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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 Biggest Ships On Earth

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number 10 blue marlin it does not seem to be possible for a ship to transport

cargo of 75,000 tons and only one voyage however blue marlin a cargo ship owned

by the company dock wise can transport oil platforms aircraft carriers and even

other cargo ships through the seas on the planet the big size of the ship is

impressive it is 225 metres long 47 meters in depth and its main deck is

equal to the size of two soccer fields to start this massive ship multiple

diesel engines of 70,000 horse are needed to cross the seas at a speed of

13 knots this ship has been used to transport cargo of very heavy weight

including transporting the military vessels such as USS Cole and an

Australian aircraft carrier this isn't even close to the biggest cargo that

blue marlin has transported though this ship was employed to transport the

biggest offshore oil platform in the world from Korea to the Gulf of Mexico

number 9 Vanguard this ship was built in the yantai Korean

shipyards and it's the biggest heavy lift ship in the world it's even larger

than the ship blue marlin as it has an overall length of 275 meters and a beam

of almost 80 ships diesel propulsion plant provides 27 megawatts of power for

smooth and flexible operations and ships electric plant has two diesel generators

with six in-line cylinders that can produce 4,000 350 kilowatts to

12-cylinder V diesel generators with the capacity to generate 8700 kilowatts and

one diesel generator that can produce 1,200 kilowatts to be able to transport

such heavy cargo both ships blue marlin and vanguard have a special feature they

can submerge 13 meters in the water filling their tanks with water which

allows them to carry other ships or floating structures when the cargo is on

the deck the ship's tanks empty and their decks are raised back over the

water surface

number eight Nimitz these ships are the best aircraft

carriers which have a full load displacement of over 97 thousand tons

and are the largest warships of their kind in the world

the first ship Nimitz was deployed in 1975 while the tenth ship and the last

of this class named George HW Bush was commissioned in 2009 this kind of

aircraft carrier has a service life of over 50 years and they required just one

midlife overhaul this super aircraft carrier with an overall length of 330

2.8 meters and a beam of 77 meters has a 4.5 acre flight deck and they can carry

90 fighter planes these ships tower 20 stories above the water and can

accommodate 3,000 to 3,250 aircrew members and another 500 people

who are in charge of operating these war Giants number Seven's Oasis of the Seas

a company Royal Caribbean hired more than 500 naval engineers to construct

this massive cruise ship in just three years this ship also combines luxury and

comfort for tourists it has small scale ship models stairs elevators mirrors and

an incredible collection of works of art with more than 7,000 paintings by

international artists this ship is 17 floors high 361 meters long and weighs

more than 225,000 tons hence it can accommodate around 6300 passengers

without including the 2160 crew Oasis of the Seas is also provided with the

latest technology remarkable engineering developments and naval construction this

ship can purify its water and can retract its funnels when going under

bridges during construction 25,000 square meters of steel 5,000 kilometers

of cable and 600,000 litres of paint was needed to build it this ship is a real

giant of the Seas it's equipped with 2,700 exclusive

suites energy generators fresh water and sewage plants an outdoor amphitheater at

the stern a swimming pool with the water wave simulator and walls made of

artificial rocks to practice rock climbing number

six cscl globe in December 2014 the ship's CSCL globe with a capacity to

transport in nineteen thousand one hundred standard sized containers owned

by the company China shipping container lines became the largest container ship

in the world this mega ship is as large as four soccer fields of 100 meters each

the ship owner company has declared that this massive ship has an overall length

of 400 meters and a beam of 60 meters this huge cargo ship which the company

ordered from South Korean shipyards can carry nineteen thousand one hundred

standard sized containers and if you put all the containers in a stacked up

manner they could form a container Mountain five times higher than Mount

Everest likewise this container ship can transport 200 million electronic tablets

in only one voyage number five cma cgm this massive ship which has an overall

length of 396 meters a beam of 54 meters and a draught of 16 meters was

considered as one of the largest container ships around the world but

nowadays its own and company also has other bigger container ships and other

important shipping companies keep developing and launching massive ships

to navigate the oceans the company owning this giant ship that can

transport sixteen thousand containers is implementing cutting-edge technology and

bigger equipment to follow the current trend in the shipping industry number

four MSC Oscar there is a tough race among the

container ship manufacturers to get the honorable title for the biggest

container ship in the world the previous ship CSCL globe was the biggest

container ship in the world for only two months as of January 14 2015 the ship

MSC Oscar was launched shockingly this ship is 5 metres shorter than CSCL globe

even after it beats the CSCL globe because it is slightly better regarding

cargo capacity which can transport 19 thousand 224 containers it has a total

deadweight tonnage of 197 thousand three hundred sixty two dwt and double hull to

give extra resistance during the worst two meteorological conditions even if it

is fully loaded the ship's superstructure is located at the center

of the ship's overall length moreover it has space to accommodate 30 people the

propulsion plant of the ship can generate 16 megawatts of power and move

the 10 meter propeller with 5 blades that makes the ship navigate at a speed

of 22 point 8 knots with an operating range of more than 42 kilometers number

3 Emma Maersk the Emma Maersk was the first ship of the Merce class as well as

the biggest container ship in the world in 2006 when it was launched the

engineers of the company Maersk built a total of eight ships of this class in

Denmark shipyards exclusively for a client during the period of 2006 to 2008

this kind of ship has a deadweight tonnage of 160,000 DWT and over a length

of 397 point 71 meters and a beam of 57 meters they can also transport fourteen

thousand 770 containers these container ships are propelled by a fourteen

cylinder engine that can generate a continuous power over 80,000 kilowatts

at 102 RPM which allows the ship to reach service speeds of twenty five

point three knots which is the equivalent of 50 kilometers per hour on


number two molar musk this huge ship is currently the second largest container

ship in the world it has a cargo capacity of 18,000 270 containers this

kind of ship has a deadweight tonnage of 165 thousand dwt an overall length of

399 meters a beam of 59 meters and a draft of 14.5 meters there are 20 ships

of this class navigating the oceans on the planet these big colossal structures

are propelled by an integrated system with two engines of 30,000 kilowatts

each and two propellers the heat recovery system of the ship saves

approximately 10% of energy consumption by the main engine it is also known that

this kind of ship lowers carbon dioxide emissions per container by 20% in

comparison with former container ships number one pre lude FLNG the company

shell collaborated with Technip and samsung and announced it's the last

project pre lude actually they wanted to build the biggest floating object in the

world this ship is designed to extract 110,000 oil barrels daily it's being

built with more than 260 thousand metric tons of steel which is approximately

four times more steel than the one needed to build the Golden Gate Bridge

in San Francisco ship Prelude is 488 metres long 74 metres wide and it weighs

600 thousand tons it's designed in such a way that is prepared for bad

meteorological conditions and it will be able to process and keep the value of

the extracted natural gas moreover this ship is propelled by engines of six

thousand seven hundred horsepower and can even withstand category 5 hurricanes

this facility will allow the exploration of new energy sources offshore and will

be processing around 3.6 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas per year aiming

to be prepared for the futures growing demands

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