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One of the most common jobs that you'll need to do on a road bike is replacing the

bar tape like this, either the previous tape gets worn out, or when you're

replacing the cables which run out the STI levers. It's quite a simple job when

you know how. In this video, we're going to show you exactly how to do it.

The only tool you'll need for the job is a sharp pair of scissors, but you'll also

need some electrical tape and of course, a new bar tape. The type of tape you choose

is completely down to personal preference for the number of different types out

there on the market. Before you start, you'll need to make sure your cables are

secured neatly against the bars. Most bars have grooves in which to place the cables,

but our particular model has internal routing. Secure the cables in place using

your electrical tape and pull back the hoods of the shifters so that you're able

to wrap the bar tape underneath. Most bar tape will come with a couple of extra

strips to place behind the shifters so that you don't end up with a gap in the

bar tape at this point. For neatness, we cut these strips so that they fit snugly

behind the plastic part of the shifter mount.

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Next, you're ready to start wrapping the bar tape itself. Start at the end of the

bars. Put the end of the tape on the underside of the bars and make sure it

overlaps the end of the bar by about half the width of the tape.

Do almost one complete turn of the tape before starting to pull the tape upwards.

The most important thing when wrapping bar tape is to make sure you keep a good

amount of tension on the tape at all times. As you move up the bars,

try to make each overlap of the grip tape as equal as possible but bear in mind that

there needs to be more overlap on the inside curve of the bars than on the

outside. The overlap should be just over half the width of the tape to keep it as

flat as possible against the bars. Once you get up to the shifters,

pay special attention that the tape goes closely as possible to the inner plastic

mount so that the bar's completely covered. Continue wrapping in the same

direction towards the center of the bar. We tend to wrap until the graphic logo.

Once you get to the point at which you want to stop, cut the bar tape at an angle

so that the overlap of the tape continues in the same direction.

Then, take your electrical tape and wrap it around the bar tape and bars to secure

it snugly into place.

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Next, it's time to pote the overlapping tape at the end of the bar inside the bar

itself and then push the bar end plug in. It should be quite a snug fit.

Finally, pull the hood to the shifter back into place and make sure there are no gaps

around it. Repeat the same steps on the other side, and it's job done.

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