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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rome: Gelato Farfa Home

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I want the pizzia! Pizzia!

REV RUN: When in Rome, you gotta do what the Romans do.

Pomodori grandi.

I am gettin' a little hungry.

Yes, that. And --

Now, we can't get everything.

Me and the kids are gonna hook you up.

We're gonna learn how to cook.

Hopefully, I'll get a shop day.

Pray for me.

I still want a good Italian meal.

Easy, Jus. I got this.


Hey yo check this out

Yo. What's up?

This is Rev Run from Run-D.M.C.

taking the family around the world.



Yeah Rev Rev Run Rev Rev Run

My idea of a good time...



Icky, icky.

It's tickling!

Their idea -- getting off the beaten path

and driving me nuts.

You ate the eye?

We're on our way. I got the tickets.

We're gonna be running around the world, one-way, quick.

Uh, uh, uh, pshew!

Around the world


We've hit nine cities on our world tour

and we've just left Copenhagen and landed on our 10th:

the capital of Italy, Roma.

First, I have a surprise

and then, I have another surprise.

Like the camel in Dubai?

No, like the facial in Tokyo.

I want the pizzia!

A pizzia!




I haven't been here since the '80s.

We gonna rock, hard.

Well, I need some real Italian coffee

and let's go shopping.

You ready, Jus?

I already called down the concierge

and I set up something that I think you'll like.

When in Rome, you gotta do what the Romans do.

We're gonna drive Ferraris?

Not quite.

It's better.

Well, it's different.

Oh, gosh.


Look what I got set up.

Marco. -Oh, boy.

No. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold on.

A horse-drawn carriage. How romantic.

This is gonna be great.

Yo, Marco!

Look at him, lookin'.

What's happenin'?

[ "La donna è mobile" plays ]

We're gonna take a ride

through the streets of Ancient Rome to the Vatican.

We're gonna take it slow, oldschool-style.

Listen to him tap dance.

Oh, those look good.

Look at that. Yeah, the arch looks really nice.

[ Horn honks ]


Oh, this is awesome.

Look at this. Look at this.

They actually preserved their history and moved forward

but, yet, they kept beauty.

That's good, when you can do that.

What is that down there?

Look at this. Get this, Russ.

Look. The Vatican.

Oh, that's so beautiful.

[ Choir sings ]

Thank you so much. -Thank you very much.

Thank you, bro. -MILEY: Thank you.

Look at this.

So my husband totally knocked it out the park.

Bye, Marco.

Bye, Marco.

I see a lot of shops, so, hopefully, I'll get a shop day.

Pray for me. Pray for me.

So it's time to go shoppin'. -Yes!

I want some Italian leather, babe.

At the Campo de' Fiori farmers' market.

Farmers' market?


So we'll get some stuff for a picnic

at the Villa Borghese gardens.

Okay. That sounds great.



Oh, my goodness. Look at these grapes, how big.

They're big.

Ooh! Yes.

[ Speaking local language ]

He said "Do the Nae Nae." -No, he didn't say

"Do the Nae Nae," no. -How much?

Oh, nine.

All righty!

I gotta get some cheese.

Come on, Jus.

This is the Sicilian Pecorino.

Pecorino. -MAN: Pecorino.

Oh, this is gonna be fun. -REV RUN: Okay.


It got a kick to it.

Oh, I love this. -That was tasty.

Oh. Grazie. -Grazie.

Wow. Oh, this is so fresh.


Is that spicy? -It's spicy. You want try?

No, we're gonna buy a little piece.

We tasted it already. -Let me try. Oh, my gosh.

You try it. -Grazie.

Huh! -Here, Miley.

You like? What you think?

I love it. -Let me see.

Thank you. -Yes, that. And that.

You want also that? You want one in the vacuum also?

Yes. Okay. -REV RUN: We should have

more than enough food now. -Okay.

Jus, we cannot get everything. -I know.

But I can take this to the hotel.

You can't get that. Listen, I'm telling you right now,

we can't get everything.

My wife almost ate up all the meat.

The guys had a house made out of meat in there.

I don't know. He might have half a house right now.

All right, breakfast is over. Stop.


They were going at it hard.

I had to get out of there.

I wish I can stay.

I would eat everything.

While you were out, eating, I hooked us up

with some games, so we're good.

Bene papa' bocce.



Let's set up right here. -There's no grass, though.

That's fine. They can play bocce.

You guys have the beautiful view from here.

You're tryin' to see which ball

can get closest to the white ball.

That's kinda bad 'cause it's far away.

Well, that's way off.

It has to have a little flick of the wrist, like a --

I got it. -Russy's pretty close.

See how close that is? ♪ Come on, now, come on

Ooh. -Oh, that's a good one, Russ.

MILEY: Too hard. -That's too hard, Miles.

You're trying to get it -- -Okay, you can go.

All right. I can go. All right.

You think that was made to look like a heart?

JUSTINE: That is pretty.

Look at that tree right there, babe.

Oh, that's nice.

It looks like it has an afro. You know, it's a funny thing:

reminds me of marriage, if you think about it.

