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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Floor Is Lava Boys vs Girls / Jake and Ty

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- Hi guys.

Welcome back to

- [All] Jake and Ty!

- And today, we are trying to get over this lava path

with my sister, Jordan,

and Audrey, from AllAroundAudrey.

- And Jordan, from JustJordan33 (laughs).

(fire crackling)

- So every time we make a pass to the next round

we have to lose an item.

- Yep.

Oh, this is, kind of, like the game Cross the River,

if you've ever played that in your PE class,

that was my favorite game.

Basically we have all our items,

we lay them down in front of the lava.

We have to make a pass,

and cross the river without falling in.

If we fall in, we're out. - We out!

- [Jordan] So this is high stakes.

- Brothers versus sisters.

- Okay, let's go, who want's to go first?

- Me!

- I say boys go first. - Okay.

Okay, so we've got these four items.

I got a broom and a blanket.

- This is to blast rockets in the air,

and I don't know what this is.

- That's like a little transfer thing

for when you're moving houses.

To carry the heavy stuff. - Like a piano.

- But, you do you, boo.

- I'll go first.

- That first.

- Okay, hold this.

Okay, we're gonna use the blanket first.

- Oh, that's a genius idea, are you kidding?

Are you kidding me?

That's like the red carpet walk.

Go back and do the walk.


Wait, you're dragging the carpet.

- Jake's doing his fashionista walk.

- Eee, eee.

- [Both Girls] Oh, wow.

- [Ty] Take these.

I'm gonna use this.

- Ready?

Hey, Ty, you've gotta wait for me!

- [Ty] Broom!

I somehow dropped this.

- [Jordan] Okay, I'm done.

They just hacked the system.

- Look, Ty, you have, I'll push you.

- Wait, Jake, stop!

(girls scream)

- He touched the carpet!

- [Jordan] No! (dog barking)


What, are you kidding me?

- [Ty] Take the broom. - Okay.

I'm gonna push you, okay?


- Okay.

- Wait no, I'm losing an item.

Good thing I got this.


Good thing I got this broom.

I'm gonna keep sliding my feet on this blanket,

and just make it across.

Easy peasy.

- Okay, do this.

And now.

(crowd cheers)

- Girls, your turn.

- [Jordan] Okay!

- For our four items, I brought,

"Distraction Dad, Distraction Dad.

"The best distraction you've ever had."

And, SpongeBob tape.

And I brought a pillow,

'cause I'm a smart lady,

and I brought my - Oh no.

- stiletto high heels.

- (giggling)

- So, I basically won this entire game

because look at this.

Watch this.

I'm on my heel,

I'm wearing my high heels.

I can walk on this

no problem.

(Audrey laughing)

- So, I think I won.

Bye Audrey.


- So I guess I'm left with all of the crappy items.

- Oh hey, like a pillow that's actually useful.

- [Jordan] Okay, fine, I'm coming back.

- I've got, ugh.

- I've got my washi tape

that I was not thinking when I picked out.

Oh, boy.


I've also got hair that I'm gonna have to stand on.

Oh, it's fuzzy.

Whoa, how am I supposed to get my pillow?

(girl screams)

I think I really messed up.

I'm sorry Distraction Dad luscious locks.

You're getting trampled on.

Okay, I think I can actually make it across

with only two items

because this one really hurts your feet.

Like digs into your sole.

Your soul. (laughs)

- [Jordan] I'm just laughing where it's like,

"But it's good for your soul."

That's when you're like,

"Oh, puh-lease, I have no soul."

Do you remember that?

The SpongeBob meme.

Okay, nevermind.

- Oh, I just about got burned.

Luckily, there are so many luscious locks

that I think I'll never lose on this one.

(Jordan coughing)


stepping on this hair


this reminds me of walking into the bathroom,

when your hair is just like,

hair is just all over the floor.

That's what it feels like.

- Like when you blow dry your hair,

and it all (laughs).

- [Ty] Uh, is that a wig?

- Yes, I have a wig. - [Ty] Why?

- [Audrey] All righty.

- Yay, hands.

- Thanks for leaving me.

- Sorry I left you, but my high heels were

(drowned out by cheers)

- We're gonna take out one of your items.

- So we're taking out these.

- No!

My stilettos!

- We're taking out your blanket.

- No!

- Yeah, you're blanket has got to go.

- We're up first.

We can make it.

- Okay, fine, you ready?

Ready? - Yeah.

- I'm gonna push you now.

Jiggle. - No, not like that.

- Go with me, ready?

- Wait, wait.

But one of our items is over there.

Oh no!

We've gotta use the broom.

Wait, okay.

- Ready?


- I see it.

(lava burning)

- Bye. - Wait, what?

