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Welcome to a new video! Today we're going to do it a little differently and look at

what I think are the top 5 racing wheels to race in 2021 F1 or other racing games.

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get started with my number 5 right away!

Before we start, I would like to say that this is my personal opinion from different wheels that I have ridden and

there are quite a few in the meantime. I don't want to recommend a wheel that I've never driven,

so for example I've never driven a Hori Apex so it can't be in my top 5.

Which wheels are in my top 5, let's start with

my number 5, the Logitech G29 or G290. The Logitech 29 and 290 are the same wheels,

only the G29 is for Playstation and PC and the G290 is for Xbox and PC. For the convenience of

this video, I am now calling this wheel the G29. The G29 is quite cheap for a racing wheel with

an amount of 250 euros. Further down my list we come across even cheaper wheels but the G29

is my number 5 on the list. This is because I find the force feedback and pedals of the G29 a bit

less than the other wheels. I get very little feeling from the pedals and the force feedback could

also be better for this price in my opinion. What is very nice about this steering wheel is

that it is super user-friendly. You plug the steering wheel into your console and your console picks it up

immediately. So it is literally plug and play and therefore a great wheel to race with.

In 4th place I have the Thrustmaster T150 or the TMX if you drive the Xbox. In my opinion, this is

the ideal wheel to start your racing career with. If you are still in doubt whether you like

to race with a steering wheel or at all if you want to make the switch to a steering wheel,

I recommend the T150. With an amount of around 200 euros, it is cheaper than the G29 and in

my opinion more value for money. Like the G29, it is also easy to use and plug and

play. Also with the Thrustmaster T150 you get a steering wheel, base and pedals and these

all work fine. I also started with the T150 myself, only after about 1.5 to 2 years you notice that the

pedals are running out and there is a good chance that they will break. You can then choose to go for the T150 or

TMX pro. This one is 30 euros more expensive and here the pedals are slightly firmer and simply better.

So in 4th place I have the T150 or TMX Pro. In third place I choose the Thrustmaster

T300. This is an upgrade of the T150 and can be found online for around 330 euros. The T300 is

more expensive but also gives better feedback so you can drive faster and more consistently. In

contrast to the previous 2 wheels, this handlebar also has belts instead of gears. I don't

want to make this video too technical but these belts ensure that you get better and clear force

feedback from your wheel and that your steering movements are also more accurate. This

wheel is therefore slightly more expensive, but the difference in quality is very noticeable.

Also, I think we are now at the point of using load cell pedals. What

exactly is a load cell pedal? With a load cell pedal you increase the amount of

braking force that you have to press on the pedal to slow down the car. This means that you

can brake with more feeling and accuracy with a load cell pedal and this ensures faster,

but above all more constant lap times, which of course makes you a lot faster in the race. With

the Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals you can add this to your Thrustmaster T300.

The last

nice addition is that you can race with different wheels on the T300. You can click

your steering wheel on and off. So if you want more of a Formula 1 racing wheel, you can buy it

separately and click it on the base of your T300. The Direct Drive series from Fanatec. In

my opinion this is one of the best wheel on the market right now. If we look purely at

the quality, I think it is even better than my number 1 who is coming soon. Why is

this in second place then? This is due to the high price of above 1100 euros for only the

base. This means that you don't have a steering wheel and pedals yet. Only 1100 euros for the

base. You can choose a steering wheel and click it on it, just like with the T300. At Fanatec

you have a huge selection for a steering wheel and the prices are very different, but what you

always have at Fanatec is quality. Finally, you can also choose your pedals and

I would personally go for the CSL Elite pedals from Fanatec. I think these pedals are very strong.

In terms of quality, durability and the feedback you get when accelerating and braking.

You can also choose load cell pedals for this. Fanatec will send you one extra pedal

and this will cost 140 euros, but you will also get pure quality for this.

In November and October a cheaper Direct Drive will be released by Fanatec around

300 euros. Of course I haven't driven with this one yet, but if it is as good

as the current direct drives then you can assume that this will be the best base on the market

in terms of price and quality ratio. Then we move on to the number 1 and in

my opinion that is the Fanatec CSL Elite F1 set. The Fanatec CSL Elite F1 set is in my

opinion the best wheel on the market in terms of price and quality. The only bad thing

is that this set is very difficult to obtain at the moment because they are no longer

made by Fanatec. So if you want to get this steering wheel it is important to see if you

can get it second-hand somewhere. If you want to buy this set new, it is an

investment between five and six hundred euros. And you're going to find that this set won't be

much cheaper second-hand , given Fanatec 's high quality and long shelf life

. So it will also be a big investment second-hand, but a good one because

unlike the direct drive, you get a whole set here. So: base, steering wheel and pedals.

The force feedback is really excellent and the pedals also work great because these are

the CSL Elite pedals that I also named above. You can also buy the loadcell

pedals for 140 euros and I can absolutely advise you to do that again.

This set is so good by the way that the Fanatec CSL Elite F1 Set has been

the official set used for F1 2020 Esports last year .

This are my top 5 racing wheels to currently use for F1 2021 or other racing games.

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