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Do you often leave voicemail message?

Would you like to improve your own outgoing message?

Then join me and 4 of my YouTube colleagues in this lesson for some useful tips.

Hello and welcome everyone, this is Minoo at Anglo-Link.

Today, 4 of my colleagues and I are going to give you some useful tips on voicemail messaging.

By the end of the lesson, you will know how to compose a good outgoing message.

And how to leave a good voicemail message.

So if you're ready, let's watch the lesson.

Hello. This is Vicki. Sorry I missed your call. Please leave a message!

Hey Vicki. It's Jennifer. I have a great idea for a video. It involves group collaboration.

Do you have time to talk later today? Give me a call when you can, okay? Just in case,

I'll send you an email, too. Thanks. Bye.

When you're creating your outgoing voicemail message, begin by saying 'hello'.

Then either state your name or your phone number.

For example, 'Hello, you've reached Gaby.' or 'Hello, you've reached 555-1234.' Then you

can leave instructions for the caller, say 'thank you' and 'goodbye'. So for example,

Hello, you've reached Gabby. Please leave me a message and I'll call you back as soon

as possible. Thank you. Bye'

Hello. This is Jennifer. I'm sorry I'm not

able to take your call. Please leave your name and number, and I'll get back to you

as soon as I can. Thank you. Hi Jennifer. It's Vicki returning your call.

I guess we're playing phone tag. But I got your email, and I love your idea and I'll

be happy to contact the others. I'll see who I can reach today. Talk later. Bye!

When you leave a message, first say hello. 'Hi' is okay for friends, family and co-workers.

Then state your name. Identify yourself if necessary, for example, do you represent a

company? Or are you a friend of a friend? Then state the purpose of your call. Be brief.

Hi. This is Jason. I'm sorry I'm not available to take your call. Please leave

a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Hey Jase. It's Vicki, calling about Jennifer's idea for a video. Did you get the email? Call

me back when you get a chance, all right? Oh, and could you reach out to Gabby? You

have her number, right? Thanks. Bye. Hello. You've reached Gabby. I can't take

your call right now, but please leave me a message and I'll call you back as soon as

I can. Thank you. Bye! Hi Gabby! It's Jase. We're getting a group

together for a collaboration video. It's going to be me, Vicki of Simple English Videos,

and JenniferESL. We'd love to have you join. Give me call if you're interested. Hope to

hear back from you soon. Bye. Hi Gabby. It's Jase again. You're in touch

with Minoo from Anglo-Link, right? We'd love to have Minoo join, too. Do you think you

could call her and ask? Thanks! Bye.

When you leave voicemail, you can add a call

back number. Your best friend will have your phone number, but a new client won't.

You can also state the times you're available. For example, 'You can call me anytime today

until 5 o'clock.' Remember adding a 'Thank you!' or a simple 'Thanks' is a good thing

to do before you say bye. Hello. This is Minoo. I'm not able to answer

your call right now. Please leave your name and number, and I'll return your call as soon

as possible. Thank you! Hello Minoo. This is Gabby from Go Natural

English. I'm calling because a group of us online English teachers are getting together

to do a collaborative project and I was wondering if you'd have time to talk. Could you give

me a call back at 1-312-555-1234? I'll look forward to speaking with you soon. Thanks

so much. Bye for now. Remember to be brief and speak clearly especially

when you're spelling a name, stating your phone number, or giving an email address.

You might even want to say it twice: the first time, slowly and the second time, a bit faster.

Hi Jennifer. This is Minoo. I just spoke to Gabby and she told me about the group collaboration

video. I'm really happy you all reached out. I'd love to join the group. Why don't we continue

through email? My address is Thanks a lot a Jennifer! Talk to you soon. Bye.

Let's review some of the vocabulary you've

heard. Minoo gave some excellent advice. Be brief. What does brief mean? Short. So don't

talk too long. Now what about this word? Hi, this is Jason. I'm sorry I'm not available

to take your call. If you're available, you're free to see or talk to someone. And if you're

not available, you're out or busy. And one more. You're intouch with Minoo from Anglo

Link, right? If you're in touch with someone, you're communicating with them, maybe by email,

but usually by phone. Hi everyone! Thanks again for putting a great

lesson together. I think we gave a lot of useful examples for leaving voicemail. There's

only one thing left to do. Let's say thank you and bye to our viewers. Bye. Thank you.

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