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You guys are in the shower with me. Hey how you doin'.

Hello friends and welcome to another video.

Today I'm going to be ordering customized shampoo for the hair that is on my head, but let's be real

I've also use shampoo for the hair that is not

on my head and honestly I think it works better than body wash. So basically a couple of months ago

I started seeing ads for this company called Function of Beauty and they basically

have you take like an online quiz and then from that they determine your hair concerns and then send you personalized shampoo and conditioner.

Currently my hair care routine consists of alternating between dandruff shampoo and normal shampoo,

conditioner and then a little leave-in straightening treatment, and I pretty much let my hair air dry

and then just like live my life.

So I'm really excited to see if this personalized hair care regimen can up my hair routine a little bit and give you that extra oomph.

Feel like whenever I think of hair care commercials well, I think of Eva Longoria being like


Because I'm Eva Longoria.

I think my two main hair concerns are dandruff and or the potential for dandruff and then also,

the potential to kind of get like fluffy ends.

Like I think I need sleekening properties in my shampoo,

otherwise it can especially at this length, it can get kind of like floofy at the bottom.

If this personalized Shampoo and conditioner can address and solve all of my hair care needs,

I mean, it seems like it could be worth it to me.

So I think we should take this quiz and find out.

Okay, so I'm on the Function of Beauty website I think we got to go to the, yep start hair quiz let's do that.

Question Number One: hair type - straight, wavy, curly, coily. I think I'm straight.

I think I'm straight.

Question Number Two: hair structure - fine, medium and coarse. It could be medium, it could be medium. Okay, let's go with medium.

Number Three: Scalp Moisture - my scalp can get pretty oily but I also get dandruff

I wonder if Dandruff is caused by dry scalp or build up.

Many people think that a dry scalp is synonymous with dandruff but either

a dry scalp or an overly oily scalp can cause excess cells to clump and fall off forming dandruff flakes.

That is an appetizing description if I ever heard one. My scalp is so, that if I skip more than one day of washing,

I start looking like a young Severus Snape

So I'm going to have to say oily probably.

Select five hair goals: Definitely straighten. I do like the sound of shine.

Nourish roots sounds like anti-dandruff and so does soothe scalp.

I think I'm going to go for strengthen.

Maybe one day I'll be like one of those ladies from the Garnier Fructis commercial picking up stuff with my hair.

Okay, that's five hair goals. Customize your formulas. Number One: shampoo color, all right. We're all pastels, that's fine.

Yeah, I'm just gonna, we're gonna to go for purple.

Why not. Fragrance. So the one that's recommended with a little star is the essential oils,

so I'm just going to go with that one. For Fragrance Strength: light, medium, strong.

I don't need a strong fragrance, but I like, I like my shampoos to smell like something.

Formula Name: First name or Nickname - Saf

Nailed it. Choose a size and frequency. Just because I'm just testing this out,

I think I'm gonna go for the eight ounces bottle of shampoo and eight ounces bottle of conditioner.

Thirty-six bucks for a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner is not cheap.

But if you're paying 18 bucks for like a really good shampoo,

I've seen more expensive shampoos out there,

so we'll see if it's magic or not. My order has been placed, these bad boys will be here in about 11 days,

and then we can get to sudsin' and see if the stuff is worth it because honestly,

I feel like whenever I try a shampoo that doesn't quite agree with me, my dandruff lets me know very quickly.

Okay, so we've got the box, it arrived.

Um, welcome to my toilette let's get into it.


Here is the function of Saf. I'm out here trying to function. Let's go shower together guys.

Let's get into this, this yon shower.

Just kidding you're invited in. Okay I'm wetting the hair.

I know I don't usually bathe with a bathing suit on but you know,

Gotta keep it PG-13 up in here.

Alright I'm starting with the Function of Saf shampoo.

Okay this smells really nice, it smells very strongly of eucalyptus and lavender but it doesn't feel too strong on my scalp.

You know sometimes when you use dandruff shampoo. It's like *gaahhh*

Like it doesn't feel like that at all. Is it targeting your dandruff specifically?

I put in flakey scalp as a concern so they know about it.

I just want it to be like straight and flake free .

"Just to help him see what he's been missing"

So this is the Function of Saf conditioner. Oh it smells so good.

They feel like pretty much normal shampoo and conditioner I wouldn't say they feel too much different.

Usually I pee in the shower but for you guys

I'll still pee in the shower. Right now, you ask?

That's one secret I'll never tell.

So I'm going to use this for the rest of the week and see if I notice like a difference in my hair.

