- And he was acting suspicious.

- Yeah! - This is adding up.

- [Daniel] There were a lot

of comments from the ZamFam.

- They all knew that this was Kurt Hugo Schneider,

and Matt didn't say anything.

He played it off like it wasn't a clue.

- [Daniel] Okay, we gotta go talk to Matt.

- Okay, let's go.



Kurt, Matt?




- [Daniel] What?

We just heard them.

Where'd they go? - Matt!


- [Daniel] They're gone.

Where'd they go? - Look.

Matt's shoes are gone!

- [Daniel] Oh!

So he did leave!

- What do we do?

I'm gonna call him.

- [Daniel] No, no, no, don't.

- What? - Don't do that.

- Okay. - I have a better idea.

- What?

- [Daniel] I didn't really tell you this,

but I put tracking devices on both you and Matt.

- Why did you track both of us?

- Okay, well after E3 was a decoy,

I just didn't know who to trust.

I wanted to keep my eye on both of you,

plus keep you both protected.

- Well maybe I don't trust you!

- Well, I just want to make sure you guys are

at where you say you're at.

- Okay, I've always been honest.

- Anyways.

- What shoe?

- Okay, look at your left shoe.

- My left shoe?

- Yeah, check out your left shoe.

- Okay, so you're telling me

that you have a tracking device in my shoe and Matt's shoe?

- Yeah.

Check it out!

- [Rebecca] Daniel.


- [Daniel] See, right there, yeah!

- I'm taking it out.

- [Daniel] No!

- Daniel, that's not cool.

- [Daniel] Okay, but--

- You're part of the Game Master Network.

You should trust me.

- [Daniel] But now we know where Matt's gonna be at.

So we can just pull it up on my phone, and we can follow it.

- Yeah, we should sneak up on him,

and see if he's been tricking us!

- [Daniel] Exactly.

- We'll be able to find out if he's actually

telling the truth or what he's been up to!

- [Daniel] Yeah, and is he working with Kurt?

Is he working with somebody else?

I dunno!

- Do you guys think he's working for the Red Hood or Hoods?

- All right, let's go. - Okay.

- All right, Kurt, this is the spot right here?

- This is the spot!

- It's an escape room?

- All right, right through this gate.

- [Matt] Okay.

- You see those stairs at the back?

- [Matt] Yeah.

- That's where we're going.

Let's go, come on, come on!

- [Matt] We're running?

- Yeah, yeah!

- [Matt] What?

- Come on, come on!

All right, all right.

Right past the opening.

- [Matt] Okay, oh, here it is, right here.

- [Kurt] Right over here, right over here.

- [Matt] Oh.

- No, this way, this way, this way.

- This is the right spot?

- Yep, you ready?

Come on in, come on in!

- [Matt] It's a red door?

- Yes, red door.

In fact, actually the whole room is red.

- [Matt] What?

- It's filled with locks everywhere.

So all of this stuff on the wall.

There's so many locks around.

If you open the locks in the right order,

you can open the secret door.

- [Matt] What?

- Yeah, you wanna try it?

- [Matt] Let's try, okay, yeah.

You know, I'm trusting you. - All right.

I'll show you.

I'll show you what's up, okay.

- [Matt] Whoa, okay.

So this is your lock picking set?

- Yep, this is my lock picking set.

I got a bunch of little tools here that I use.

So, I'm gonna take 'em out,

and then we gotta work on all these locks

that are on the wall.

- [Matt] Oh, wow.

- Yeah, so if I do this,

so I'll open up all the locks,

can I be in the Game Master Network?

- [Matt] Okay, I mean, we'll see, we'll see.

- I'll show you guys what's up.

So, it's not easy.

But basically we gotta get these cores to turn.

So I'm just gonna put this in right here,

feel that tension.

- Kurt, are you sure this is safe?

- Yeah, totally.

I've done this a bunch of times before.

- Do you know who owns this place?

- Yeah, yeah, I know her.

There, okay.

- Okay.

- Bam, that's one.

That's the first one.

- [Matt] Wow, that was fast.

- Yeah, there's four,

and we just have to get them all correct.

- [Matt] Okay.

- So I think,

let me just try to remember where the second one is.

