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Hello, it's Sco Sco Minsco.

I got sick of full bangs already, so today I put my bangs to the side.

Since I do so many product reviews, today's video will be about

One of the hottest requests, which is!

A review on everything about a single brand,

Namely, one brand make up review

So for 2020, I am planning to do a lot of one brand makeup reviews with various brands

Let's get started.

So today, only using products from Eglips

Regardless of warm or cool tones

I will be doing a review and makeup tutorial.

Shall we get started? Go go!

Before I start with the review, I think we should have a good understanding of the brand Eglips.

Eglips is very inexpensive, why is that?

Eglips is a brand operated by a manufacturer called Sky 007, such as Bbia.

Since it is a brand operated by a manufacturer, there is no intermediate distribution process.

In addition, they don't spend much on marketing, so it's a brand that sells at low prices.

So the quality of the product is not bad for its really low price.

The most expensive product is 13,000 won for a cushion, 12,000 won for eye shadow,

5500 won for a lip product, 3900 won for a blusher and 2500 won for a brow pencil, which is really affordable.

Since it's almost back to school season, I'd like to recommend to our new student subscribers

the first brand, Eglips.

Let's get started with facial products.

The first product is Eglips SARANGHAEZOO TONE UP CREAM

It has a bit of a thick, creamy formulation.

It contains pink calamine, so it's slightly pinkish

On a darker skin like mine, this tone up cream looks white

like sunscreen.

If you apply too much at once, it tends to stick together

so it looks more natural to apply a small amount at a time.

It's moist at first, but after tapping it, it feels so tight

that it doesn't move anymore.

Even after skin care, it feels dry once you apply it.

When I applied this product and then the cushion, it felt like it wasn't absorbing very well.

It was a little disappointing to see that it became so dry.

So for me, this tone-up cream was so-so.

I like my original skin tone better.

Now, this is the most expensive product from Eglips, the cushion.

I purchased two different products, blur covering cushion and blur finishing cushion.

I got #23 for both products, but the tones are very different.

This is the blur finishing cushion,

and this is the blur finishing cushion.

This one is more yellowy with a brighter tone.

I feel like my face looks too bright when I use this product.

So I will use the blur covering cushion.

Recently I saw that they have #25 for the blur finishing cushion.

When I was buying them, I didn't see them, you know?

It's so unfair!

I will purchase the #25 version later.

I dropped it!

Calm down. Are you angry that you didn't buy the #25?

It's okay. You can get a new one.

It's my third take for this video.

So I'm re-taking this video

Originally, I was going to apply half-half blur covering cushion and finishing cushion

but once applied I couldn't tell the difference between the two.

Both of them have some coverage and blurring,

but they are a bit heavy.

So if you apply too much while you keep on tapping like this,

it leaves some puff marks.

Like this?

This cushion feels a bit heavy.

There was some lifting, flaking around the nose, especially around the folds.

The cushion is heavy and the adhesion is a bit disappointing.

But as you can see, the coverage is really good.

Even without the concealer, it covers rashes and acne scars

So if you're looking for cushions with good coverage, this would be a good fit.

My nose is already flaked up.

Next is the hottest product from Eglips.

It's the Eglips blur powder pact.

I purchased the peach edition, but they are gone from the website now.

It's the same product as the black edition.

There were #21 and #23,

they are releasing #25 soon.

I saw that they are releasing it around mid-February

at which point they will be releasing new mascaras and brush type eyeliners.

I will purchase them when they are released.

This is a powder that really catches irregularities and pores on your face.

It's a powder pact that makes your skin look really silky.

My pores look really clean ...

They are perfectly concealed.

But it's on the really dry side.

So for dry skin as well as oily skin,

except for the oily parts like this,

use a powder brush to take care of the rest


Honestly, I like Innisfree Blur Powder Pact better than this.

It's more sustainable, and less dry.

But considering the price, it's a good value for the money.

I'm going to add some contours to this blurry face

with eyebrows and shading.

Eglips eyebrow products are only 2,500 won each.

It's cut into tear shapes for easy drawing

and even with screw brushes, it's only 2,500 won!

Brown for brown hairs, dark brown for natural black hair, and natural grey for everyone

There are three different colors

Can you see? It's very thin and delicate, right?

I tried #3 because I thought it would be good to use every day

The color looks good on the eyebrows.

It's not too much, but it's good to fill the eyebrows even on the empty spots.

It's also good to draw a slender tail with a teardrop shape on the pencil here.

It's so cheap, so I'd like to recommend it to those who thinks all eyebrow pencils are the same.

It's cheap, so you could save the shipping cost by purchasing it with other Eglips products.

Here's another value for the money product. Shading!

