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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: IF YOU DO NOT LAUGH ➡ 2019 WILL BE THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE ! ? yes its tru?

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let me get two Big Macs and two apple pies a little brat in the side of fries

let me get it moved up let me get a meat chicken hot sauce to that rap with a sob

please let me get a burger like that in the black bag high res in another

flapjack together

I am NOT fucking drunk please all the time yes I am NOT fucking

was that okay I truly don't know what she's saying

they're warm prank yeah you did you always talk to little 4th graders then

what decline it block her there's a really cool thing okay guys we are doing

a total today and you in my hip

Quincy we are going on a road trip yes absolutely we make up I'm already

beautiful she doesn't have any and she sure could use them

are you doing I'm calling the police on you because there's a party on the

building duh

even the babies are one of the most dangerous animals in the world so I

built this cage to keep them secure so there's no possible oh my god did you

really think I was gonna put milk in my cereal ward you're wrong don't ever

judge a book page all right guys we need new snapchat filter ideas mind what do

we got her sparkly glittery lion face


well those don't work ok mrs. puff what's my final score six how many do I

need to pass 600 so I am Confucian why is this one can says but this one is not

Arkansas America explain explain what do you mean in Arkansas

what are those you call my sandals hundred-dollar bill who wants to take it

Cayenne does okay where's my lemonade

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