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This is the Second part of the Quest guide for the Feaster of Souls, The Vengoth Bosses.

Just in case you still havent seen my other video i recommend to do it, as it includes

the entire access quest before this point

If you already have access and only want to know how to do these bosses keep on watching.

First head to this spot in Vengoth, and aslong you got access you will be able to go through

Here are the portals to the 3 normal bosses which are required atleast once to get access

to the Final one located here.

Go south from the entrance and start with The Unwelcome.

for this one The ek should bring him to the east wall and with the help of magic and tree

walls trap him there.

Then everyone go to the west side of the cave and just stay close to the wall.

This obviously will be a bit more tricky for nopvps or retro pvp servers, in those cases

you should still do the same.

Lure the boss to the east wall and then map click away and

try to leave him there.

In general you dont ever want to have the boss on your screen.

When you're at the west wall.

wormlings will spawn, kill these with sds or spells and wait until the brother worm


when it does, he will come by himself and just focus on doing damage to him.

Repeat this process multiple times as all damage

the brother worm takes its reflected to the actual boss.

so when you finish the brother worm the boss will also die.

This boss can drop The Soulful and Fabulous legs

Now head west and into the second boss portal. the dread maiden.

This one will have vortex of colors: green, blue and red.

First have the ek trap the boss by the west wall and you can surround it with fire elementals

if you want to.

or just another player next to it, The damage from the boss

is not high enough to kill players so even a druid can take that spot but

is easier with fire elementals

then the other players need to lure the ghosts that will spawn into the respective vortex

that matches the color of the ghost.

Doing this will make it so that the actual boss takes more damage.

Do this non stop until the boss dies and that will be it.

This boss drops the nightmare boots.

Get out and head to the center for the third boss, the fear fester

Unlike the others, this one will be harder in terms of damage and has more things to

watch out for.

at the start there will be the boss, horrors, phobias and fears.

The ek should take the aggro of the boss and everything but the horrors as they are range

and then go north west

Shooters need to focus on the phobia to turn them into a horror and then kill the fears

as they hit pretty hard.

and The horrors should be ignored the entire fight, although they hit around the 400's

and will target shooters most of the time

it shouldnt be a problem if everyone is separated from each other because their attack is aoe

Focus on the boss and every minute or so you will be teleported to another room with a

symbol of fear in the middle.

focus on it to get teleported back to the main room.

The longer you take to finish the totem the more damage you will take

So be careful about it, and death protection can reduce the damage from this room.

When you are back to the room there might be a fear or phobia again, if that happens

just focus on it again and then back to the boss

repeat this process multiple times and that will be it.

This boss can drop the Ghost chestplace.

And all 3 bosses can drop the Ghost Claw and Spooky Hood, Items needed for the addon pieces

of the outfit and the Soulforged lantern which is a important item for the final boss.

Now for the final boss head north west and unlike the other bosses, this one has a pre

access before the lever room.

Which is a simple maze you need to go through and reach the teleport at the end.

The annoying part is that it will take 2 death tolls which are items looted from all the

bosses you done to this point or the lost souls monsters.

They can also be bought on the market from other players if needed.

The thing is that it wont be guaranteed 2 tolls per boss kill as you can fail on this


and here is how.

First in the maze there will be webs in the floor, these are always on the same spot and

if you step on any of them you will fail

Second there will be energy barriers that appear every few seconds on these spots.

and lastly there is also ghosts called Empty, these do a spell that has the range of a exori

and if you get hit by it you will fail.

So because of those its annoying to just attempt the boss.

To get through, make sure you mark or memorize the part where the energy barriers appear

as these are the most common thing that makes people fail this.

do not go through randomly if you havent seen the energy barrier dissapear yet.

They have a timer of when they are on and off, so just stand still while they are on

and then go through when they dissapear

the ghosts are slow so you can walk around avoiding them and if you have to get past

them you can try to get the timer right on their exori as it only happens like every

2 seconds.

There will also be innoncent souls spawning that take on the aggro from the ghosts so

its good to work around that But it also can be done with your own summons

if you are a mage, just by getting your summon to use their exeta res on the ghost

Multiple people can be inside the maze at the same time but i dont recommmend doing

that as it only increases the chances of failing

and I find it much easier to do it one at a time.

when you reach the end of the maze just enter the teleport and you will be at the lever


This boss can be done with up to 10 people and less than 5 people could do it if needed.

when you enter the boss room your hp will be reduced by half and your damage aswell.

To remove this curse you need to use a soulforged lantern which can be looted from the 3 bosses

of vengoth.

If you dont have one then you will have to fight the boss with the curse on.

The lantern itself will always remove the curse

but has a chance of breaking and using it up.

So you can use it and if it doesnt break give it to someone else if you want

Just be careful because when you take off the curse your hp wont be recovered and you

will still be at half hp, So if you are a paladin a good idea is to use a energy ring

and run south before using the lantern and then heal up before taking off the ring

IF you are a knight you should run around aswell until you heal up.

In this room there will be Pale Worm and greed worms spawning non stop which already hit

pretty hard by themselves.

Just aoe these down but be careful as they do damage

when they die so if you're not high enough dont surround urself with monsters.

In general you dont even need to do tank these and

running around the room is enough as you need to make time for a hunger worm to spawn.

A good tip to summon the hunger worm is to use your utori spell on the boss as it will

trigger the hunger worm to spawn

When it happens focus on it and a hole will appear on the spot it died go inside and you

will be taken downstairs to a room with more greed worms and a weak spot

in the middle.

Hit that and it will damage the boss, Focus on it.

but watch out for the death damage the room will be doing as it keeps increasing

over time.

so by the time it starts doing 1k damage you should go up

and repeat the process.

Depending on the amount of players you have this could take 2 to 4 times.

Just keep on doing it as many times you need and eventually the boss will die.

And that will be it.

you recieve the outfit right away.

the drops from this boss includes everything from the other 3 bosses

and additionally a phantasmal axe, ring of souls, ghost backpack and a spectral scrap

of cloth, an item that when used will give you the

haze mount.

If you want to properly finish the quest and recieve an achivement head to Para nobert

and say hi to him.

That is all i got for this video, if the guide was helpful consider sending tibia coins to

gudii donation, it helps to support the channel so that i can create more tibia content, thank

you for watching and see you on the next one.

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