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Christian did you see my wallet somewhere what have you lost again my wallet

I can't find it and have to go straight away, I just don't think how often you actually have it

lost why can't you just take care of your things thanks for your help

how about if you help me find I have helped the last week when his cell phone was suddenly gone

then it was the apartment keys that annoys me incredibly sorry but that's how I am

You recently forgot your credit card in the restaurant or you didn't

without me you would not have got it back once that happened it is just ridiculous if you accuse me of that now

Something really gets me mad I don't blame you, I just mean that we are both not very well organized

Dialogue a

What is there because I'm embarrassed

the plate has slipped out of my hand now there is olive oil stain carpet everywhere it is okay so what can happen

I know a special cleaning agent just let you see

now it's too late anyway

Dialogue b

Meininger hello sabine finally myself so I have to tell you little I've seen this week hello erika

I'm really sorry another time but I'm not in the mood to talk today, don't feel bad about it

is okay

I just hope another time something good

Dialogue c

Hello home Scheller super that you are already there I just want my jacket

And don't forget as a gift for christ

what gift since the dvd you should get oman i totally forgot about it

Now that's stupid, I'm really sorry. Something stupid the day before yesterday I thought of and then forgot

crap what do we do now

now we have nothing at all and it is not going to come there empty-handed, which is not so bad

we just write a voucher now that doesn't look that great but at least we have something

and on the way to her we can quickly drive past the train station to buy a large bouquet of flowers

well and tomorrow we will immediately get the dvd and bring it over to you

today she won't watch the dvd anymore, that's a great idea

just saved again I'm really sorry and thank you for not being there hey not for something like that

that can happen to anyone

come on your computer then we will quickly write the voucher

Freiwald mother of three small children is a translator and worker at home

The neighbor in the apartment opposite Mr. May

has been converting his apartment for a year at all possible times of the day and night

She has tried to talk to him about it several times, but in vain now there is a rather uncomfortable atmosphere

Today, woman will soon try one last time to appeal to her neighbors, Mr. Mai


forestry honor me I do not know if it is an honor

i would like to speak to you again in peace if you have a moment

if you like we can go to me there is also coffee and a piece of homemade cake

actually I have no time but with the offer so I mean we really have a problem

I wanted to ask when you are renovating

I'm done renovating by not at the moment let me finish

I really can't take it anymore soon you know that I am a translator and I work at home because of the children

I have to concentrate very much on my work and work quickly because it usually involves a few orders

around the moment I'm not quite done yet

Whenever the children are in bed and I want to get to work, he starts drilling and hammering

but now they exaggerate what does that mean here always means uncanny often

let's say almost always and mostly it goes on until eleven o'clock in the evening and even on the weekend they don't take a break

This has been going on for almost a year now so I don't understand what they are converting

the children were often up to the noise and I have to calm them down again

If I want to work then this hammering is sawing and drilling from next door

i can't concentrate at all and because of you i'm already late with an order for it i can't do anything

besides i don't renovate anymore i build small furniture i also work at home to earn some extra money

because our company is in difficulties, we are currently doing short-time work

and I get less money if I don't work extra, I can no longer pay off the apartment

since i don't work i can't choose the times but i'm sorry anyway

firstly, your apartment is not a workshop and

secondly, there is a set of house rules that says that from 12 noon to noon

2:00 p.m. should be quiet and in the evening from 7:00 p.m. construction should not be possible at the weekend

handicrafts are being carried out they don't stick to them at all i just tried to explain it to them

besides, their children do not stop at rest with their shouting, that is what other children are children

I'm very careful, for example

that they don't make so much noise in the hallway and at home you always put on your slippers

But children need movement and have loud voices anyway

this is your personal problem and not an argument

So now I can understand why you hammer so much but you still have to respect the house rules but I can not

you have no understanding of my situation at all you also have no understanding of my situation

i think i will speak to my lawyer well have fun

and goodbye

An advertising agency moves into a smaller office

The contacts had previously had a large office space for themselves and should now sit alone in a large room again

the graphic designer is complaining because in the future he will share a relatively small office space with the copywriter

the three colleagues then have a conversation with the commercial manager because they are responsible for the move

is primarily responsible

Good morning everyone good morning good morning that you all came to clarify the difficulties with the new office space

please tell me your problems and ideas first

yes i have a problem with that i should share a small office room with katja in the future

clearly our new office overall small but i don't see that

georg gets a large room for himself and we only get a small one that is very clear

After all, I have constant visits from customers and have to have customer conversations, so I need one

representative room yes but it wouldn't bother in the big room if katja was still sitting in your office

after all, you don't come to the office every day but katja

also works a lot from home well, but I still can't share an office with georg

georg calls or visits all the time because i can not concentrate at all to write texts finally needs rest

So with görg in an office no, that's not a solution

yes I understand that but it doesn't have to be in the office full time anyway, where is the problem nico

then you often have a room for yourself

yes, but it is not katja as a person that bothers me but her desk

after all, i need at least one table as a storage space for prints illustration, etc

and for a desk katja one for me and a large table for filing is simply no place

okay that makes sense

then I suggest you just swap the offices

you katja and nico get the big office space and you georg the smaller one

then you have nico enough space and you georg still races a room for yourself

That would be a good solution

no I have to disagree

that is not possible. After all, I don't just have to make calls, I also have to receive customers

and in the room of nico and katja only a small meeting table that never fits

and besides, the room is simply not representative enough to receive customers

you're right

the room is really not very suitable for customer conversations listen times

what do you think of the following solution i don't go into a room with nico but you put my desk in andreas's room

clearly space for a desk

and andreas doesn't have to make a lot of phone calls

well and i'm not in the office full time i think that we will not disturb each other

That is a good suggestion

then you could keep the representative office and you would have more space nico what do you think

that could be a way out

that sounds great

I agree with that

in the great then we do it so me

then talk to andreas but i think he won't have a problem with that

Image can invent a lot

Professor Arno Fischer is Germany's most successful inventor

creator indispensable everyday things like photo flash and dowel and remained a child


he developed the fischertechnik modular system

for great fun with small parts and the acquisition of basic technical knowledge in the game

campus web editor christine bot met the over 90-year-old with his new one

game idea tip in the german museum bonn and talked to him about his inventions

Your latest invention, Professor Fischer, and which you can even eat are the tips

These are lumps of potato starch dyed with food coloring that can be formed with water or spit

you can also glue them together with prints or make objects

once he read the product description, I couldn't imagine anything under the tips

yes, because there was no such thing before

but that's how it is with inventing you have to imagine something that doesn't yet exist

that is only possible

when you fall in love with a task

sometimes it takes time to realize an idea

but if you feel that this is the right thing, you stay tuned and if you stay tuned

developed like love

if you love a person you can't make a decision that you love him you love him content that's for sure

With fischertechnik, we have never actually managed to address children under the age of six

but since I know that even smaller children

kindergarten children are very creative

I wanted to do something for them too

the material is very unusual

fully biodegradable and completely non-toxic

just a little potato starch with

food coloring on it the material happened to me by chance it is similar as packaging material

used instead of styrofoam beads

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