Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [Hearthstone Science] Wrong Zone Battlecries and Spells #1

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Hello everyone. If you're wondering how these videos work, the key is Illidan Stormrage

and Violet Teacher. These trigger in the On Play Phase, which is before the Battlecry

Phase of playing a minion and before the Spell Text Phase of casting a spell. Summoning a

minion triggers a Knife Juggler which can be used to kill Explosive Sheep, Anub'ar Ambusher,

Sylvanas Windrunner, et cetera, allowing the source or target of a Battlecry or Spell to

change Zones before it occurs.

If we modify minions in our hand, they retain the modifications. However, when you play

the minion, it is reset to its default state except for two things: attached Enchantments,

besides those related to Mana Cost, and the 'Pending destroy' tag, which causes the infamous

Vaporize + Freezing Trap bug where the minion immediately dies upon being played. Now, on

with the show.

Note that transformation effects in the hand cause your opponent's client to hang, as depicted

in this video. They must leave and re-enter the game in order to continue playing.

Unfortunately, Polymorph on Malorne doesn't work. The reason for this is the same reason

why Baron Rivendare plus Malorne creates two Malornes in your deck - Malorne's Deathrattle

creates a NEW copy of Malorne for your deck, so polymorphing the original Malorne is not


Interestingly, we don't just steal Neptulon's Battlecry, we also gain the Overload. This

is symmetrical to how spells with Overload work - if they are Counterspelled, no Overload

is gained, because the text of the card is never reached.

'If you're holding a Dragon' targeted Battlecries are unusually different. What's different

about them? The fact that they check their precondition a second time when they actually

fire. For example, here we use a Big Game Hunter on a minion that is 7 attack, but make

it 6 attack by placing the Big Game Hunter blocking off its extra attack. Yet, the target

is destroyed anyway, the precondition no longer being required.

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