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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Every Known Super Star Destroyer in the Empire (Canon/Legends) - Star Wars Explained

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The Super Star Destroyer was one of the most terrifying symbols of the power of the Galactic

Empire. But how many of the massive ships could be seen throughout the galaxy? In this

video well be covering the brief history and fate every single one in both Canon and

Legends. We will specifically be covering those ships classified as Executor-class,

so ships like the Eclipse from Dark Empire will not be included.

Starting with the canon, thanks to Aftermath: Life Debt, we know there were thirteen Super

Star Destroyers in the Imperial Fleet. Interestingly, the first one built was the Annihilator, and

not the Executor. It was the flagship of Grand General Tagge in the months after the Battle

of Yavin.

At that point in time, the Executor itself was nearing the end of its construction above

Kuat. It was originally intended to replace the Annihilator as Tagges flagship, but

instead became the personal ship of Darth Vader, and the head of his armada, Death Squadron.

It was present at the Battle of Endor, where it was destroyed.

After the Battle of Endor, the Annihilator was overtaken by a group of pirates that used

the ship to begin their own pirate empire.

In the months following, five super star destroyers were destroyed in battle. Another three were

either surrendered or commandeered by the New Republic, and likely deconstructed and

rebuilt into the new Starhawk-class capital ships. Another super star destroyer called

the Arbitrator was destroyed in a poorly plotted retreat into hyperspace.

That left two more. The Eclipse was the personal flagship of Emperor Palpatine himself. Reports

indicated that it was among those that were destroyed, but Rae Sloane uncovered evidence

that those reports may have been altered.

The final known canon Super Star Destroyer was the Ravager. In the months after the Battle

of Endor it was rumored to be the final Super Star Destroyer in the Imperial Fleet. It was

lost in the Battle of Jakku, and it was slowly consumed by the desert for the next thirty


Legends material was more liberal in its use of the Super Star Destroyer with eighteen

known ships throughout the galaxy.

Of course the Executor is on this list as well, and in the Legends timeline was the

first constructed.

The Annihilator was also in Legends, although as a completely different Super Star Destroyer.

It was under the command of Admiral Gaarn, and was destroyed shortly after the Battle

of Endor defending the half-constructed Eclipse above Kuat.

The Aggressor was used to defend Imperial shipyards at Corellia after the Battle of

Endor. One year later it was under the command of Grand Admiral Grunger, who declared himself

an Imperial warlord intent on taking control of the Empire. He met heavy resistance from

Grand Admiral Pitta, and wound up ramming the aggressor into his enemy, destroying the

ship and killing both Grand Admirals.

Little is known about the Enforcer other than it was damaged, chased, and eventually destroyed

by Rebel forces led by Luke Skywalker.

The Guardian was under the command of Admiral Drommel, another self-declared warlord that

arose after the Battle of Endor. It remained in Imperial service for twelve years until

Drommel found himself surrounded by the New Republic. He refused to surrender, so one

of his officers shot him and offered the ship to the New Republic. Command passed to Admiral

Ackbar, and it remained in action through the Yuuzhan Vong War.

The Intimidator was part of the Black Fleet, which was captured by the Yevetha eight months

after the Battle of Endor. Eleven years later the Imperial prisoners were able to retake

the Fleet. Failing to reunite with the remaining Empire, the ships dispersed. The Intimidator

was found abandoned in the Unknown Regions four years later.

The Iron Fist was the command ship of Warlord Zsinj. The former Imperial admiral used it

against the New Republic and his former Imperial allies in the years following the Battle of

Endor until it was destroyed above Dathomir by Han Solo and the Hapan Royal Navy.

Razors Kiss was not completed until three years after the Battle of Endor. Warlord Zsinj

attempted to hijack it, but the attempt was sabotaged by Wraith Squadron, and the ship

was destroyed.

However the collected debris were reconstructed into the Second Death. Warlord Zsinj ordered

the ship to be painted with the Iron Fists markings in order to fake his own death. A

purpose for which it was used shortly after.

The Knight Hammer was used by Admiral Natasi Daala in an attempt to destroy the New Jedi

Order on Yavin IV. It was covered in stealth armor, and had advanced systems that allowed

it to run with a much smaller crew. But the Jedi were able to sabotage the ship and send

it crashing into Yavin Prime, where it was destroyed.

The Lusankya was the sister ship of the Executor. It was built and then buried on Coruscant

to be used as a means of escape in emergency situations. After the Battle of Endor it was

used by Ysanne Isard as a prison until she was forced to launch the ship, an act which

killed millions. The New Republic eventually defeated Isard and captured the Lusankya.

It was finally destroyed in the Yuuzhan Vong War.

The Reaper was originally under the control of Grand Moff Kaine, but command passed to

Admiral Gilad Pellaeon. It served as his flagship until it was destroyed in the Battle of Celanon

nine years after the Battle of Endor.

The Terror was used to protect the development of the TIE Phantom, and was itself outfitted

with cloaking technology. However it was boarded by Rebel saboteurs, who stole a Phantom, and

destroyed both the production facility and the Super Star Destroyer three years after

the Battle of Yavin.

The Vengeance was under the command of Admiral Senn, and was destroyed during the Battle

of Nocto shortly before the Battle of Endor.

The Whelm is another ship with little history, but it was destroyed during the Imperial Civil

War six years after the Battle of Endor.

Shortly after the death of Emperor Palpatine, a Force-sensitive clone called X1 took control

of a Super Star Destroyer for use against the New Republic. It was destroyed in the

Battle of Mustafar.

Finally, two unnamed Super Star Destroyers have appeared in Rogue Squadron III, and the

New Jedi Order book Destinys Way. The first was outfitted with cloaking devices, but was

destroyed by Rogue Squadron. The fate of the other is unknown.

And thats all of them! Twenty total Executor-class Super Star Destroyers in the Imperial Fleet!

I like that the new canon right now has very few. The more that exist, the less impact

they have. I will be interested to see if the Empire had any more lying about. If you

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