Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MYSTERY BOX SLIME SWITCH-UP CHALLENGE!!!

Difficulty: 0



or inactivated

ohh yess ..."laughing"...

hehehe laughing



ohh my nahh!!


Got some more activated so I'm just gonna add a little bit more

Activate you're like that's not fair. Okay one beam there one beam there from would be

Okay would be

One be in there one beam there. Perfect. Okay, here comes more activator. That's

Some black glitter glue


Otherwise azula's or I could get this what's a real option?

It's gonna be paper switch they'll be so awesome. Okay guys ready for the last round

That needs to be straight, okay

So I got washable color glue which is pink blue but still not as good as three

Okay, guys, this is my third time adding activator it let's just add a tiny bit cuz we got a lot going on here

That's a good time for my sandwich pink

Woohoo, the big splat comes in right away kind of time to squeeze it one more time. Oh, yeah

Window like you

Okay now makes up our size and see the color or it will actually be a boy

Which is not looking great for me. Okay, so I'm gonna mix my slime first. I'm gonna see

It's very shaving creamy

Colors are all on the bottom

Yes, I might have a chance but not really

Look at that rice

Crunchiness. Oh, you're out in your pocket. Yes isn't working out. Well, it's gonna be a nice galaxy color, please

So now it's time for my mix

It's gonna go really well, especially without activator because you can make some without activator believe it or not


Looks like it looks like a rematch

Yeah, but it's so sticky at the same time

This is just bad like it's so like I wish I had a switch option

That would be the best thing in the whole wide world. So it looks like it's turning to green but it really looks

galaxy, very galaxy

Some mine it's turning into purple looks pretty good. It just needs more of a mixing job

It's pretty much a slime. It just probably a bit too sticky for me. So

We're gonna just to see how I would look if it was like so then document doesn't challenge voting

Cat pass me pass me. Yes. Yes. Yes the magical tree

Never fell

You mean two minutes yes

Oh, I need lots Ronald

Don't go overboard. Okay, so we're gonna keep on mixing our slimes and we're gonna do a slam abandon three two wah

So you guys be hard at work like calm and remember to call me mellow hooves Thunder there's butter

It's a winner winner chicken dinner

So guys, this is my sling. It's super crunchy from all of the rice

I added in and it's really fluffy as well from all of the shaving cream. It's a really pretty purple color when glitters

If you think my slime isn't the one comment a blow


Crunchy right. So guys. This is my sign. That's a really nice teal color has a lots of pink balls in it

Actually not too much but enough to make it crunchy

And guys you want to see something real cool watch this

You see the balls in it and it looks very cool if super stretchy, which is awesome

and if you think my slime one the middle hashtag

Winning without activator video