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- [Kosmo] On today's video,

we're ripping off Popeye's Ghost Pepper wings!

(rock music)

- [Wes] I forgot the eggs.

- Yeah, I know. Let's go.

- [Wes] Here we are, your favorite place.

- Yeah.

- [Wes] You wanna go to the fishing section?

- No, I just wanna get in and get out.

- [Wes] You don't wanna go to the fishing section?

- No.

- [Wes] Man.

Somethin' hot.

- These ain't even hot.

We don't need many of these.

These're hot enough.

- [Wes] Check 'em?

- No didn't actually, I better. (chuckles)

- [Wes] Do the crack check?

Only need three.

- Yup, we good.

- [Wes] All right, we best get out of here.

- On today's video,

we're ripping off Popeye's Ghost Pepper wings!

I shouldn't say that, should I (laughs)?

Might get a lawyer on us.

- [Wes] We're rippin' 'em off!

- We're not rippin' 'em off.

- [Wes] We stole 'em!

- We're makin' our version of ghost pepper wings.

- [Wes] We're improving them.

- Yeah.

So, yeah, they're gonna be hot.

It's hot outside.

I haven't ate all day,

and the first thing that's gonna go in my stomach

is ghost pepper wings, so...

- [Wes] What about that Michelob Ultra

you had on our meeting, this morning?

- That doesn't count.

All right, so we're gonna do a ghost pepper hot wing.

Fried. We're gonna fry 'em up in that little $100 frier

I got off of Amazon.

And if you guys wanna know any of the stuff I use,

there's a link down below to an Amazon store

that we got set up,

and we put a link to everything on there.

And we get, like, a little kick back. Like maybe 1%.

Maybe every 6 months we can buy a beer with it,

but nothing crazy.

But anywho, it's all down in the description.

And just so ya know,

this entire recipe is going to be

down below in the description,

so you can print it off and try it at home.

So, without further ado, let's just jump right in.

Like I said, we're gonna be rocking the ghost pepper.

So, our very first dredge, is gonna be a dry dredge.

And it's gonna be ghost pepper.

(rock music)

That enough?

- [Wes] Uh yeah, to kill a grown man.

- We'll put a little in the last one, too.

That's about, two tablespoons, in the last one.

All right, first dredge out of the way.

Set that aside.

Second dredge is gonna be your liquid dredge.

Let me grab all this.

Like I said, everything's down below in the description.


Secret ingredient, right here!

Club soda, thank me later.

Three eggs.

You know, the eggs with the white shells

are way easier to crack?

A little fun fact about chicken wings, too,

it's actually just a chicken.

Just they knock it in the head

when it's a little smaller, I'm sure.

Now, hand whisk.

Probably shoulda hooked up the blender, for this.

Don't you think?

- [Wes] The ol' mixer?

- Yeah. (chuckles) Where's that thing at?

That's okay.

- [Wes] Doesn't help that we bought

the cheapest one we could find.

- No, this mixer was about 37 cents on Amazon.

But we link down in the description, in case you want it.

- [Wes] (chuckles) Cake batter.

- Yeah. But man, thank me later.

Thank me later.

100% the way you shouldn't use a whisk, but...

All right, and the last one.

This is the good one.

- [Wes] We have a cornucopia of spices.

- This is a barrage of brilliance.

Ghost pepper.

Ooh, that's a good one.

Get out of there.

Like I said, it's all down in the description.

And last, but not least, flour.

Get your other clean little whisker.

Heh heh, I said "whisker".

- [Wes] Whisk her?

- Whisk her,

- (both) Damn near killed her!



- [Wes] Oh that's in the, you can't see that.

Maybe you can, look it's in the air.

Tryin' to kill us.

- Do that.

- [Wes] You're crazy, man.

- Better not do that.

Man, if you guys like hot wings,

this is a good one.

All right.


- [Wes] Come on, now.

- Do you know when the first commercial restaurant

started selling wings?

- [Wes] No.

- It was back in 1994.

- [Wes] '94, huh?

- Yeah.

There was an Amish man, just outside of Kansas City,

Missouri, lived in a town called Carollton.

They sell bread out on the side of the road.

Bread, rolls, things like that.

And I was out there, one day, I was buying some bread.

And I was like, "Man, you know what

"would be good right this?"

That was waffle day, out there.

I said, "Man, if you did some like, wings and waffles,

"I think it could take off."

Rest is history.

I'd like to thank Cluade,

that little Amish man, in Carollton, Missouri,

for inventing these.

All right.

(both laugh)


- Oh, Cluade.

- [Wes] Never woulda known of this.

- Cluade was a great dude, man,

he had a good lookin' duaghter.

She was a little bit hairy, but she was good lookin'.

(record scratch)

- All right, these are the wings.

Boy, these are good lookin' wings, too.

You always gotta taste the first one.

I'm just kiddin'.

And don't wash these, FDA man, c'mon!

If you're down in the comments right now,

goin', "You gotta wash that!"

Man (scoffs).

C'mon, man.


Google something.

All right, I'm gonna get these wings dredged up,

and then I'll see you, down at the cooker.

(upbeat music)

- Here we go, you ready?

- [Wes] Get the first one.

- Ooh.

I'll turn the heat up, a little bit.

Look, fat little rig.

- [Wes] Are you a leg man, or a flap man?

- Honestly, I like the flaps better, I think.

- [Wes] I do, too.

- I think I do.

(upbeat music)

- Get you a crispy?

- [Wes] Ooh, no.

What's the... ?

Man, that doesn't suck.

- That's pretty good, isn't it.

- [Wes] It's got a little bite to it, though.

(upbeat music)

- So hey, as you can tell, this is a super easy recipe.

And if you want to try this at home, like I said,

go down in the description below,

print off the recipe, and try it.

Because it is fantastic.

Now, I want to thank you for watching.

And don't forget about our giveaway,

the very first link down in the description.

Click on it, go over there, get signed up,

and you never know, you could be our next winner.

I'll catch you in the next video, peace!

(rock music)

- That is so stinkin' good, man.

- [Wes] Get the crunch.

- Ready?

- [Wes] Let's hear it.


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