- Here's your other, Ty.


- Get the broom!

- I've got the broom.



- Oh no!

- Just jump.

- Wait.


(broom thumps)

(cheers) - We made it!

Girls, it's your turn.

(Jordan screams)


- Logan's not amused.

Come here, come here.

Logan's like,

"Ya'll are crazy."

Oh my.

- Belly bump for the winner's team.

Oh yeah! - Yeah.

We got this.

Okay, ready?

We're gonna start with this 'cause that's that.

Ah, Longan!

- Logan, you lost for us.

- There's the SpongeBob tape.

Agh, really, Audrey, really?

- Oh no, it's kind of far.

- Okay, we got this.

Go, just don't fall, okay?

- I'm touching the wall.

Oh this wig is slippery.

- Are you kidding me?


- Oh, you're not moving.

- I can't.


- This wig is very slippery.

I never realized.

You know what we could probably do?

- What?

- Okay.

- Hold my hand.

- (laughs) This is not gonna work.

(Jordan groans)

- Okay, ready?

- Dun, dun, da-da, da, dun, dun, dun.

Da-dun, dun, da-da-dun-da-dun, dun, dun.

- Audrey, I got the next item on my foot

'cause I'm just that talented.

- Logan, you're in the way again.

- This challenge is easy peasy for the sisters.

- Lemon squeezy.

- Here you go, make room for my foot.


- Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

- Oh, Audrey you've gotta move your foot.



- Oh, what cha say?

Oh, now it's really far.

- Audrey, why?

I'm gonna fall.

- Ready, I'm gonna jump.

- Leap of faith.

Go, Audrey, go!


- Have fun.

- Oh no.

(laser gun shooting)


- You're ruining my hair!

- The poor wig is really tangly now.

But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Best of times.

Yeah, let's go.

- She's leaving me again!

- Bye.


(Audrey screams)

- We're almost there, Audrey.

- Okay.

I'm still in.

- Your toe was just a little burnt.

Keep going, Audrey.

We're almost there.

- Surfing, whoo hoo.

- [Jake] Fall, fall, fall.

(crowd cheers)

- Work smarter, not harder.

- Okay, we're gonna pick one of these items to get rid of.

Which one, Ty?

The pillow? - The pillow.

- Okay, we get out the pillow.

- What!?

No way.

Okay, so we have the, oh no.

Oh no, but we get to eliminate an item, too.

And I say we get rid of this boy.

- Nooo!

- We're getting rid of this one.

- Whoever makes it the furthest wins.

Good luck.

- Oh, are you kidding, that's two items.

- No.

It's one.

- Okay, so, let's start with the broom.

- Okay, drop it.

- [Audrey] Drop it.

All righty. - Drop it.

Ty, put it back together so you don't smash the yellow bit.

(girls laughing)

Logan wants to see.

- [Jordan] Come here, baby, come here.

- We both have to get on that item.

- Good luck!

- How are we gonna get on this?

- How?

- Ahhhh!


Grab the thing.

(girls screaming)

- You're gonna get ah, ah, out.

You're gonna get ah, ah, out.

- [Jordan] No way!

Are you kidding me?

[Girls] Whoa, whoa, whoa!

- We can repair that, right?

Look at this thing.

What did I do?

- Place it down, Jake.


- Okay, grab the stick.

(crowd boos)

Welp, I fell.

I fell so we're out.


Let's see if the girls can make it past here.

- We made it right here, at the end of this.

- (fake whispers)

This is the plan. - Okay.

You got the plan? - Yeah, plan.

- Okay.

- We have a plan. - We have a plan.

We're not gonna tell you until the time comes.




I think the time has come.

- Scooch so I can get on, too.

- Okay, Audrey, this is gonna be a really tight fit so.

- [Jake] No!

(girls laughing)

- It's one way.

- You thought that we both were not

gonna be able to fit on the tape,

but little did you know.

- You thought this was the worst one, didn't you?

(crowd gasps)

This is the best item.

- [Jordan] Now we can walk all the way to the end.

- [Jake] But you're just wasting duct tape now.

- Oh, we're not wasting, we're playing the game.

All right, Audrey.

- [Audrey] It's never a waste if you win.

Inspirational quote of Audrey.


And this is how winners win.

(girls screaming)

- Yes!

- [Jordan] Curse you!

- It was literally, completely level.

All you had to do was walk in a line, ahhh!

It's okay, we won in our hearts.

- We won! - Yay, woo hoo!

- Look at this.

- If you want more sis versus bros

tell us what you want next.

- Make sure you like, subscribe, and share, and--

- Hit the bell!

- We'll see you next time!

- Bye! - Bye!

- Bye!

(inspirational music)

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