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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 南瓜大豐收,黃南瓜用來蒸粉蒸排骨,怎麼吃都香甜軟糯

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I'm Drunkard Lee

The house's yellow pumpkins are all cooked

I'm going to take them all back today

Don't pick

The rats will eat it all up

Look how dense it is

Long a lot of

Pick the yellow ones first

So many

Take back

Soak some glutinous rice

Ribs bubble for more than 2 hours bubble bleeding water

There's so much blood now

Add ginger and garlic

Tie the onion knot

A small amount of salt

White sugar

A spoonful of fuel

The old pump

Two tablespoons of light soy sauce

Yellow rice wine

Stir well

Let the meat marinate for a while to let it in

It can also be marinated overnight and steamed tomorrow

This meat is almost cured

Wrap it in glutinous rice

Let's get a big pumpkin

That's big enough

Make a cut in the top

Hollow out the pumpkin seeds inside

These seeds are really good

It's almost steamed

Now the ribs are almost medium-rare

Now put this inside the pumpkin and steam it again

Steam with the pumpkin

Put this in the pan and continue to steam

It's ready to eat


Hurry up

You can eat

Open the

You can eat

Very soft

The ribs are very flavorful

The sticky rice steamed is a little soft

This pumpkin steamed ribs is delicious



Glutinous rice is delicious, too

Glutinous rice is delicious, too

Who eats pumpkin

I want to

Finished eating

I'll give you a little more

I also eat glutinous rice


Mom help you

Well, that's it for today's video

See you next time

Bye bye

Bye bye

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