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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Secret Bakugan Battle Championship!

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guys Paxton been acting really suspicious alI week. I think he's hiding


hey Payton, what's up? hey Bryton, hey Payton, what's up? What are we doing? I have no idea

yes I'm ready

hey guys what was Paxton looking at? I don't know I didn't get a good look how

about you guys? comment down below if you saw what Paxton had

there's no time for that guys come on we can't lose Paxton's trail

guys check it out people are commenting on this video, nice what are they saying?

some people are saying Paxton has a case of bakugan

really? I love Bakugan. great attention awesome ninjas

now I better get going before we lose him

what did Paxton hand him? I don't know I think it's a ticket. how do you know?

since you must have an invitation to enter the championship event

if you don't have an invitation you may only enter if you can dance like a chicken!

what no way I'm gonna dance like a chicken

ok, I'm going without you

hey what's he doing? I don't know let's go check it out

our reigning champion

hey do you know what they're putting down on the board

those are the Baku cores, they can get a powerup your Bakugan or it could be a

trap. are those bakugan? I've never seen anything like that yeah that's the new

bakugan battle planet

oh yeah I hop Paxton wins. he's so cute

roll number two, Baku brawl

yes Paxton got a clean sweep he won three in a row

awesome roll Sade's trot has a higher B power but let's see what the baku cores say

and once again our champion azalea moves on to the finals how do you feel

about your chances? it's too easy there's no competition here. interesting

what a surprise newcomer Paxton miler has made it to the final championship

round how do you feel about your chances pax? well Azazel may be the reigning

champion but I'm gonna do my best I have a secret weapon it's a super rare

diamond dragonoid. good luck Paxton he's gonna need it it's time for championship


whoa surprising Paxton takes the first roll when his trox ultra open on the

second roll it's all tied up. If Azazel wins this roll it's all over for Paxton

ha this match is all over my Neela's has 500 B power plus the 400

from the Baku poor and that's 900

whoa 900 well I got 300 for my Bakugan and 700 for my finger and that makes 1000

congratulations to our grand champion Paxton! What are your feelings after beating azazel?

that was amazing so your secret weapon paid off did in it

Oh Paxton are you ready for your prize? there's a prize?

a huge supply of bakugan

nothing's it's fine you can take it really thank you

good job Azazel I hope we get a battle again sometime

yeah whatever, I already gave out my prize, but

I want you to have my diamond dragonoid. really?

a diamond Dragonoid huh Wow! Thank You Paxton

oh I'm so excited to open this i

I got an ultra nelius and I got a serpentine I can't wait to open it

they're so cool hey guys how'd you like the competition

Paxton you did awesome I can't believe you won yeah! but why

have you been so sneaky recently ? well I wanted you guys to play with me but

every time I tried to invite you you ignored me. why did that bouncer make us

do a chicken dance? oh he's actually not a bouncer, he owns the place.

but on the note it said we needed an invitation or to do the chicken dance well I knew

you snooping around my room so I planted it and I told the bouncer to say no until

you guys did the chicken dance. you set the whole thing up! you knew we were

following you? you knew the whole time? I knew you guys couldn't resist a good mystery

what yeah yeah we'll played Paxton are you guys ready to open your Bakugan?

yeah hey guys we're back at the ninja kids studio.

it's a two-headed dragon it's so awesome I got Diamond

let's see how strong he is. whoa

game that's a different way to play so you mean you can boost your Bakugan?

power by using these cards Oh booster packs with each of you that way we

together yes oh it's my guy on it oh it's dragonoid

I got an epic code that means you can upgrade

New York City at the bakugan battle exhibit gathered right now we have

limited edition bakugan the best part is we're

giving these to one of you!

whoever comments down below the most epic comment

likes and shares this video will win the limited edition Dragonoid

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