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Starting with one of the most famous scenes in Mega Man franchise, Tron is chased by a dog named Paprika.

But sit tight folks, we're gonna see some abuse on camera soon!

In the English version, you have to save Tron by calming the dog down. This is your only option in Legends.

I always laughed at this part. XD (Just skip to 1:58 if you want to see it already.)

"Yeah, you're welcome. You ungrateful cunt."

Man. I hate it when my legs fall asleep from squatting... Gotta wake 'em up!

But in Rockman DASH, you have another option...

If you wanna get straight to the point and be a dick, you can just...

punt it


This same scene plays no matter what you do.

And Tron remains an ungrateful cunt here.

Of course, as being shown, you can negotiate the dog into leaving, as stated before. But if you're sick of seeing this, skip to 3:21.

You can also shoot down birds as much as you want in Rockman DASH.

Its not gory or anything, though. Good luck hitting a bird with a Special Weapon.

They're just paper origami, nothing special. =P

In Legends, you actually can kick these dull-color dogs in the Old City, but only once. Presumably because they're the only ones that can actually attack and even kill you.


But in Rockman DASH, you can even kick these dogs as many times as you ever want.

Of course, that's if you are into that sort of thing. I'm not.

These felines aren't safe from Mega Man's legs of steel either, folks.

To diverge a little, I believe MML to really be a sort of proto-sandbox game.

(I've had enough of kicking. Let's adopt a kitty. 🐱)

You can vandalize city property, get hit by cars and ride on their roofs, harm animals, and even shoot at people and cops too (in certain situations). You really can get away with causing some mayhem in this game.


THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! ! ! Thanks for the page cover, Protodude.

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