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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: REYNMEN LEİLA TEPKİ (Yeni Şarkı)

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Hello everyone

hello we came again

we are again with an awesome, legendary reaction video.

we are great energetic

today, just yesterday

We could not bring it up today, we will watch Reynmen's Leila song that was released yesterday.

just like the language again

he made a song like this

It was a great song, we listened a little and a half.

We heard from the cars, we could not listen on the left and right.

As soon as the song came out, it sat on trend 1. Now in trend 1

it may also be outstretched: d


Let's go to the song before it gets ugly

Wait, I was saying something, I forgot.

you were saying it sat on trend 1

it seems to stay there for a long time.

how many more?

I guess it was 4 million odd while we were shooting right now, stop and run now

4 ... 4 million odd: D


4 and a half million watched friends

go to the channel .... what before you go to the channel?

they have to subscribe before they go to the channel: d

there is a button there

do not forget to subscribe and like the video

come on video, come on video

what has this batman been?

I don't know, let's see ...

arkaham city

aa dear landscape nays

my back says the city


- look like something - hair grow well

it looks like a karaoke there

I burned whatever happened today (melodic)

hee did not look like him beard?

rakili live


beard goes to this boy

this is the one without a look

leilaa to

why do you think he did it without a beard?

How should I know

maybe he didn't like it

AAA hair breaker said one on the storys, instada

I am not following:

at this age we are dealing with hair breakers and so on.

it may have been because of him

may also

stress is also a bad thing

(song is playing) leila, leila I have to, but I can't go back

alas, alas, i can't poison her again at night

my son is getting a haircut right now in the clip

this is a message to me


I have to go to the barber for a while

look at my hair

Look at the ad Look at the ad

where? where!!

QNB Finansbank

(Gülüşml Show)

digital bridge of the future

from Finansbank

(song is playing) leila, leila

no, no, I can't tell you love me again

the rhythm of the song is very beautiful

the rhythm of the song is beautiful


I think the clip might have been something like that because it was a hair breaker

but halal But there is also a beard

they closed the subject well

No, he started the clip with a beard

if the issue broke out later

(song is playing) empty, if you see me I wish it was a miracle

- son, man, ozbi lan - from ozbi

Look who looks like here?


you to me to us ...


anything can happen to us

goes into every disguise.

(song is playing) I wish a lie miracle very difficult to understand my problem

no no

I'm falling, give me back tare

They come to me once in a while but

Is the teacher dating us? is it smaller than us?

I think he is age with us, he may be a year younger

(song is playing) I hid the best of pain for you

the world aside you aside

the end is empty, but again the moment is very

come back to me and come to my slope

ask again come again ask me - normally look reynmen's songs

usually something happens bro

the lyrics are very understandable and become a song that springs into language.

I think their words are not understood much

- the beat is beautiful Here it's a little bit closer to rap, faster like this

Exactly, the words are also ... Leila, you know, the rhythm of Leila is catchy.

leila makes you forget part

- what was its own style? Was it arabesque rnb? - Arabesque rnb

(song is playing) Ask me, Leila, Ask me.

Ask for memories leila but it's so hard leila But if you listen to this song 5 times, you can memorize it

save me now

- wow, beautiful role cut Save me, Mawla

Save me, Mawlana, there is a sound look beautiful

(song is playing) save me mevla, leila leila i have to compute you again but i can't go back

Who is this lady, let's see


Who did you write this song for?

not leyla by the way leila

alas, alas, i can't poison her again at night

leila, leila i need you but i don't know you

no, no

was he alone in their song again?

because the piece is smelling a rental car



- Those were saying? - that's exactly what they said

i can't tell you love me

car too ... what was this bugatti?

I guess lambo


Now, smoking is a bit of a public spot

i wish it burned

Don't exaggerate son, okay, we don't drink, but I think TV is exaggerating.

quit youtube, nobody wants to smoke because he saw a cigarette right now

do you want

she doesn't want because i don't drink

I don't think children are also caring too

the man who does not drink does not drink anyway

(song is playing) Come back to my neck

To the sores you opened to my soul

I never cry, no - son, what is this? so something has returned oo: d

man charisma

look look look look look back fog

With a white athlete, a person can have at least this much charisma


I can never be like this when I wear a white athlete: d

we turn into a uncle going directly to a picnic when the white athlete wears

our halal waiter ... charisma

(song is playing) leila, leila, ask me leila ask for memories leila

but so hard leila

leila, leila

where is this place

building, roof of a building buddy

don't (laughs)

Wow did you see the shot of the cigarette? - the taxi connects the driver there - exactly


come on eyw

(song is playing) leila, leila, i have to you but i can't go back

alas, alas, to her again at night ... - Hee

I think I understand the clip

- came to leila's wedding now - did it happen?

- probably - tripped on the roof

Then the groom's shave and say to the wedding? - huh

just like that: d

(song is playing) leila, leila, i'm happy with you but i don't know you

- then the lady on the left is then - probably

seeing will fall

he knows he's already deliberate

No, Leyla will be destroyed

beautiful body that is hee

triangle triangle

look look

wow, it was a beautiful song

lightning struck last, different finished they ended

- but again it was a job that smelled of quality - exactly the teacher has made it here again friends

not doing blank work

did it ... it is already 4 and a half million

Posted 10 hours ago while we shot this video

let's reflesh

How many are you waiting for? -what?

- minimum 50 brother - minimum 50 identical

I guess you will see 100 of the song

because reynmen's songs are very popular

- the man solved the issue once - youtuber songs out now

all the people are listening now, so I think they have a 100 million

We often hear in cafes and so on after that

so the style he does can go anywhere so he solved the event

this song found its job today

so guys we're coming to the end of the video here.

we think it has been a very beautiful song, has made its quality talk again

Exactly, it is up to us to wish the continuation of their success.

Many greetings to the lovers and the teachers from here

I hope we will succeed one day - subscribe and don't forget to like the video

- goodbye - Take good care of yourself, Mister BAY

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