- [Matt] What happens if we don't?

- If we get it wrong, we're locked in here.

- [Matt] What!?

Like we're trapped?

- We're trapped in here, but don't worry.

- Kurt, I don't wanna get trapped.

- We can get out, we can get out.

I'll get you out man, don't worry.

I'm pretty sure it's this one down here.

So, I'm just gonna put that right in there.

You can kinda feel the pins in the lock going.

Yeah, and then once we get it just right.


See that? - What?

- See how that turns like that?

- It just turned right away!

- So now that's the second one, second one down.

Pff, we're halfway there!

We're halfway there. - Wow!

This is going so fast.

- [Kurt] Ho, now I think--

- Just don't choose the wrong lock, okay?

- I know there's a key to which one the right lock is.

- [Matt] Kurt, you sure you don't wanna just use some keys?

- No, I'm the locksmith, man.

I got this.

- [Matt] Okay.

- This is all I need.


And I think it's the one right next to, yeah,

it's the one right next to the hidden key.

It would be this one right here.

- [Matt] Oh, okay.

- Okay, so we're just gonna put this in,

just pivot on the inside.

This one's a little bit tricky.

I'm pretty sure

this is the right one. - Kurt?


- We'll be okay.

- It needs to be the right one.

- Don't worry, don't worry.

I'm pretty sure this is the right one.

There we go.

Cool, got that turn. - Whoa!

- Awesome.

That's lock number three.

Lock number three down!

There's only one more.

One more lock. - [Matt] Okay.

Where's it at, where's it at?

- Daniel, here?

- [Daniel] Yeah, this is, this is where,

this is it. - Right?

This is the room .

- Okay.


- Yeah, he should be right, he's right here.

Like almost like he's right around the corner.

- [Matt] There's this one, there's this one over here.

Oh, we already did that.

We got two down at the bottom.

Is there any hidden ones?

Oh, there's a cup.

- Okay, the cup.

The cup's got, it's got this design.

I'm pretty sure, yes, it's the one next to this.

- [Matt] What?

- Yeah, it's that one.

- [Matt] Wait.

- That was nice.

- I found a clue?

- Nice job, nice job.

Last one.

- [Matt] Kurt, please don't be wrong.

- Once we open this, it should open a secret door.

- Okay guys, give us the thumbs up right now.

Hopefully we can get in this last lock

and go unlock the secret door hidden within this red room,

unlock the red hood, I think or something.

- All right, ready?

- [Matt] Yup.

- Three, two, one.


- [Matt] Oh!


- [Kurt] Wow, that opened right up.

- [Matt] Let's go in!

- Okay, okay.

Just leave the camera outside.

Okay, I don't know where-- - Are you sure?

- Yeah, yeah.

I don't want it recording when we're in there.

- Okay. - Is that okay?

- Yeah, yeah. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Come on in.

- [Matt] Okay.

Whoa! - Safe spot.

- [Kurt] I know, I know.

- [Daniel] Is that Matt?

- I don't know.

I hear--

Do you guys hear that?

Somebody's talking.

Do you think we should go in?

You guys, let me know if we should go in right now

and see if Matt's in there and who he's with.

Also, before we go in, shout out to these people

that have tagged us and gotten our merch.

If you want any merch, go to

Link in the description.

And shout out to these people in the Game Master Network

that scored 100% on the quizzes.

If you guys want to enter, go to the,

and go, take the quiz.

I think we should--

- [Daniel] Let's go check it out.

- Okay.

ZamFam, do you hear that?

- [Matt] I can't do that, man.

- [Kurt] Yes, you can.

I can help you with the Red Hood.

I know her. - It's Kurt.

- Okay. - You got this.

- [Matt] Let's do it.

- [Kurt] Okay, let's go.

- Go, go, go, go!

It was Kurt and Matt!

- [Daniel] Do you think they're working for the Red Hood?

- Do you think they are the Red Hood?

- [Daniel] Oh!

- Remember the Game Master said

it was two YouTubers.

It could be them.

- [Daniel] Oh yeah.

- Oh. - Hey!

- What are you guys doing here?

The Description of My HUSBAND Matt Works for the YOUTUBE HACKER! (Secret Meet inside Hidden Escape Room)