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Olá, meu nome é Francisco Sanchez Leon e eu trabalho como Diretor de Conhecimento da América

shallow center in Mexico see I mean working with benefactors and Gary for

the last 15 gear

i also work as a consultant for this company in the following presentation

will discuss our experience using two going s


following presentation will interview the nuclear rnas or Gary asymmetric this

is the most newer addition to the inner corner of segments family

reviews by many of acres

the important d 4

carrying case ass is the progressive effect of this segment and this implant

is distinguished by having the variable thickness

as any good

two of the car classic concept we need to remember that this techniques allow

the surgeon to remodel the cornea avoiding invasive procedures such as the

military chaplains or been trained killers publicity and the corner plastic

objectives are to improve the optics in procore into parvi improve the

refraction and the general optical performance

from ipod

bo many vacancies at rolla vision in evolution company a child I'm of

segments releases as follows the SI five can assist degrees

I've been using it for 3 in myopia

she is this year 2001 the SI 5 90 degrees and hundred twenty degrees were

designed to three the stigmatism and we're releasing the year 2000 for the SI

52 have in 10 days was a specifically designed to treat myopia with lower

statement ism and was releasing this year two thousand five the SI 6 90


how did 20 degrees kind of 50 degrees 210 degrees we released in the year two

thousand eight the SI seeks 340 degrees

the sign is specifically for reading nipple khan was released an issue of


and finally the second generation carrying and carrying a s

both were released last year

last year 2nd gen

Karen came out this in place are made of two segments joining the by several


this ranks comes with the doctor power with the aim to create an ideal


better understanding of the mechanism of action of carrying a ass

we need to remember to basic rules that apply to any type of internal ring

the smaller the diameter the higher the correction and thicker segments provide

higher correction and flatten effect on the corner

this is like shows that

stop caring AAS this segment has an optical song of five millimeters an arc

of Canada system degrees

the basement measures see some of michael's it comes with the triangular

shape it has a progressive thickness and we have two models they had a 50 microts

- 200 migrants and the 200 Michaels do 300 migrants the thickness increase

direction can be clockwise or counter clockwise and the shape of the segment

seems an arrow indicating the direction of the thickness progression clockwise

or anti-clockwise

this is an exam

full of gathering a ass with progressive thickness from 200 to 300 microns


and this is an example of caring as2 kind of micros - 300 my growth with anti

clockwise progressive weakness

yes you think it's obscuring KS produces a progressive flooding effect

hello America customization treatment according to each patient needs a

progressive the shipment is observed in accordance with thickness increase

who cares of caring s models we have the SI five hundred and sixty degrees rather

than 50 micros - 250 migrants which i recommend for cases with lower than 50

your suspect in the equivalent and they come in clockwise and anti-clockwise

fashion and then we have the SI five hundred and sixty degrees

200 micros - 300 micros we should i use for patients with higher of 50 years of

a spherical equivalent and they come in clockwise and anti-clockwise fashion

well when carrying a s indicated we recommend caring s for patients with

asymmetric the board big federal types at appearance such as the Snowman duck

crow sign found types appearance the best resource has been observed in

patients with the spherical equivalent lower than 60 doctors cinder up for of

the doctors in patients with compound by your people stigmatism of course we need

four hundred micro supplier

this is like

so the 32 / graphic file types categories for care of the EAS

indication snowman

doc and cross and Celtic on the outside appearance

for doesn't interesting to going detail i recommend you the Institute the fact

that this via classification from obvious pain and care of the Colonel's

federal size for little corner three segments refracting at the apt

correction you can find it online

in this source

what map we analyze the Snowman fill types apartment in this case the

refractive a scene with this is mr. regular embarrassed and a percent at

horizontal flat axis usually and high vertical come as well

in this is no mom fell type appearance

the coral applicability is / central and inferiorly and relatively our terminal

the inner corner every second choice is difficult because the chromatic axis

will increase the symbolism


squat map analyze the duct excited puppy the refractive a stigmatism in this case

is director or click the flat tax is located less than 45 degrees away from

the top or attic animality and in this cases we can find none kinds of drama


time is a better example for caring s is useful

this are scant with map correspond to actress and film type of therapy

the refractive astigmatism in this cases is I wrecked or Blake the flat this axis

is located more than 45 degrees away from the upper epic abnormality and in

these cases kind , is observed

or surgical planning we suggest to use the violence of caring nomogram

basically corner to party a symmetry classification system in accordance to

Rivers Maria as we know

type one hundred percent of the steepest ceria is located on one side of the

reference Miriam the type to the distribution of state area is

approximately twenty percent and eighty percent Type three distribution of the

steep area is approximately forty percent and sixty percent and type for

the distribution of the steep area is even fifty percent each side

one message that they come is the more a symmetric corner to provi the more

symmetrical in blood shall be

and finally we can combine this concerts with the white variety of occurring

available segments

my suggested femtosecond laser perimeters are that seventy percent of

the corneal thickness of fighting with her optical song in the diameter for .

