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[AJ] Last week at the gentlemen's lounge

it was a heavy one and I'm feeling torn.

I've been giving a lot of effort towards Kyra

to hear new connections

and to hear kissing

and to hear all of the stuff that I heard, it definitely

had me questioning where I'm standing.

-Kinda matching here, huh? -Yeah we are, I noticed it.


The thing with Alexis is kind of more of a wild card, it's a spark.

We're matching with the hat.

You always be trying to match me.

So I asked her out on a date and I invited Jason and Liz for support.

[Alexis] What'd you get?

It's called a Smooth Persuasion, right here.

-Why you laughing at that? -'Cause that sound like somebody I know.

I'm really scared of AJ to be quite honest

'cause I'm very fearful that he's gonna break my heart.

I definitely like him but he doesn't make me feel very secure in our relationship.

But he sits next to me and there goes the butterflies.

-What's going on with y'all? -This one right here has been growing on me

like something fierce.

Kyra is a great catch.

But after the date with her ex I'm starting to feel a little confused.

At the same time I had this other queen and I've been enjoying every single

last date that I've been on to the fullest.

-Say that last line again. -[laughs]

I've enjoyed every single last date that I've been on.

-What are we watching over here? -Me too.

-Okay. -Okay.

I know he's got his connection with Kyra but Jason makes me feel like a kid. [laughs]

This all do look good.

-I appreciate it. -[Alexis] I feel the energy.

-No, she fly. So she always manages to fly. -Okay, AJ.

You know, people have asked me like what is it about AJ? What is it about y'all?

It's just some what I call magical energy

and connection that's so important to me in a relationship.

And I have that with him. It's like literally I have butterflies when I'm with him.

Which kind of confuses me, and I think it also scares me.

And I'm gonna say this, you are definitely the type

-that I could easily fall in love with. -Mm.

-[Liz] That's big. -That's the love word.

I knew that immediately, but I haven't let my guard down completely

because I feel like you will break my heart.

So the reason why I say it if I were to be honest

why I was like I'm choosing Ron is because... Ron chose me.

-Girl... -[scoffs]

[AJ] I'm a different guy than Ron.

If she feels more safe and consistent and all these other things

that she has over there with him

that she doesn't have with me then it seems like she made her choice.

But the very fact that she's here on this date, I'm not so sure.

It sounds like she is saying that you have him so look I'mma pursue you, I like you

but I like, so I haven't said that to anyone.

So it's like what do I do?

Another time he said come here and pick something

that you don't ordinarily do and then I did that

but then like I'm still feeling AJ.

I need for you to make a decision about what you want,

I'm not willing to be second choice.

What I'm looking for is a person that made a decision in their heart.

Just as much as I made the decision.

I know I'm good enough, I know I'm all that in a bag of chips.

-I don't need you to tell me that. -Can I shut you up real fast?

-Oh my goodness, okay. -Come here.

[Jason] Hey! [claps]

-Hey! -[Liz] Go!

-[Liz] Oh! -[beep] My guy today. Okay.

-About time! -Can we calm you down?

-[Jason] Discombobulate. Good move, boy. -[laughs]

Man, this feels so good. This is magical, that's that thing

that in my belly that I keep feeling when I'm near him.

I hear your concerns.

I hear what it is that you're thinking may be possible.

Be here with me right now and know that I'm serious in my pursuit of you.

I'm not just here telling you something that sounds good.

Alexis, you gotta decision to make now, sister girl.

Because I've been feeling the heat.

-I wasn't expecting, but that's-- -[Liz] I think my mama said

-when you kiss you get pregnant. -[laughs]

You guys be careful with them kisses, baby.

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