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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TESTING TERRIBLE HOT GLUE HACKS!

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Hello there! So today I have a very fun video planned for you. So a few weeks ago, I sat at this very desk and

I was copying and recreating some of those really ridiculous art hacks that you see on YouTube, Instagram,

those ones you just look at and you just think,

"Why?" And I asked in that video, "hey, if this video gets 5000 thumbs up I will do a video of

glue gun hacks" and I got...

*dramatic pause*

that many. So I am gonna be doing that today and I did go and buy some extra hot glue gun refills because

I'm guessing I'm gonna need a lot of these, and- my chair is spinning. Why is it spinning?

So that's all I'm gonna be doing today. I'm gonna be looking for the absolute worst

hot glue gun hacks that I can find on the Internet and gonna be recreating them, so this should be fun.

Gonna plug this in.

Excellent, oh there's one over here.

So while this heats up let's see what we can find on the good old Internet. Okay, so this first hack that we're gonna copy

is an "eraser." They basically have like, the end of a pencil, sticking hot glue on the end of the pencil,

letting it dry and apparently you can use it like an eraser. I

personally don't believe this for a second but we're gonna try and see if it works because I might be pleasantly surprised.

We don't know yet. Okay,

I have a mechanical pencil here and it has an eraser but we're gonna forget that it's got an eraser. We're just gonna...

pull that out! So we are just gonna

stick hot glue

dramatically on top of the pencil. So that's what that looks like. It looks absolutely beautiful!

And we're gonna sit and wait for this to dry now. It's actually, it's actually

collapsing. It's actually collapsing, so we probably should stick some more on it. Beautiful! Look at that, that is a stunning eraser!





Now we're gonna try erasing. Has it dried, no it still- it's still soggy.

Still waiting for it to dry.

Still not dried.

Okay so our eraser is now dry and we are going to use it to see if

it works. Are you ready?

I'm actually impressed!

It actually worked. I mean, it's clearly not the best eraser in the world but you can see that it actually did work. So if you are

for some reason without an eraser but you have tons of glue sticks, you can definitely use it as an eraser so

five out of five for that one.

Okay, so with this one we use a hot glue gun to make a couple of dog turds, stick it to the lid of a jar,

stick a key in the jar,

use a wooden spoon to

dig instead of a trowel because that makes sense and then we

hide a key in the ground because no one wants to touch the hot glue dog turds. So got a bit of foil here

as you can see, laid out nicely. We're gonna just

create some...

dog turds.

I don't really- I've never done this before,

strangely enough, so uh, wish me luck. I'm gonna run out of hot glue at this rate.

I think I'm going to do just one dog turd instead of the two because

it seems a waste of resources

to me. So we've got to give it- give it a nice little texture.

Just like, some nice texture. I didn't have any wax paper so fingers crossed it comes off of the foil.

I'm having trouble getting the sort of,

the 3d effect, so

fingers crossed it looks okay when it's done.

Now in theory this is actually a good

clever idea, but if you've got a gardener or like, a good neighbor that goes around doing you know,

good deeds for you, he's gonna see the dog poo in your garden and pick it up and then,

"Oh! Found the location of your key, now I know how to get your house at 9:00 and steal your television!" So that's how it looks,

I'm gonna poke it a bit.

Give it a bit of texture. Okay, so that is what that looks like. We're now going to give it a nice little brown

paint, like that.

And I'm actually quite concerned as to how

much this looks like a trodden on poo. To be honest, it actually looks like a bit of chocolate more than anything else. I

can't- I can't start digging into the ground with a wooden spoon, so what I'm gonna do is let this dry,

throw it at my brother and see if he reacts to it.

(Chloe): Guess what I found in the garden?


(Chloe): This! Hey, don't you want it?

Where did you get that?

(Chloe): Catch! *laughs*

In theory,

he kind of fell for it but he fell for it before he even saw it so I think I'd give this like a... a

3 out of 5 because it's really, especially if it's still on your hands, the paint,


no. So this one looks ridiculous. Basically they've got a balloon, they're covering it with wax paper and

they're literally making a hat.

Like, WHY are they making a hat? I don't know but we're gonna try this but I don't have any wax paper. I have foil.

*Loudly blows up balloon*

Is it the size of my head? Hopefully, that's- that'll do.

*Balloon releases air*

That's the balloon.

I have done a lot of stupid things on my channel but this is probably one of the stupidest and I can't even see what I'm

actually doing,

cause I don't know what's connected and what isn't.

I've got like, probably a third of a hat right now.

I would say you know, hey if you want something kind of stylish, not really, you could do this

and save a bit of money but honestly the amount of glue sticks that I've used on this one hat is

not cheaper than buying a hat. Maybe I could say this is a Gucci hat because they sell the ugliest stuff

I have ever seen in my life. Have you seen this, I mean what- what is that? What is that?