in many makers outer diameter 5 13 millimeters in length hard-won miniature

cut Fitness one micro and the decision is to be made at the steepest Maria

this video correspond

- is no penalty here at the corners case we use a pair of caring s sa 5 160

degrees 200 microns - 300 micros first the club wise or or a new segment was

inserted followed by the anti clockwise or and you re segment as you can observe

a tight insertion is created by the femtosecond laser in order to sheep and

appropriate corner blast the effect

the support of the analysis correspond to the previous low man

fill type case the prepare the refraction was - 775

- 6:00 access to the degrees of severity of refraction she was planning

- requires access five degrees the decision was created the steepest Marion

at 180 degrees in this case we use a pair of carrying a ssj5 to have the

micros - 300 micros clockwise and anti-clockwise segments and flooding

effect of 5y players in a quarter was observe the astigmatism watches use from

minus four in one quarter

- - 175

this is a bent against

does curvature differential map from the previous case the kitchen shows five

points is the uppers reduction change and some errors in fairly a reduction of

more than 70 actors was shipped

the severe error inverted the Snowman phenotype the perfect for mayor

abnormality is located superiorly in this case the rule change in order to

locate the thicker part of the segments of purely for surgical planning we use

anti clockwise or clockwise was indicated at the temple second and vice


clockwise and anti-clockwise on nasal sector

PCs and Macs

- party analysis results the surgical planning consider an invert the pair of

carrying a ass

SI five hundred and sixty degrees to have the micros - 300 migrants segments

the better of refraction was - 475 - one singing 5-axis 15 and we ship a separate

the refraction of plus one minus one actually 120 degrees as you can observe

that was apparent the corner of the parking program is notable




depends again

temperature differential map from the previous case chose at the k2 a

reduction of like 16 that you have to change some air is securely a reduction

of more than a li up their West shipped

the following example combined scaring they asked with a standard caring

SI five hundred and sixty degrees repetitively and corrected distance

issue here improve from cam fingers - 24 the possibility of lee at six months

follow-up the best corrected visual acuity improved from 28 to 23 prepare

refraction improved from - 3:50 minus 7x thing 2 plus a help

- 1 x is kind of an 80 degrees

the surgical plan using this case included inside five hundred sixty

degrees carrying s hundred fifty Mike Ross - 250 micros anti-clockwise at the

temple side and the use of SF I've the standard carrying a hundred and sixty

degrees 250 micros at the myself side

this is an actual according to part of the analysis results from the previous

case the surgical plan consider in this case was a user combination of a caring

s SI five hundred sixty degrees and 150 to 250 anti-clockwise segment inserted

at the temple site in combination with that is standard curing yes I five

hundred and sixty degrees 200 micros inserted the nasal set from - tree in a

quarter and minus seven and a quarter axis 30 repetitively we ship and

improvement you lost 75

- 75 axis kind of 70

the prophecy in their worst reviews from - 621 in a quarter

the corner of power was used more than six doctors and four separate of li the

corner to port of improvement is not about

this is a pen

can sagittal curvature diversion map from the previous case the gate to chose

4.9 the actors reduction change and important to party changes are reserved

a temporary accorded thicker end of the segment was inserted

this case course

respond to a document type of pornography in a post lasik station case

the surgical plan for this case include the insertion of only one segment caring

s SI five hundred sixty degrees anti-clockwise hundred and fifty micros

- 250 micro sincerely the parity refraction was

- - and of water - 3:50 access the fight and the prosperity refraction shade was

plus 50-50 access 75 that the prophecy in there was reviews from - 32 minus one

and a quarter and the current power was you use by three and a quarter doctors

this is the pen second cycle curvature differential map from the previous case

stigmatising was reviews from 2.8 to a half

k 2 shows a reduction of astigmatism of 4.6 doctors an important part of the

changes are observed at the temper area for the thicker end of the caring s

segment was inserted record flooding effect about 5.5 diopters

in conclusions

the carrying a ass represents and mutual for irregular coitus with asymmetric or

irregular astigmatism carrying a s accomplish the aim of corner plastic

concept because it improves uncorrected distant visual acuity best corrected

visual acuity refraction and call it to pour fille in asymmetric catalysis


finally these new generation of internal segments show it

the figures he and safety for the treatment of asymmetric character

corners in part is like snowman duck or cross and fell types

thank you very much for your attention

thank you very much for your application and you have any questions or comments

we are up into interrupted you

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