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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: An English Lesson about the Season of Fall (Also called Autumn!)

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Hi, Bob the Canadian here.

It is the season of fall here in Canada.

It is the season of autumn, we have two names

for this season and it is a beautiful season

and I thought I should do an English lesson

for all of you on the season of fall.

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Well hey, welcome to this English lesson

about the season of fall, the season of autumn.

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So for those of you that watch my English lessons

regularly, you'll notice that the trees

that are normally quite green have started

to turn color.

In English, we call this the fall colours.

In fact, some people actually travel to different

parts of Canada to see the beautiful fall colours.

It's really cool when a tree starts to turn

from green to yellow or you start to see

oranges and browns and even reds sometimes.

So you'll see the leaves are turning colour

and pretty soon they'll actually fall off the trees,

which is why I think we also call this season fall.

So another sure sign of fall is that

you will see people raking their leaves.

This is a fan rake or a leaf rake

and you will see a lot of people in northern climates

in the fall out in their yards raking their leaves.

A lot of times they'll rake them into a big pile

and then their kids will jump into it (laughing).

We don't quite have enough leaves on the ground yet

to do that, but definitely, you will see people

rake their leaves in the fall.

(engine roaring)

So one thing I really like about fall

is I don't have to mow my lawn as much.

This is a lawn mower.

I think you learned that word in another video of mine,

but in the fall, the grass grows a lot more slowly

and I don't have to mow the lawn as much,

which is really nice because the more time I spend mowing,

the less time I have to make videos for you guys.

So it's kind of nice the grass grows more slowly,

I don't need to mow as much.

So another thing you'll see in the fall

is people will start to wear their winter hats.

We also call this a toque in Canada,

and you'll see people start to wear their gloves

or mittens, so I'm putting my gloves on right now.

Sometimes when I wear these gloves in a video,

people ask me why do your gloves have holes in them

and I'll show you.

It's so when I take out my phone, I can use

the screen on my phone, and then I can put my finger

back in when I'm done.

So people start wearing their winter hats.

They start wearing gloves, and they

also start wearing mittens.

A mitten is when all of the fingers are one part, okay.

So a glove has a spot for each of your fingers.

In a mitten, all your fingers go into one spot.

But another thing you'll see in the fall,

people start to wear their gloves, and they start

to wear their hats.

So another thing that happens in the fall

is pets like Oscar, hey,

(man whistling)

come on, sit here, pets like Oscar

start to grow more fur.

Oscar is getting furrier.

He's growing an extra thick coat for the fall and winter

so that he can stay warm more,

even though Oscar does sleep inside at night,

he is outside for most of the day in the fall.

So Oscar is growing an extra little bit of fur.

In fact, even our cats who live in the barn

are growing a little more fur.

There's one right here, oh, come here kitty,

this little kitten is also growing

just a little bit more fur so that he can stay warm

in the fall.

Good job, Oscar, good job.

He is getting more and more used to being on camera.

Oscar wants to know if he should have his own

YouTube channel.

So I have to apologize, I didn't get up early enough

to show you what frost looks like, so I'll have

to put a picture up here.

But oftentimes in the fall, we will wake up

and there will be frost on the grass.

Frost is when the dew that forms actually freezes

and you'll have this nice white coat of frozen water

on the grass, so again, I'll find some pictures

and I'll put them here, but another sure sign

that it is fall is we start to see frost in the morning.

So some of you might recognize this as the table,

it's a picnic table, that I usually do

my Saturday night live streams from,

but because it is fall, the days are getting shorter.

So I am not able to do my live lesson outside

at night any more because it's getting dark earlier.

So another sure sign of fall is that the days

get shorter and it starts to get dark earlier.

So you'll notice my field of soybeans isn't green any more.

But that's okay, it's a good thing.

It's almost ready for harvest.

Farmers plant crops in the spring.

They put the seeds in the ground

and they harvest crops in the fall.

So this field, the leaves have dropped.

The soybean plants are ready for harvest,

and in a few days, a large machine called a combine

will come in and this crop will be harvested.

So another thing that you will see that will make

you realize it is fall is that people will start

to decorate their homes with pumpkins and gourds.

There are two celebrations in the fall.

The first is Thanksgiving.

We just celebrated that a week ago.

And the second is Halloween, where kids go out

and ask for candy and both of those celebrations,

also involve people decorating,

so a lot of times you'll see bigger pumpkins than this

outside of people's homes and you'll see

people decorate their homes with gourds as well.

So another sure sign of fall,

you'll see pumpkins everywhere.

So I mentioned that you'll see more people

wearing winter hats and gloves.

You'll also see people drinking more hot drinks

or hot beverages.

Beverages is another word for drink, by the way.

They'll drink more tea.

They'll drink more coffee.

They'll drink a lot more hot chocolate

because in the fall, the weather gets chilly.

That is probably the best way to describe

the temperature in the fall.

It is chilly.

By the way, Miroslav, thank you so much for the mug.

It says "Love the world", Bob the Canadian,

and then it has a really nice maple leaf here

and it says "Canada."

Awesome gift, I really really appreciate it.

Well hey, that was just a nice little English lesson

about the season of fall, the season of autumn.

Remember it has two names.

I'm Bob the Canadian, and you are learning

just a little bit more English with me.

Thank you so much for watching this video.

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