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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Breakfast with the Queen! | Cotswolds Vlog

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today we are matching here we are you

guys there we are black jeans both got a

belt on let's go in the mirror oh yeah

black jeans belt on yeah and all the way

don't say she did it because we're off

for some brekkie yeah last night was


as usual oh boy we went to sleep until

like 2:00 a.m. Joel no I know we I

didn't even look at my phone so I was

like I'm gonna be really sad if I see

it's really late yeah we were just

chatting we're just up talking all night

no when he switched the iron off old my

song oh yeah so if we didn't weren't

clear this hotel they have got a hotel

section but this is their manor house so

we have taken over the whole manor house

with the other influences which is

really cool because it means we can go

down to breakfast in my slippers because

it's a house so we go down to the

kitchen at breakfast anyway let's take

you guys along with us I need let me

just say hi guys what we doing today

breakfast at bond and then we go and

then we've got some down time for

content creation which is what we're

doing right now and then we're doing

cooking class at the cookery school at

11:00 a.m. lunch at the ray docs hub

downtime and content creation again from

- and create your own bath salts from

five and there was yoga this morning but

our yoga is tomorrow at 8 a.m.

very nice we're not actually having

Becky in there theory we've got to go to

the other place for brekkie this is

hilarious joel was like we're gonna have

to go and change well no I said that hi

Queenie thank you

thank you so much hi morning there's a

team everyone looks very fresh are we

late okay Oh YUM yogurt with marmalade

oh my weakness so hope you felt I could

feel it which i have every morning and i

was mornin I was like will I like it I

don't know it has got my red wine taste

its fermented milk I don't take it

because I like it I take it as PPO got

no okay it look like a healthy bacteria

okay you just shot shot shot don't aim

you down to do now so I went for poached

egg salmon spinach

I'm not where's the bread you came as

much fun as being I hate yeah nice that

was good that was yummy dislike it's

kiss yeah when you bleed love your

creamy the jury I literally can't see

Joe you're the one who got your eyes

done not me

I thought that was you the jury is there

the dairy these are all the different

cottages that you can stay in if you

come here yeah we're in the biggest one

the farmhouse and then yeah you could

stay in the dairy the piggery the


that's where you belong darling and the

piggery what we gonna do here I mean

yeah what are we gonna do here but we

could just die no questions

keep it a little I'll say that off

camera look at us matching I'm wearing

our slippers and it was like you were

real slippers to break first we're like

yeah so we are just having a bit of time


to edit videos I'll just get your feet

out of that one because British people

and yeah here we are

just editing and doing some work five

six seven Miley's on I put what is all

the ages some as well right now see

so if you didn't manage to catch that we

are just off to go and pick our own I

think apples and some other vegetables

for the cookery class were about to do

you literally just grabbed it she likes

to make out like I'm really mean when

actually she likes to be in control

anyway yeah we're just off we've got our

crates gonna fill them up with

vegetables again


yeah take about five is he adorable

you pick two and a half I picked in the

half get picking can you reach we need

to go this side comedy value per fect no

oh my gosh hey for me

well done Joel stunner

Wow Joe we need to do more stuff like

this just in life don't we just get out

of London and come and breathe the fresh

air so now we figure Apple drop to go

slaughter the lamb shepherd's pie yes so

we go get the mains now guys just get

the animals cry I know it reinforces

like the veggie mess on us

no wanna be vegetarian


the rainbow yeah okay I know I know

monster looping genius I wash my hands

before stuff I just watch mine I touched

a slug out there I'm Michaela quarter


that's fantastic

how much so I wasn't expecting that


- please just been following the ship

around and helping everything as he

literally just heard this and put the

lid on and they took the lid off

straightaway and stuff okay what's the

best thing about being here in the

vegetable park that's it you know those

dogs and those sheep and there was no

rabid dog oh it smells so good I

nature's great oh I love it easy if we

get quicker and slower okay right


so we have just rolled up on my said

this is what we did that is a lie

dolls placing our sausage like pasta

into the poacher in the tea towel yeah

we go in the mid oh yeah let's go in the

mid anyone anyone who doesn't want the

mangled pasta no it's too big well done

Joey did a good job of that oh that's


he says come out with the poacher which

makes it easy to cut okay here we are

trying what we've been slaving away at

in the kitchen it's fallen a bit but it

will taste it will taste incredible

anything covered in cheese there's a

little behind-the-scenes for you guys

this is how we're going to be taking the

photos for the next launch of merch we

don't have a white background to put our

bed duvet like that hopefully it will


so okay three two one three two say

we're here doing a bit of what about

find out make your own bath salts yeah

yes we are sir quite a lot on the census

doesn't know yeah we're not very

creative with it

charcoal is great for healing rashes

acne and bites and if I haven't spoken

about it enough I've got a rash on my

shoulders don't wait to try not to that

one's really good yeah that one's good

they're all good I'm like this one's a

nurse you win you win you win for

handwriting let's have another look look

at the history dit that's I'm better

okay first of all I think oh wow


okay Joel and I've decided that we're

going to end today's vlog here we're

gonna have the rest of the evenings off

yeah we're going to have a look at the

spa menu and we can get a massage do you

want to be in the same room I know might

as well give it a whirl if not I'm gonna

do the workout that I've been sent yeah

and if not I might go for a walk yeah


oh you could do it with me but anyway

these last two days don't forget to hit

like and subscribe we post videos thrice

weekly and also leave us a comment we

want to know if you guys are preferring

this style of content yeah if you like

to sit down and chat videos or if you

like a mixture of both we're happy to do

both we like both we love it this is my

mouth yeah we want to know and um yeah

we'll see you next time you soon


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