It grows. -Family.

It can be tough. Right.

All the branches are like family.

But it all starts from the foundation.

That's why, the foundation,

you gotta try your best. -Ah!

To make sure you keep the foundation strong,

[Sigh] -in order for the family

to continue to grow.

Beautiful. Give me a big smile.

Such an incredible first day in Rome.

And I feel closer to you than ever.

That's so nice, babe.

But I still wanna go shopping.

Tomorrow's the day. I'm gonna take you --

Where we gonna go?

You'll see. -Where?

You'll see. -Joey, where?

She shall see. -Joey!


What a beautiful day.

So you know how Italy's all about food, right?

Yes, and I can eat that fresh prosciutto

right now.

All right. So here's the deal.

We're gonna go north on the countryside

and me and the kids are gonna hook you up

the best meal, ever. We're gonna learn how to cook.

And you get to chill.

Really? -Yes.

[ Beeping ]

So we are on our way to Farfa,

which is far fra home.

[laughs] Just joking.

Justine and I love olive oil

and this region where we are going, it's all about it.

A friend of mine recommended

we hook up with this restaurateur Johnny Madge.

He's British, he's been here for 30 years,

and he's an olive-oil expert.

Before we learn to cook,

we're going with him to buy some ingredients.

Do you know Italians shop every day?

Yep. And you should fit right in, fo' sho'.

For their food, Joey.

They only have the freshest ingredients every day.

Well, you're not gonna be cooking.

It's gonna be us.

So you just chill and let me handle it.

What are we gonna have?

Don't worry. I don't even know.

But we gonna have somethin'. -All right.


Buongiorno. Ciao, ragazzi.

One thing that we need is carrots.

Let's do it.

So, un chilo di carote.

Un chilo di carote.

Pomadori? -Pomadori.


Pomodori grandi.

So this is called a testa.


Una testa d'aglio, "a head of garlic."

Una testa...

Una testa...

d'aglio. -d'aglio.

There you go, Miley.

So Miley is good with the Italian.

I know. My little bambina.

Celery, sedano.


Bravissima, which means "really good."

Thank you. -So what else do we need?

Lentils, tomatoes.

Eggs, we're gonna get, 18.

Diciotto. -Diciotto.

Uova. -Uova.

You were born Italian. Miley was amazing.

It's incredible, how quick she was to learn.

Buongiorno. -Buongiorno. Hello.

Buongiorno. -So I want you to see

this wonderful ham that they slice by hand.

Okay, let's do it. -Okay.

It comes from these. Do you see up there, that picture?

Yeah. -Those are the pigs

that live up in the mountains. -Really?

That's where it comes from, so they're really, really local.

What do those pigs eat? -Acorns.

Okay, so we're gonna eat. Acorns,

so we know that this is definitely organic.

That is pig leg. -They eat acorns.

Which means that it's been hung up to dry.

But this is different from the prosciutto.

You know you get Parma ham, which is very thinly sliced,

very sweet? -Mm-hmm.

This is a little bit more salty and more chewy

because he cuts it by hand.

So why do you say prosciutto?


Prosciugare, in Italian, means "to dry."

All right, so we got the prosciutto.

We got everything that Johnny said that we needed.

I'm not all sure about what they're gonna cook,

but I'm gonna help and I'm up for the fun.


[ Beeping ]


Everything that we do here is basically about olive oil.

Olive oil is king.

This place is one of the very best olive oils in Italy.

These are the trees where the olive oil comes from.

It's beautiful.

You can't see any olives because they're just about to flower.

Any animals down here?

There are no animals down here. Don't you worry.

[Justine laughs] -Before anything else --

So is this where they're gonna bloom, here?

We're gonna start to get tiny, little, yellow flowers

and then, it'll start producing. -Oh, okay.

Something like Popeye's girlfriend, Olive Oyl.

Exactly. -Joey. Sorry, Johnny.

Don't you worry. -Okay.


Johnny invited some expat friends over for dinner.

And Miley is so happy

to have some friends to play with.


The first thing we're gonna do is make some pasta.

So, have you ever done this before?

Never! I usually get it

from the store, throw it in the water.

He's bringing a chef out to teach us how to cook.

Making pasta from scratch is the real deal.

And that's how we're gonna seal the deal.

Ciao. -Ciao to you too.

Andrea. -Rev.

Bene. I'm bene, "good."


Tsk. Oy. -Okay.

So you have to make like a volcano, okay?

With a crater in it.

Due uova. -Two eggs.

Okay. -Pour it in?


I've never seen somebody bash two eggs together.

I know. -Never met me before today.

[Speaking Italian] -JOHNNY: And just keep adding.

You should go relax for a bit and let me take over.

I still want a good Italian meal,.

so I don't want you to

truly take over. -Whatever.



Okay, perfect.


There. We got an assembly line going.

Joey, I hope you're really, really learning.

Easy, Jus. I got this.

Looks nice.


I'm the ravioli king.

Oy. -Fuhgeddaboudit.

Here we go.

So far, so good.

We have the ricotta inside the pasta.