This is Eglips slim fit shading, which has two different colors.

I compared them to the shading product that I already have

#1 Ginger slim fit is definitely more grey than the Too Cool For School Shading

I would like to recommend it for cool tones.

#2 Sand slim fit is for warm tones, but not too yellow, and is more on the neutral side.

Comparing it to Peri Pera Shading #2, which I'm using frequently these days, it looks more mild, right?

It's a natural shading shade, so it doesn't really stick. It applies very well.

This may seem like the color is too light,

once applied it's not too light and it's just right for a good shade.

It's perfect for nose contours

and for chin contours.

Let's apply some on the cheekbone as well.



Since the cushion I used today is so bright you can see the shading color really well.

For cool tones, you can use #1 using the same methods

to get started with the cool tone makeup.

For warm tone makeups, I used #2

You can use different products for contouring for warm tones and cool tones.

Let's get started with the eye makeup now.

There are two different colors of Color fit eye palette from Eglips.

Brown tone, and Rose pink tone!

Both palettes contain three shades of non-pearl colors and glitters

It's a composition that clearly shows you how to use it.

Both colors are really basic.

The formula is pretty good for the price.

When you apply both matte and glitter types

There are no fall outs, and the color and adhesion are both good.

The glitter was exceptionally pretty.

You can see the colors from #1 From cotton, a basic warm brown palette

and #2, From rosy, which is a basic rosy shade palette.

The steps to use these two palettes are the same, because the placement of the three non-pearl shadows and glitter are exactly the same.

First, apply the shade color all over your eyelids

and the triangle zone as well under eyes.

Apply the second shade color to the middle of the eyelids to add some depth.

Apply the remaining amount on the triangle zone for a second layer of depth.

Apply some glitter on the middle of your eyelids using your fingers to add brightness

and under your eyes to emphasize them.

Draw your eyelines and use the darkest color to blend the lines

If you want, you can apply them under your eyes for more depth.

Then, apply some mascara, and you're done!

Completed with #1 From Cotton, this is a basic look.

It's a warm, brown daily look.

With #2, From Rosy, it's a dry rose colored daily look.

I loved this palette because it only contained four colors which are essential

and at a low price of 12,000 won, it's very affordable.

The colors are so basic

so I would like to recommend these to students who don't have an eye palette

as their first palette

or to those who are not sure which color to buy when they purchase an eye palette

since it is so obvious what colors to use.

Oh! I was focusing too much on the shadows that I forgot to show you the eyeliner!

At a very affordable price of 4,500 won, this is the Super slim auto long eyeliner extreme.

It's a slim pencil eyeliner which is good to use for drawing wings.

It's really smooth, but if you pull out too much it's easy to break so please be careful.

There are five different colors..

Even if its not black or brown that you really need,

there is an ivory color for eye concealer,

and a caramel color for light makeup, which caught my eyes.

The color I use most is the brown color,

so I used brown eyeliner on both my makeup.

Its good for drawing a sharp eye line.

This ivory color was really useful,

because I used it to clear under my eye line.

So, my eye line looked really neat.

It was really natural, not too white, to use as a concealer.

It was an unexpected find.

This is the eye makeup that I always do.

But now that I used this ivory eyeliner under my eye line,

my eyes look really neat and clear,

so it was an unexpected find, and I recommend this a lot!

Also, this eyeliner doesnt erase well.

When I rubbed it with a wet tissue, it didnt spread, but instead the color got a little light.

It didnt spread a lot.

This is the Lively Liquid Glitter Shadow that I was thinking about whether or not to show it to you.

I didnt buy these this time, but I went to lalavla last time,

and I bought these three colors out of the five colors because I thought it would be useful.

Its a cheap product, so the tip wasnt that good, but the pearl is really pretty.

No.2 is a champagne gold color with big and small pearls.

No.3 is a clear, shimmering gold.

No.5 is the clearest of the three, with a pinkish glitter, and I bought these three.

No.2 looked really pretty when I put it on the front of my eyes and on the bottom.

I recommend that you apply it with cotton buds.

If you put it on the front of your eyes,

it really makes your under eye stand out.

The glitter is a dense one, instead of being clear,

so it is good for making you under eye stand out. Like this.

Its pretty!

And you put some on your hand,

and if you apply it on the front of your eyes, the eye makeup looks lively.

Tada, like this.

And when I was filming last time, I unconsciously put some on the back of my hand,

and put a little on my ring finger,

and I put some on my highlight zone.

It is a little too sparkly to use daily.

But it looks really good in selfies and the glitter stands out,

so it will be good for point makeup for festivals.

Im going to apply lip makeup, but before that, I found an useful product.

