Difficulty: 0

Don 't let anymore

our children

marry Hajj. Dulla's children

I hope you undestand

I'm terrified

This is my twelfth years to be christian

After I understand about this Bible

This Bible is Wonderfull

I'm surprised

I was thought that the Truth is Islam

Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam

Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam

But when I read the Bible


I;m assure

I will say this

I will speak specially, I will prepare a special sermon

I will write about this, I will testify


That the truth of the God's Worl only the

only the Bible


Thats it

Mr. Jhony

Its wonderful, Howcome you invite me to preaching

today, I didn't think

Its like going up to mountain of God, I mean what floor is this?


Go to the mount of God

its like go to 21th floor

Who is worthy, your're in this room



for from Zion the law will go out,

and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

I'm from Bima

I Was born in Bima

The Bima's people there are not Christian, almost all them Muslim

If there are any Christians, they are outsider

Since My Childhood

I have become a Muslim

Studying Quran

In sixth grade elementary school, I have to

learn Quran every day

If I did not study quran my mama was angry me

I have to study


before I left elementary school, I have to memorize Juz Amma

Juz Amma is twelve

The juz to thirthy

the 37th Surah

Have to memorize everyday

So, I was memorized

In the sixt elementery School, I was read the Gospel

My mom knows

She came

From my behind

Because if there are verses that pleases me, I read it loudly

What you read?My Mom ask me

I told her, here it Mom

This is Christian Bible, later you will convert to Christianity

I told her, It is imposible I convert to Christian

I will be the most courageous defender of Islam

It is imposible

So, My fellow in Christ

After I finish my elementry School, I am curious, where there are schools that teach the gospel

Pass elementry school

Junior High School, Senior High School

I got a scholarship from Muhammadia

I was going college to Solo

I learned all religions

Jews, Christian, Islam, Hindus, Budhis

Anyway I studied fast

I want everything quickly

When I graduate, I was theaching in Jepara

I was immediately appointed to be high school principal


In daytime teaching, in day night Da'wah

One night I'm Da'wah in the one Village

Then there was a girl passing by

I asked the person who picked me up

That girl is not married yet? Can you set up? Of course

three days later I proposed to her

Anyway, Born all three boys

Born three boys all

The white shirt I named Fikri Khomeini

The white shirt I named Fikri Khomeini

The blue shirt I named Saddam Husein

And the red shirt Muhammar Khadafi

I want to make these three kids to be terrorists

To kill all Christians

I am radical like that changed by God

I never thought before I would become a Christian, Mr. Jhon

I never thought before I would become a Christian,

Thats all by the grace of Lord

Lastly I teach in the biggest Islamic School center in Indonesia

Tempat ini seluas 1200 hektar

Student 11000

The Employees 3000, and 800 teachers

Once cooked, run out 5 tons of rice

Vegetables 5 tons, fruith 5 tons, tempe 2 tons

The fish 2 tons

The food in there in tons

There are someone said that guy has been in Zaitun

There should have been an artist singing before I preached

There are an Famous Artist

But in the mid when I preach She will be sing for us

I was theaching in this place, I am the head of Public Relations

I am a teacher of the Qur'an and I am a teacher of Islamic history

So that imposible I am convert to be Christiian

I am already established

I left the pesantren, 3 houses, the lands I have bought, I leave it all

But his heart is empty

of the understanding of God Himself

He is


His heart is dull

His mind was broken

For God's revelation is only revealed to the Israelites

Not to any nations

In the Genesis 17: 19, Only the descendants of Isaac are entitled to receive the Word of God

The descendants of Ishmael did got nothing but gain blessings

No Salvation

has no eternal covenant

Ishmael gave birth to Arabs, 22 speaking Arabic and Muslim

Psalm 147: 20. He makes his word clear to Jacob,

teaching Israel his laws and his decisions.

He has not done these things for any other nation:

and as for his laws, they have no knowledge of them. Let the Lord be praised.

So it is impossible that the Word of God is entrusted to the Arabs

Closer to the Jewish nation of the Arabs. AMEN..

For All this we must understand