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Guide To Understanding Watch Water Resistance [0:00:00]

So, at the start of the movie Lord of the Rings, theres this quote, “But they were

all of them deceived.”

Thats how I felt when I learned about water resistance in watches because I thought a

watch when they said it was water resistant, it could resist water.

But, apparently this is a tricky subject.

In todays video, gents, Im taking the confusion out of a watch water resistance

and Im going to explain it to you in layman terms.

[Music] All right, gentlemen.

So, lets start things up by defining two terms: What is waterproof?

What is water resistance?

So, some guys think that their watches are actually waterproof.

And to be waterproof, you have to be a hundred percent water resistant and no watch on this

planet is a hundred percent waterproof.

Thats just not going to happen because with water comes something called pressure.

And pressure is where we start to have issues where on a watch all of a sudden the seals

the gaskets, youre going to start to get penetration at some level of pressure with


So, thats why no watch can be a hundred percent water proof.

And now, lets talk about water resistance.

So, some watches are not going to be water resistant at all.

Ce careful with those watches getting caught in a rain shower is going to damage the watch.

Other ones are going to have just a bit of water resistance, so you can wash your hands

you can take a shower without watch.

But, you dont want to go swimming, you dont want to go diving.

But, understand some of these watches are made incredibly tough and thats really

where the water resistance comes down to is the construction of the watch.

Now, lets talk about the specific terms the specific words youre going to see on

your watch and what they mean with water resistance.

So, ATM, what that stands for is atmosphere.

1 atmosphere is equal to 10 meters.

Now, youre also going to see the word bar.

Bar is simply going to mean atmosphere, its the same thing.

So, this Master G Mudmaster G-Shock right here it says its water 20 bar resist.

What that means its 200 meters water resistant.

Now, this is where it gets confusing because what the watch companies are saying whether

its Rolex whether its G-Shock is that theyve tested this in a lab and thats

the pressure that the watch can withstand, not the water depth that you actually can

take the watch to.

Now, some people may think the watch companies are being deceptive, if it says 50 meter water

resistance, you want to be to wear it down to 50 meters.

But, here is the thing is its all about pressure because pressure changes.

Its actually independent of the depth that you go.

Yes, in a perfect lab it could go down maybe to 50 meters, but heres the issue is what

happens if you dive into that water and that watch hits the water all of a sudden the pressure

is going to spike and thats what the companies have to pay attention to.

So, its difference between slowly putting a watch in versus against slamming it into

the water.

So, throughout this video Ive been wearing this watch right here.

This is the Master of G Mudmaster.

Its model GG1000-188.

Now, this is the latest in the new edition of the Master of G Mudmaster series.

Guys, I love this watch.

Its got the mud-resist construction.

Basically, it ensures nothing is going to get into the watch.

Were talking about water resistance, well, mud is a whole another issue and this watch

has got you covered.

In addition to being mud-resistant, this watch has tons of features.

So, first up weve got the twin sensor capabilities, weve got a thermometer, and weve got

a compass.

This watch is 200-meter water resistance.

Its a got 24-hour stopwatch chronograph and stopwatch.

It measures down to 1/100th of a second.

Its got a full auto calendar, five alarms, a two-year battery.

And, lets talk about in the dark, the face is illuminated by a super illuminator.

Its got a high brightness auto LED lights to ensure high visibility under any conditions


Its a beautiful tough watch.

I love how they paid attention to the details, a little bit of texture here on the band right

here, the bands theyve got the sure grip.

This is a great watch.

Guys, Im linking to G-Shock down in the description of this video.

Go check it out, go look at the price, look at the details, see if this is the watch for

you guys.

Again, linking to them down in the description.

All right, gents.

So now, were going to talk about the various levels of water resistance, what you can do

at each of these levels and what you should not do.

And, gentlemen, to make this easy, Ive created a very simple to understand chart

for you.

You can download it, Im linking to it down in the description.

Go grab it, guys, yours absolutely free.

First up, weve got 30 meters 3 ATM 3 bar.

So, this is usually going to be the lowest form of water resistance youre going to

see out there.

Basically, with this watch, you can wash your hands.

You could take it into the shower, but Im going to say even be careful there because

shower heat steam, that is going to penetrate even more.

You got to be really careful with this watch.

I would treat it like it has no water resistance even though they say it does.

Next up, weve got 50 meters 5 ATM 5 bar.

All right.

So, were doing a little bit better here.

You could actually take this into the shower if you so choose, although be careful if its

got a leather band.

You could actually, you know, youre caught in a rainstorm youre out simply working

outside, someone splashes water on you.