Next, we're gonna do a little bit of meat

and we'll be at the next level.

Next thing you know, we'll be eating.

Okay? So the meat-ing will lead to us eating.


A little bit of speck, which is the smoked ham.

You've cooked before, right?

I cook a little bit.

Yeah, I can see by the way you use your hands.

Thank you. -Okay.

Okay. -Very good.

I guess I was walking in a daze with Run-D.M.C.

for days and days and months and years,

and, now, I get to see what these places are really about.

[ Turntable scratches ]

Want to show you how to do something crazy,

which is tasting olive oil out of cups.

We need somebody to help us, who's done it.

Gav, can you come and help?

Oh, yay!

So what she's doing, she's warming it up

and she's keeping the smell in with her little hand.

So this is gonna be very fresh.

You want to take a tiny bit.

So you coat the inside of your mouth with oil,

and then you go -- [inhaling rapidly]

[hoarsely] And it gets to the back of your throat

and you can't speak anymore. Very good.

She's like the way she speaks her Italian.

JUSTINE: This tastes so good.

Isn't it amazing and fresh?

And it gets like in the back of your throat

without like swallowing.

And you can still taste.


So Jus, are you impressed with all the food?

I am. I really am excited

to try this. -Hmm.

If you love travel as much as I do

and want some ideas for your next trip,

check out...


So we got ravioli. -Oh.


So this is really wonderful, everybody enjoying food.

You mean, the food that me and Russy made?


Are you impressed?

I am.

Meatballs. And that's with a few bay leaves.

Don't eat the bay leaves, okay? -JUSTINE: Okay.

This is my mother-in-law's recipe,

sannellini beans done with garlic and sage.

Wow! -All right?

If you put that oil on those beans, it'll be great.

The pasta was very, very tasty.

Came out excellent.

And here come the involtini.

I know it's all a bit messy, but it's like being at home.

This has been really nice.

I always love the family vibe.

Just good being here

Meeting new people. -and meeting new people.

Thank you for having us.

I think the feeling that we try to get,

in Italian, is conviviale,

which means "living together."

Conviviale. -Exactly. Bravo.

I said it good? -Perfect.


It's our last day in Italy,

and Miley still wants a pizza pie-ie!

And ice cream. -Gelato.

Same thing. -I bet you it's not.

I bet it is.

[ Musical beeping ]

JUSTINE: This is so beautiful.

[ Musical beeping ]

[ Musical beeping ]

See? This is ice cream. -No, Joey. It's gelato.

Steafno. -Rev.

What's this tiramisu? Can I taste it?


Ooh, can I?

The chocolate one right there.

This one here? -Yeah.


I wanna try your signature pumpkin.

Yes, the pumpkin, yes. -Yeah.

This is so good.

Oh, really? Let me taste it real quick, please.

You were right. It's different than ice cream.

So I totally won that bet.

Gelato is different from ice cream.

You said so yourself.

And I bet you want a reward, don't you?

I do. A leather one.

REV RUN: Thank you. -Ciao.

So I'm taking you to an Italian leather shop.

Not just any shop, Ibiz, close to the Pantheon.

[ Beeping ]

Wow! -Smells good.

I like a lot of things.

This is particularly a wife moment.

Oh, look at that. Oh, my God.


I have a budget, though.


I want like this pink bag.

Like mother, like daughter.

It shall continue.

You can make something with me, if you like.

Choose the color, something that you make, okay?

All right, one.

You can put the rings like this, okay? You see?

And the holes.



Can I do it? -You do it?

Yeah. -Fantastic.

JUSTINE: Watch your fingers. -Be careful.


Wonderful. You did very good.

That is your thing. -Thank you.

Dad, look what I made! -Is that a keychain?

Uh-huh. -Very nice.

Okay. I'm going to take these two.

Do you need the little brown one, Jus?

Yes. I love it.

I finally survived getting them out of there.

It was a beautiful place.

But the truth of the matter is I'm happy.

If they're happy, I'm happy.

I make a lot of jokes about "I don't wanna buy it,"

but I'm a softy.

Ciao. -Ciao!

Come on, guys.

More Rome before home.


So it's our last night in Rome.

JUSTINE: And Miley still needs her a pizza pie-ie.

Yes, she does.

And I found this amazing trattoria.

This is it.

What do we have here?

[Speaking Italian] pizza.

This is a plain Margherita.

Oh, beautiful. -Mmm.

Spicy. -We like spicy.

Good ol' pizza.

This has been an incredible trip, I tell you.

I already wanna come back.

A lot of other places we went to was more formal

and they're more like laidback, you know,

and just enjoy with your family.

Very family-oriented. -Mm-hmm.

It works for me. -Family, friends, love.

Ah! Family, friends, love.


Well, I felt very at home here in Rome.

The feeling of family, the feeling of love,

the feeling of comin' together.

JUSTINE: I love the people here.

They're so warm and welcoming.

REV RUN: It's onward and upward.

We're going to Switzerland,

so I'm very thankful for my time here,

so I don't wanna say goodbye. I'm just gonna say...


Salute. -Hey!

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