Nobody would have thought of it before.

This is the Eglips stick shadow No.3 maple.

Its a stick shadow, but it can be used as a lip base.

It applies well, and the texture is suitable for blending.

I immediately thought I would use it as a lip base the moment I saw it.

And it was actually good.

The cushion pact I used was a little thick,

so my lip line is a little erased, but if I apply this on the line,

the color is really pretty, right?

This is a lip base for warm skin tone.

Blend it with you hands so it applies well.

Its good for a base product, right?

One thing is that this is a yellowish color,

so it will only suit people with warm skin tone rather than people with cool skin tone.

For the lip, I bought matte lip, muse in lipstick and velvet lipstick,

but I liked this the best.

This is the velvet fit tint.

I bought all of the colors.

There are two seasons, and the texture is a little different.

Season 1 is a velvet mousse type, a little thick and good for moisture.

But season 2 is a blur tint, and its a little sticky and matte.

I compared it with Bbia blur tint which was made from the same company,

and the Bbia blur tint was way more matte and sticky.

The color of season 1 and 2 is really different too, right?

Season 1 is consisted of toned down colors that have a vintage filter.

Season 2 is consisted of bright and colorful colors.

Both seasons dont have the pink stain,

and it lasts well because it has a proper stain.

Ill apply this for warm tone makeup.

Its No.3 vintage orange, and the color is really pretty.

It looks like a common chili color, but there is a little bit of orange to it, so it is a vintage color.

Its really pretty!

It finishes with a matte texture.

But it isnt dry, and has a clean finish,

so it is good considering its price!

I finished the warm tone makeup with No3.

There are two lip products I want to recommend for cool tone lips.

If you want a real cool tone look, I recommend you No.9 Raspberry Cheese.

Its a Fuchsia red color.

Its a color that people with cool tone can use.

If you want a bright cool tone color, I recommend you this Raspberry Cheese.

Im going to go for a vintage look, so Ill apply another color.

This color isnt only for cool tone, but both warm and cool tone, and its really pretty.

Its No.1 Vintage Rose color.

Its a neural rose color, so you can use it regardless of your skin tone.

Like this.

But it looks like a warm tone because I applied it, right?

Its this color. Isnt it pretty?

This is the last recommendation! The blusher products.

Eglips Cheek Fit blusher is worth recommending.

Since Eglips is know for its blur products, the blusher also hides your pores,

with a strong blur and a watercolor paint feeling to it.

The color~ everyone whos watching this must have found a color they like.

There are cool tone blushers to warm blushers.

There are deep colors for people who like deep blushers.

I think out of these six colors,

there has to be at least one color that you like.

For the warm tone makeup, Ill use No.3 and No.6.

The lip color is a little vintage, so I wanted to use a toned down color.

Apply it on the outside part of your cheekbones, close to your temples,

and contour your cheekboneㄴ.

You might not realize the true value of this blusher if you apply it here,

but youll know when you apply it on the inside.

Its really pretty.

Ill apply No.3, Peach Cheek Fit.

This is a little white, so I thought it wouldnt be pretty,

but it gives a blurry look, like you put on powder,

so it was really bright and pretty. A real peach color!

This was the point of this makeup.

Tada, its really pretty, right?

Ill apply some under my nose and under my chin, to give a peachy finish.

Ill use these two for the cool tone makeup.

The eye makeup and lip makeup doesnt have a cool tone look to it.

Its closer to a warm tone color,

so Ill use a real cool tone blusher, No.2 Pink Cheek Fit and No.5 Rose Cheek Fit.

Ill apply No.2 Pink Cheek Fit around the middle of my cheek,

and Ill apply No.5 according to my skin tone.

Like this~

This is a blusher with a white hue to it,

so it applies really well to my face. Yes.

This color applies on your face like a watercolor paint.

Oh, its pretty!

This is a color I would never use,

but Ill use it now.

Ill blend this together like this,

to give a overall cool tone look to my face.

And No.5 Rose Cheek Fit.

Like the previous one, Ill use this to contour my cheekbones slightly.

Its done.

Isnt the lip a little plain?

Ill use the Raspberry Cheese color that I showed you,

and it will suit the cool tone makeup if I apply it on the inside of my lips.

This is a cool tone makeup that doesnt really look like on,

but its done.

I started without bangs and ended with having them.

I showed you two looks by only using Eglips.

I was able to do bright makeup thanks to Eglips products.

If you are curious about other one-brand makeup,

write them on the comments below!

Ill start with the brand that has the most requests.

Thank you for watching this long video until the end,

and I hope you have a happy day, and good luck tomorrow!

Lets meet next time, bye~

This lip product got smeared on my teeth.



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