You are going to be okay, unless you want to go swimming.

Do not swim with this watch.

[0:04:54] Next up, weve got 100 meters 10 ATM 10


So, this watch right here is 100 meters, its a 10 ATM.

And with this watch I can go swimming.

I could even maybe go snorkeling, but Im not going to go scuba diving.

Everything else getting caught in the rainstorm, washing my car, Id even jump in the hot


Yes, with this one, but I would, again, be very careful with heat anything thats super

hot, that can actually change the size of the gaskets and its something you want

to be careful of.

So, even if its a hundred meters, still be careful with heat.

All right.

Next up, weve got 200 meters, 20 bar, 20 ATM.

So both of these watches made by G-Shock are 20 ATM 20 bar 200-meter water resistant.

That means I can go scuba diving, I can go swimming, I can go diving, and I can knock

this watch up against the water and its going to be perfectly fine.

Now, the only thing I dont want to do is go deep sea diving.

I dont want to drop this to the bottom of the ocean because once again it goes past

definitely 200 meters, we could start to have issues.

So, watches that go beyond 200 meters, 500 meters, 1000 meters, thats very, very rare.

All right, gents.

So now, lets hit the FAQs.

First up, is why is water going to damage the inside of the watch?

When you think about a watch, its a closed system nothing should go in nothing should

go out.

Youve got moving parts on it, it will say its an automatic mechanical watch and all

of a sudden you could havethat could really throw things off, you got little bits

of oil in there and this is not something that you want to do for those high-end watches.

Next up, youve got maybe a quartz battery, youve got something has a little bit of

electricity going there.

Lets think about that, water electricity do not mix.

So, guys anytime you get water into a watch, that is a bad thing.

Now, this takes us to question number two because what do you do when water has penetrated

the watch.

First up, how bad is it?

If you just got a little bit of steamer you canyou can tell theres a little bit

of water in there, it may be something may not be bad, you can put the watch to the side

and get it away from the water, put it in a dry area, softly the water can work its

way out.

But, you may have to send it off to get repaired at this point.

And where to send your watch for repairs?

Well, if you bought if from the manufacturer, they should actually have a warranty.

If youre within that warranty, send it to them.

If youre beyond the warranty, youll probably have to pay for the repairs.

But, if you dont have any of that, lets say its a used watch or its a watch

maybe it was an heirloom, youll want to send it off to a watch maker to a watch repair


Thats what they specialized in and theyll be able to help you out.

Now, lets talk about leather bands.

So, theres a lot of watches out there maybe that are a 100- meter water resistance, you

could swim in it, but theyve got a leather band.

So, does that mean you should swim with this watch?

The answer is no, even though the case of the watch may be 100-meter water resistance,

that does not mean that the band itself is in fact leather bands, you need to be very

careful with.

That leather is going to absorb the moisture.

The issue with leather is when it expels the moisture, usually a little bit more goes out.

So, whats thats going to do is its going to end up drying out the strap and then

causing it to crack.

If this does happen, make sure that you use a lot a leather conditioner on the strap and

that should help it out.

So, the next question, is there anything that watch owners do that totally negates the water

resistance of the watch?


They leave that crown wide open and guess what?

They dive in.

If you left that open, water is going to find its way in and thats what you got to be

careful about.

In addition, guys, youre exposing this to chemicals.

Lets say you apply a lot of fragrance, you put that fragrance on the watch consistently

over years, guess what?

Those gaskets, again, can start to break down.

So, Antonio, are you telling me that I should check my watch for water resistance?

If youre going to use it, if youre going to rely on this watch, yes, I would recommend


Every two years is what is stated out there, but really it comes down to how often are

you using it, under what conditions.

And it is something if youre a professional if you rely on your watch, it is something

that you want to look to upgrade it probably every couple of years.

All right, gents.

So, thats it for water resistance, but I know a lot of you guys now are going to

go buy a watch, guess what?

Ive got you covered with this video right here, a complete checklist to everything you

need to know about buying a watch.

Go check it out.

Im linking to it down in the description.

All right, gentlemen.

Now, its your turn.

I want to hear from you down in the comments.

What did I miss?

What would you have added to this video to make it better?

Let me know down in the comments maybe youve got some stories about water resistance or

not so good water resistance.

Guys, I want to hear from you down in the comments.

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And, guys, dont forget, go check out the sponsor G-Shock.

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You could see all the specs on this watch right here, this beautiful Mudmaster GG 1000-188.

This is the new one, just came out.

Beautiful, beautiful watch.

All right, gents.

Thats it.

Take care.

I will see you in the next video.

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