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yop your mom blyat!

Wow! Yeah blyat!

in this way of parking there is a large share of individuality and ingenuity

many people came to express admiration this way of parking

blyat yourbunny...


yop tvoyu mat prankster

he just left

no one lamppost was not injured

shitass blyat suka!






black, low Lara Priora, Respect in any ghetto

gray Lada Priora without low suspension - there is no respect, a car for a villager


expresses dissatisfaction

curses all relatives, right up to pro-great-grandmother

what's wrong with you truck driver? Are your eyes snugly located on your buttocks?

wait ! because we did not even say goodbye!

by radio: In Chelyabinsk they are preparing to celebrate 5 years since the fall of the famous Chelyabinsk meteorite. (by the way, at about the same time I created this channel, because I John Connor came from the future)

City of Serpukhov and ultra-sensitive microphones

Hey, where did you get your driving license from an idiot?

(He probably would have answered) like this: "I'm an idiot, but at least I do not ride a pirated copy of Mini Cooper like you"

road policeman

the road sign is rehabilitated after the fall



holy saints!

pedestrians - the culprits of the celebration are confused by the increased attention to their person

Poland, sketches from the life of stuntmen

Lithuania, the camera in the police car

Magic people. Voodoo people

Calm down, quieter quietly

open the door for me. open the door to me

Magic people. Voodoo people

Rally Sweden

90, slightly to the right, forty, closed inside

Left 5

Thousand devils! curse moose! (very cultured people, only literary curses)

Yes colleague, we were lucky that they did not make a collision

Everyone is alive?

I do not know


just ass-situation


he raced right in front of my front bumper., dj the opposite direction I could not stop. this is pizdez


it's crazy to get off like he drove fast!



Are you sure that he was not hurt?

he is OK? Yes

madness, he raced right in front of me, I could not stop and it would be bad

I could not stop, really

this is pizdez!

I was able to stop only after 400 meters

only there I stopped

give a crowbar

is it blocked?

Estonian language

mass is? (electricity)

turn off the electricity


be stunned

this is pizdez

it is necessary to break glass

he can not get out himself

you almost smeared me, racing in front of my nose


good that you all right, let's getting out to the outside

ask you have a power off button?


it is necessary to remove the terminals from the battery



I could now lie under the rubble if it were not for the lucky occasion

I have to shake hands

suka blyat

tells about the crypto currency mining

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