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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: English with Lucy Funny Bloopers, Outtakes & Mistakes 2019

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all aspects of your English but in

particular your vocabulary where's my

finger okay so how can you avoid using

it and what should you say instead scrap

that scrap that Connor no I have curated

a list of some fantastic dialogue baboon

show amusement babbled gushed but stop

saying these three things places are

limited so make sure you sign up sooo

that rather than super if you have any

questions about them on our third or our

previous video I spoke I spoke English

teacher alright that's enough of these

smart words with all of these topics I

would love for you to contribute in the

description box not in the description


don't touch my description box that's

mine you can go in the comment box which

gives you unlimited access to


and since skillshots and I didn't

understand a people don't adapt to your


they just number nine number nine

something we all aspire to do when we

start learning a leather bra today it is

very hot very very hot I'm buying oh my

god are in a lovely posh hotel and I

called up Arun sir rune why my thing

rune runescape are in a lovely posh

hotel and I called up runescape okay not

special stickers for Lucy because she

say hello to the Englishman Lucy well

I'm filming well I'm just filming short

and fast business English

or gonna FedEx okay

so click on the link in the description

box sign up start your first few remind

all right let's talk about 3 that is 6

we get started I would just like to

remind you that this video is going to

help clean clean ok so you could

download audible all the audio books

audio books that's so this video is

going to be so good for improving

computing and we have to turn in and

this means what does it mean welcome

back to english with Lucy


I just like to mention one other thing

that can drastically in tiny groups

sounded like I was trying to like small

group okay I'm engaged

oh it's the ring little kids and

laughing at me outside my window explain

I'm educating and everything learn just

love everything okay I'm hosting a

business meeting

yeah okay um this one on that day go

good boy then go to will refund your but

I think the two go hand in hand my hands

didn't go together there and with

something so divisive as breakfast

breakfast I could say you couldn't the

space them face-to-face we could say you


face burg damn it I did it again ray

sperm base fire blue sea bass I don't

suppose you could verb base verb Oh

another comment I get a lot on Instagram

especially with my boyfriend boyfriend

you can learn English and many sometimes

get the response I've been learning

English looked England ah look at me

trying to teach English to say my own

language is lingo de repelling Godin

language if you've not heard of lingo de

before it's an online language academy

the Academy the language gave me in

order to succeed and gain your refund

you need to take part in a good

Imbruglia a bleb ramada c6 not only we

go young I am not only will your

language skills skyrocket but you'll

also get out further

sometimes I figure I'll just swallow

thanks Roberto and that's where by my

colouring pencils from oh my god okay


I might hear some people saying

Loughborough that should be breath


you've never heard of a talkie before

it's an online land huge online database

both online database our first native

come in come in thank you so much don't

show your little face so your face


smells like garlic

I love it for example the jailer Jim

and since Skillshare are sponsoring this

video they have given the first 500

people to link for the click as you will

genuinely be interested in we're gonna

use the word curated now I have curated

a list of bogus curated I love that word

now I have curated just love the word


now I've created now I'm created it

curate I really want to use word bring

no that's wrong that is wrong

this simply means to refuse to associate

and it's a phrase that's you know my god

my neck is so itchy these phrases are

used to describe a situation where their

own business swings and roundabouts

because we have a great energy I wrote

to get itchy feet

potato sorry I'm really hungry my tummy

is really going Lord

potato stomach like every time I say

potato I get really hungry mall Munna

okay learning a language it's like

learning a musical soap opera is a drama

serial right before I get too passionate

let's move on to episode they're an

online database of platform of late and

blah blah blah blah online language

teacher platform Allah all you have to

do is click on the description in the

link box no that was wrong

damn it I think so well today I've got a

lesson for you honest brother birth but

today I have got

very a very I've been feeling it so

ready for spring and I cannot wait for

all of the leaves I've been feeling so

excited by I wasn't really an idiom it's

more of them for example and the last

one the last final rule are today I am

going to talk to you about today I am

going to talk to you Oh again there were

good what you found somebody that you

want to speak to it is what is it right

my next tip is really really important

fry oh that sounded good so you guys

might not know this but I la someone's

just tasted me asking if I'm doing the

filming if I've done the filming for

this I am doing it Georgina okay right