Okay, we're gonna see what our half a hat looks like. Okay, actually let's pop our balloon first.

*Balloon loudly pops*

Uh, I don't think this is gonna actually come off the foil. It's probably a reason why they use the wax paper.

Okay, okay, so here's our hat. As you can see it looks


Uh, very Gucci, very...

My camera can't even focus on me, I look this terrible. What do you think, do you like it? it's got a nice, uh,

31st century vibe going on to it,

doesn't it? It looks rather, rather dashing. Okay so this one requires you to have a map of your hand

to create some sort of glove. Umm...

Okay, it's a glove, a caged glove, a caged glove - TWO caged gloves for your hat. What is the point?

What's the point? We'll try it with paper I think, because it doesn't like being attached to foil.

So if we just go all the way on the outline of my hand, we're gonna create a lovely cage.

I love how it looks like I've got like, a massive thumb.

Oh, I'm so glad

I bought more hot glue for this. I'm gonna need bloody wrist supports just making this glove. I've got like the child sized version

of a hot glue gun and they've got like the adult sized one. Okay I've done one hand,

one hand is done! Oh shoot. They obviously used wax paper for a reason didn't they? If I'd have known I actually needed wax paper I would

have bought wax paper. Maybe I'll try, okay?

I'll tell you what. I'm gonna do a finger cage instead of a hand cage and I'm gonna do it on a bit of this

instead cause I'm hoping that will work. See, this is much much better. It's no- it's no worse an idea than the hand cage.

This just goes quicker. Okay, we'll leave that and then we need like a

big line

kind of like that. Okay, let's check if this comes off. No, this just pulls up the cardboard. Okay, we've got that.

Oh, unless you have wax paper, don't even bother. There we go!

That's what that looks like, magnificent. Ah, and before

anyone criticizes me, saying "you don't have the right materials so you can't, you can't judge it..."

Let's be real,

who would actually make that, to be fair? Like who would actually spend the time to make that whether they had wax paper or not?

Okay, so don't even- don't even criticize me. We have a phone case. There okay, so it's nice and tightly against my phone.

Now we are going to just make a phone case. If this works, and you know what else?

I'm gonna leave a little bit of gap so I can still use my volume keys.

It better come off this bloody

Ziplock bag, I tell you that. This is gonna be the ugliest phone case I have ever had in my life.

*Groans* This glue gun sucks!

Once I'm done with this, I never want to see another glue gun again. Like, I am so not

even joking. Don't want any SPEAKERS to work so we're gonna cover up the holes on that. There's our beautiful phone case.

I didn't give it too much of a design because I didn't want to like, show off or anything.

But- oh, that's still damp that's not good. And...


It's stuck to the Ziploc bag. It's stuck to the Ziploc bag.


Wow this- this phone case. Look at that, and if I drop it... and it stayed on!

I mean, it stayed on!

So I genuinely think they're just- they're lying and they put like palm oil on it or something because it doesn't work. Okay, one last


We are gonna make a hair tie, um, and I think this will work

because they have used a pencil. I don't think it's gonna stick to a pencil, so let's try it. So basically,

they're saying you can make a hair tie

out of hot glue, and I call

rubbish on this because I don't think that any

hair tie made of glue gun... glue, is gonna actually hold any of my hair. So we're gonna try it, I

could be pleasantly surprised and it's globby but there we go.

That's what that looks like. I've put that glue on there.

Okay so what I don't like is that they like, untwist it as if it's just gonna come straight off but it's not gonna do that.

It's not gonna do that.

It's not gonna do that.

See, that's rubbish. It doesn't just slide off, did you see how it just slid off like that? This doesn't do that, you have to

physically unpeel it. Yeah,

that's gonna do a lot isn't it? That's gonna hold a lot of stuff in my hair and

if we just get a bit of hot glue to close that,

like that.

There we go, that's gonna hold for sure!

Okay, so here is our hair tie. I'm gonna try and put this in my hair now to see if it works.

Yep, that worked.

That worked well.

So thank you so incredibly much for watching this video! I hope you enjoyed it even though pretty much all of it was a fail, I

really really enjoyed this. I highly recommend that you don't try this yourself

unless maybe I've done all of this wrong and I'm sure people will tell me in the comments if I did, but

It doesn't work. Like, it didn't come off the plastic. It didn't come off-

I mean, I kind of understand it not coming off the paper,

but it didn't come off the plastic, cause it kind of melted to the plastic. How did it not slide off the pencil? It just doesn't work

that way. So yeah,

thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed the video. Give this video a thumbs up if you would like to see me do more

videos like this or if you have ideas maybe, for things similar to this that I can try out next time and


thank you so incredibly much for watching again, I hope you enjoyed the video.

Take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video.