Obviously I'm going to use it till it's done cause I paid for it, but like I'll use it for seven days

you guys can see if, if it you know, does anything good.

Okay, so it's almost done air drying.

It is definitely really soft.

Obviously this is just one wash so this isn't the end all be all, but doesn't look much different to me.

Touch my hair.


What do you think? That's actually really nice.

Is it softer than usual?

It's like fluffier than usual. Feels a little bit more pillowy.

So it's been a couple days of using this shampoo and my hair does feel really soft.

One thing I'm noticing is that I'm going through the shampoo really quickly. I think it's because I'm a little bit excited about it.

I'm like 'hey look at this fancy shampoo stuff. I'm just going to dive right into that'.

I'm going through the shampoo already probably twice as fast as I'm going through the conditioner, but that's like the story of my life.

I don't want to use up the whole thing like literally in a week

When its supposed to last you like a month or something so I just need to calm myself down.

Okay so I've been using the shampoo for four days. One thing that I'm pretty impressed by is that,

usually if I go off of a dandruff shampoo for a couple of days, I will start getting little flakes

and then I'll have to like use a dandruff shampoo like once or twice

to kind of get back on track and there are no flakes so far

so it is definitely handling the scalp issue pretty well, there are no snow storms,

blizzards, drizzles, it's, it's pretty calm upstairs.

Okay so it's been about five days of me using the shampoo, and I honestly actually really do prefer it

But I did remember why I don't usually

uh, buy expensive shampoo

Tyler why do you have so much shampoo in your hand.

I like it like that.

Why are-

It's so nice, it smells good.

Why are you wearing swim trunks?


Usually I don't mind when Tyler uses my bath products

In fact, it's pretty expected at this point, but when you've got that expensive shampoo though.

Since you used this fancy shampoo, how does your hair feel today?

Um I can't really tell cause there is a little bit of gel in it so but it feels really nice

and it feels pretty flake free.

Do you get dandruff too? No.

So? I wouldn't know.

So what do you think of my hair?

It's not like a huge noticeable difference.

Do you think that I could pick things up with my hair have you ever seen those commercials?

I know what you're talking about. Garnier Fructis.

Yes ! It looks stronger

and it does kind of, it has more sort of fibre-ness to it.

I'm going to try and drag you by my hair. Lets go.

I don't know what that experiment was that didn't really do anything. But no it feels, I think that your hair feels very thick

and very strong. Like Viking hair.

So we're finishing out the week of using this custom shampoo and

things are feeling great, smelling great, like I love everything about my hair right now.

The thing that is stopping me from being like Yes! Get it! is the price difference between what I usually get and the Function of Beauty hair care.

I've been doing some approximate calculations.

Basically what we have here is the things that I normally use; I switch off between these two shampoos and then I use this conditioner.

So the approximate cost for all of these three things is seventeen dollars and forty-seven cents.

That includes about 24 ounces of dandruff shampoo from Target,

this OGX stuff that's about 13 and a half ounces,

and this stuff from L'oreal which is eight and a half ounces.

So both of the Function of Beauty stuff are eight ounces each,

and they cost $36 together so it's nearly exactly twice as much for these guys.

You could probably get close to the results of this by just doing trial and error of like different products at the drugstore

But you're kind of paying for like the ease of it. Right you don't have to go and try different things and like do the research and stuff.

So the goals were to straighten, shine, nourish roots, soothe scalp and strengthen.

I think overall it did accomplish those things. I did try and pick up a couple of things with my hair.

Yeah, my hair is not long enough to pick stuff up.

I absolutely love the way this stuff smells.

I got the essential oil smell which to me is like minty, tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender.

The other thing I really liked was that I usually alternate my shampoo with a dandruff shampoo

but I did not use a dandruff shampoo at all this week, and I did not see any flakes appearing.

I really did love using this stuff

And I love taking the quiz. It's hard to show you like the before and after because I don't think that there's like a really

big marked difference in the way that it looks.

Though there was a comment on one of my videos this past week that said 'your hair looks very soft'.

So maybe you can see it.

My one barrier is just the price.

It is twice as expensive as the stuff that I usually buy for less shampoo and conditioner.

I'm definitely going to use it down to the very bottom unless Tyler gets there first, but I'm thinking about it.

I'm considering buying more.

But if you're someone who spends about this amount of money on your shampoo and conditioner anyway this could be perfect for you and the

quiz is really fun and also I think pretty accurate but also really fun.

Thank you guys so much for watching. My friend Candace also tried out the Function of Beauty customized shampoo

She has a different hair type, so if you want to check out her video,

I'll link it in the description below and I'll also put it in the end cards at the end of the video.

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