and you can use it to stream movies

corner oh okay I always found it so

frustrating at what I couldn't watch and

use my code Lucy 20 or you can get 25


okay right where you can get 20% off a

full annual subscription anyway I don't

want get across with you cuz you're just

a camera lens it's not you know even

here right okay number two is Google no

just Google when I was teaching I was

pretty tech savvy between us which I

think you look pretty trendy I was

pretty tech savvy


I've literally just had an appetizer

that's all I've had today when I was I

used to make my students write their de

beber so why is this online dictionary

Oxford learner's dictionary I spent so

long laughing at myself that I ran out

of battery but it's all good I always

have two batteries and they go I am in

control of my future how to improve your

speaking mmm why don't I get it previous

for manga language lessons

so how can we predict praneeth the

pronunciation lesson pronoun cooperate

integrate English into a date box

well I'm hello everyone and welcome

back I have a harem over today I'm going

to give you 10 tips for today I'm going

to give you 10 that's 5 but subscription

packages and even book a free krile

tasks I'm gonna

sorry since I become engaged my sneezes

have got louder I don't know if that's

like a comfort thing

wear a pin that could be used in a good

luck spell this simply means suddenly or

in a simple action you're on tenterhooks

it means you're in a state of suspense

or educated education if you're on

tenterhooks it means that you're in a

state of suspense or agitated number 10

this is just a misused vowel

that's not misused valve that's so funny

I do wish that minutes ago was a thing

like can you imagine fleeing a crime



although he was guilty of the murder II


he's the beauty of the murder II he was

guilty of the robbery

there's a jewelry he was guilty of the

robbery yet a jury ever great to have

just head to ten thousand steps by

gesticulation number 11 is pot calling

the kettle black pot calling the kettle

basically in the 19th century

fill it up with water less lest right

that's it for right that little number

just gonna let this Apple a book that

you have already read in and anything I

have not thought of crazy frog in like

five years

just wow right let's get started with

the lesson I'm going to begin with

casually phrases so casual I can't even

say we are okay a little bit of a

different video but a highly I mean goda

is an online language of school language

at school I got my Spanish my language

is cool okay tengo de is an online

language something is echoing hey oh

it's cuz I cleared this room they used

to be like loads of stuff and now it's


so exactly


William hello mango thank you very much

say hello he's been on the farm you

can't do that oh he's just describing

he's not sponsored by out of that but if

they're interested he will be wall up to

that scene a bit another example could

be you know what Frank packed the

marriage counselor it's an incredibly

affordable way of learning a language

much cheaper than an offline tutor or

language Academy

I'm actually going to die it's so hot in

this room I found a radiator that won't

switch off I don't know what to do

I've called my landlord so firstly like

can be used as a preparation preparation

sounds magical

in this room it is 28 degrees outside 29

and it's probably about 40 in here hello

everyone and welcome back my god my

engagement ring or better I've got it on

now God that could have started rumors

that our engagement was off just after

filming at the fiancee tag not the idea

this is on hello everyone and welcome

back to english with Lola this air is a

lot shorter than I remember it I highly

recommend this special offer mm-hmm what

does eight mean there

what does 8 mean there many people think

that it makes the speaker sound on

education and it can also be part of the

culture in full or maybe just a couple

of these ideas put them into practice

and watch your language skills evolve


what is this Pokemon now when you learn

a new lap and new now when you know

learn then I must say

her voice is incredibly attractive it's

gorgeous I Jenna lost and making me hot

sweaty upper lip

I hope my makeup still or if not that

will be embarrassing after registering

for the marathon and paying your

non-disposable I think they were also

quite flat just at 10,000 steps by




you can learn English and over 130 other

languages from anywhere in the world any

time of the year as long as you have a

stable internet connect so many students

meshes later they've given me an offer

to pass on to you you will get $10

receive not get get some awful word I

just saw someone that I didn't think

smoke smoking outside my window Oh

knowledge or a book that you would like

to read in English I've got loads of

description boxes in them books down oh

and the best part is you can get one

free audiobook that's an audible ah it

is such an effective method it's it's

it's late and I'm tired and the bells of

started ringing group English lessons

can be very useful yes they can

yes they can Lucy moreover these classes

can prove very effective why my god I'm

going absolutely bananas the placement

rules and I mentioned at the beginning

of the video today I literally

it's about someone on the job walk I


don't every man that's it so don't have

my voice for example there are many ways

of fist



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