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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How To Express Yourself in Different Situations using English Words Part 2

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welcome back I hope you guys have

completed the first part of this lesson

where I had covered the common phrases

and expressions if you haven't I suggest

you go back complete the first part and

then continue with this portion of the

lesson on how to express yourself

verbally so that you have that

continuity I hope you've been taking

notes along the way taking notes is

really important I personally cannot

remember anything if I don't write them

down first so I hope you're ready with

your pen and your notebook let's get

into the lesson and learn about

expressing your different emotions

building your emotional vocabulary is

super important why because it can help

you express whatever you're feeling on

the inside using the right words don't

we all wish that I have been in

situations where the right word is on

the tip of my tongue but I just cannot

get my brain to spit it out for me at

that moment isn't that frustrating I'm

like this how many of you have

experienced this you know what you're

feeling on the inside but you just can't

express it in the right words and that

can be really frustrating just nod your

head with a yes wherever you are if you

agree with me or a No if you don't I'm

hoping that it's a yes for most of you

it's a yes for me I stumbled upon an

article on wheel of emotions by the

psychologist robert plutchik

according to him your emotions can be

categorized primarily into eight

different types fear anger sadness joy

disgust surprise trust and anticipation

if you want to know more about Robert

logics wheel of emotions

I suggest you google it but just so you

know Lucci created this wheel of

emotions that

straights are various emotions as well

as the relationship between those

emotions it's a very interesting topic

to discuss maybe I'll make another video

just so that I can explain the wheel of

emotions to you we'll think about it for

now let's look at some words that we can

use to express these eight primary

emotions okay these are the ways to

express fear the most common way to say

that you fear something is to say that

you're afraid of that thing afraid is

the most common word that I see people

using around me to express fear if I

fear cockroaches I would say I'm afraid

of cockroaches then you have the word

anxious which is mostly used when you're

really nervous or not sure what is going

to happen for example she's anxious for

him because he's sick I feel anxious

about my stage performance tomorrow it

can also be used as a positive word to

express eagerness such as I'm anxious to

complete my assignment so that I can

submit it tomorrow so this person is

eager to complete the assignment on time

then you have the word apprehensive

which is used when you feel that

something bad will happen if you if you

do something for example you could be

apprehensive about meeting someone

because you think something bad will

happen to you if you do so or you feel

apprehensive about going into a

particular building because you think

it'll crumble or could be that it is

haunted with ghosts roaming all over the

place another example would be I'm a bit

apprehensive about meeting him directly

because I really might get angry looking

at my face it's mostly used with the

preposition about you are apprehensive

about something then we have the word

dread it is used when you fear something

and just a mere thought of it makes you

feel and

easy and it frightens you for example

writing exams is dreadful it is also

used when you feel when you deeply

dislike something or are unhappy about

something for example I dread going to

school all right read going to work

every day another example would be I'm

dreading the day when the results will

be published

she looked dreadful when I visited her

then we have the world goosebumps

this word reminds me a lot of the author

RL steins goosebumps novels but that is

not what it means here

you must have experienced small raised

bumps all over your skin especially

during winter or after a cold bath these

are called goosebumps and they happen

even when you experience fear or

excitement so in a sentence you would

say I get goosebumps when I think about

spiders crawling under my bed fear can

also be expressed by using idioms idioms

are a great way to add some color to

your language and make you sound more

interesting idioms are a group of words

whose meaning should not be taken

literally it's like a symbolic

representation of the actual emotion we

will be looking at more idioms in the

future but for now just know that having

butterflies in your stomach

heebie-jeebies getting cold feet

breaking out in a cold sweat and being a

chicken all mean being afraid or refer

to being fearful of something here are

some ways how you can express anger the

most common way to express anger is just

to say I'm angry with you

or some people even say I hate you or

I'm furious with her or I'm mad at you

for coming late one word that I usually

hear people say when they are angry is a

word paste like for example I am so

pissed at you for not answering

my call this sounds vulgar ish to me but

you'll see that it's used a lot in

American TV shows and movies it's okay

to use but in the end it's up to you and

your preference other ways to express

anger include having a fit or throwing a

fit when you get angry with some some

someone it means that you're extremely

angry with someone and it happened so

suddenly that you can't control it for

example my mom would throw a fit if she

knew what I had done I had a fit when

she threw the pillow on me snapping at

some that someone happens when you

suddenly show your anger on someone or

shout back at them or replaced only for

example I snapped at her for stamping my

foot and some idioms that you can use to

express your anger are I'm cross with

you you're making my blood boil you're

driving me crazy for crying out loud

just stop whistling don't bite my head


for doing this mistake let's look at the

ways to express sadness the most common

way to express sadness is just to say

simply that you're sad the other ways

you can consider expressing this emotion

is by saying you're feeling down or

you're feeling gloomy or you're upset or

just telling others that you're not okay

some other examples are I'm upset with

you for lying to me I'm feeling down

today because my mother scolded me the

atmosphere was sad and gloomy inside the

house I get teary-eyed whenever I watch

a sad movie some idioms that can be used

to express sadness are feeling blue for

example whenever I feel blue I do some

exercise or I exercise every day to beat

the blues so blue here refers to sadness

out of sorts she was out of sorts when I

met her I'm not sure why but I feel out

of sorts today

I'm out of sorts today because I didn't

sleep well last night down in the dumps

for example he was down in the dumps

after experiencing a major failure

reduced to tears the child was reduced

to tears when her toy was taken away

from her cried my eyes out I cried my

eyes out when my mother reprimanded me

reprimanded me means scolded me I cried

my eyes out when she broke up with me so

there are a bunch of words idioms and

phrases that you can use to mean the

same thing but using them correctly in

the right context is really important

the more you start using it now the more

natural it is going to feel later on

here are some ways to express joy I'm

excited I'm really happy I'm so glad are

some of the most common expressions that

I have come across people say to express

joy stoked is another word that I've

seen people use often on TV for example

I'm stoked to be working with you right

now it's a once in a lifetime

opportunity for me and you can't imagine

how excited I am that we have the then

we have the phrase tears of joy I shed

tears of joy when the kid reunited with

her mother I'm shedding tears of joy

right now because I passed the exam

elated can be used in the same way as

excited or happy I'm elated because a

final line landed my dream job I'm

jumping for joy because I won the

competition and then we have the word

ecstatic you can't imagine how ecstatic

I am this is a dream come true for me

some idioms that express joy are on

cloud nine over the moon over the moon

is my personal favorite to use because

it reminds me a lot of this song called

fly me to the moon by Julie London I'm


sure if you guys know her but it's a

great song you should check it out if

you like it's it's a 50s classic it's

not related in any way to the idiom over

the moon in any way though so pardon me

then we have seventh heaven happy as a

clam in high spirits and on top of the

world again pause the video if you like

and read the sentences to understand

them better there is a website called

phrases dawg dot uk'

and I suggest you all to check it out

because you can find the origin story of

many of the English phrases idioms and

proverbs it's just a great place to read

how these interesting words that we use

today came to exist the more you explore

the more knowledge you're going to

acquire English dot Stack Exchange calm

is a great place where people from

around the world contribute great stuff

related to English do check out this

website it's a great place to clear your

doubts on how to express something most

of the time I visit this X website every

time when I want to know any new words

okay that's all the time I've got for

this video I'll be back with how to

express the remaining four emotions in

the next video until then keep learning

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