Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tweet-the series: (A Teen Paranormal Web Series) "I'm Spooked" Episode #1

Difficulty: 0

so as you can plainly see

the you know what has officially hit the fan.

I'm so upset, I wanted to say the actual "S" word , but they might be listening. I'm trying not to get anymore bad marks

you must be asking yourself, how does someone as rational as the end up like this?

well, as they often say in the movies

it's a long story

it all started two years when my mom got transferred from her job

that's my tranny brother Jeremy

I wanted to leave a back in Ohio but unfortunately it's against the law

that's a shame

Anyway, it was my grandpa's idea we move in with him. He retired from the Army

and said something about how his life could use a little excitment.

(Woman screaming)

This is so scary.

(from TV) I knew it, the whole town thought i was crazy. I told them I saw a flying saucer, but no one believed me.

(Skype alert) It's about time.

What took you so long?

Lizzy? Jenna are you there?



Dang it, Lizzy. that's not what I needed right now.

Oops. Give me that.

(Sorry, she put me up to it)

How's Florida? (I'm a nervous)

wreck...(OK, calm down.)

Who's this Freddie guy and what's he doing?

Freddie's not a guy, he's my phone.

(You named your phone Freddie? Don't tell me, like Krueger?)

Ah, yeah.

That guy creeps me out.

(I can't believe you woke us at three in the morning because you're scared of a phone!)

Ah, did I mention it works?

It works?

Way to kill a sleepover. At least I am staying all week.

It works?

It's not suppose to. It was broken when I bought it.

You should be happy it does.

I don't know why you spend your money of crap like that.

It's not crap. It's vintage. OK!

Just because it's broken, does not mean it's (vintage).


skype: (Are you sure you're not over-reacting? Like when you thought that bush grab you cutting through old man Morgan's yard?)

Come on, I was six then. This is different.

OK. Look!

See. skype: (no power, and yet I'm getting tweets)

What do they say?

I haven't actually seen one, but I heard 'em.

Well, isn't that convenient.

I was too scared to look.

Good night.

No, no, no. Please don't go. I don't know what to do?

skype: (lay off the slasher movies. Take two donuts) and call me in the morning.

I'm going back to bed.


No! Please don't go.

(music plays)


(music plays)


(music plays)

Fallon's voice: I don't want to be alone.

Music plays

sound: tweet alert from phone

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