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I have profile photoshoot today

with my stuffs

oh my.. I forgot something

I forgot to bring tripod..

*very sad face* because Yeonwoo just forgot to bring it

I should bring it today.. but I forgot

vlog youtuber's must have item : tripod

Arrival at the studio

Fortunately, the photographer borrow me a tripod

these photos are the photographer's works

going to shot casual and chic concepts today

styling first concept

I look so calm when I'm getting my make-up

this is very very new hair style for me

is this good hair spray?

hair stylist told me this is good hair spray(no add)

el el??

Seongmin: it's Elnett

The studio has been set up

during when I was styling my hair

warm-up stretching before shooting

first time styling my hair like this but I like it!

Seongmin's dog 'Jelly' came to studio too

so cute

I'm still waiting for shooting after fist test shoot

fooling around cuz I'm bit bored

training Jelly

Jelly doesn't want to down lol

started shooting

I waited for this donut

Pholee: yes you can eat it

I don't pose for the camera I'm just eating

I was so hungry

Pholee: you could be a beauty model

I was going to shot 2concept but suddenly added beuaty concept

this donut is so yummy

The props for this shoot are tennis balls

so many tennis balls around of me

Pholee: Does Jelly reach puberty?

SM: yeah so he dosen't listen to me these days

YW: See? Jelly is acting like he can't hear us

Jelly: ( I can't hear you guys)

Jelly is in diapers because he urinated at here last time

Pholee taking photos by the polaroid

suddenly someone came to here

???: we just came to see

???: you are really handsome

"High school style icon" cast members

Pholee: Changbin ranked 8th right?

Changbin: Rankings don't matter

Pholee: it dose matter. What's your rank?

Changbin: What's your rank?

E-mong: I ranked 5th

I focused on my photo shot again

Pholee: chin-up

Pholee: you can choose

it's printing !

Pholee: plz wait. I will take photo of you with iPhone

shooting with iPhone

I want to be friend with Jelly

I'm trying to close by Jelly


SM: You don't get a chance to eat snacks Jelly

Seongmin told me Jelly doesn't like men

Jelly doesn't look at me

Pholee: Jelly just doesn't care of u

Jelly took photos without me

it's pomade style

styling chic concept

4division photo that I took it right before

I like it

I look so different with me in this photo

setting lights

Pholee is teaching me model poses for me

listening attentively

Pholee: relax your strength like this

yea good good

Pholee: plz look at here

last concept is "beauty" this is my first color makeup

I'm excited because I love this hair style

last concept photos

Yw: photographer Pholee is so Passionate he was so awesome

Yw: I want to shoot photos with him again

Pholee: Come again next time

good bye

Pholee needs to work overtime today

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