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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Lady Gaga Talks About Crowd Surfing At Lollapalooza | Interview | On Air With Ryan Seacrest

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Ryan: Hey, here we go. Gaga's on the line, here we go. Thanks for being with us, Ryan Seacrest

and Shes on the Virgin Mobile Presents Tour.

The Monster Ball Tour, tonight and tomorrow night, Staples Center.

Lady Gaga joining us right now. Gaga, how are you?

Gaga: Hey Ryan!

Ryan: Good day to you, darling.

Gaga: How are you?

Ryan: Im well! Welcome to our wonderful town here.

Were excited about the big show!

Gaga: I havent talked to you in a long time.

Im actually not in LA.

Im getting on a plane!

Ryan: Oh, youre not here yet?

Gaga: No, Im going to take a plane to the Staples Center. Ryan: Oh, god.

Ryan: Well, I wanted to talk to you the other day

when I saw you crowd surfing which, by the way, got millions and millions of views online.

Gaga: It did?

Ryan: Oh my god! You have no idea!

It was like the biggest, most talked about thing on the web

for 24 hours!

Can you just walk me through why and

When you were out there in the crowd

you were almost in nothing, were you worried?

Gaga: No! I was so excited!

Because I havent crowd surfed in a long time because no one lets me anymore.

(cell phone signal drops out)

Ryan: Well I was just worried that they were going to rip your nylon off or your fishnet off.

Gaga: It was just great! I love Semi-Precious Weapons.

Theyre my band, they signed to Interscope.

I dont know what came over me!

I just got so excited and I remember playing that stage and what it felt like.

They were doing such a great job and I was standing there with Lady Starlight

And she was likeCan you imagine if you jumped into the crowd? “

And so I said, “F*** itand I just jumped.

Ryan: Hit mybleepbutton, Jess.

Gaga: Oh Im sorry! [laughs] I keep forgetting that it's live!

Ryan: One of the great things about you is you live in the moment and youre unfiltered and I like that.

I just have to have my finger on the button.

Gaga: Yeah, you need to wear a condom...a radio condom!

Ryan: Yeah, when I talk to you!

One of the things that I saw you tweet about was

when Prop 8 was overturned. At a moments notice,

at the death of Prop 8, you instantly began to write music.

Tell me about what you were feeling and what you wrote about.

Gaga: Oh my gosh, I felt like it was a revolution!

A gunshot went off!

It set us all into rotation.

It was so exciting when it happened because it, for me, was a moment

that indicates in can happen in every state now.

Its been so important to us for so long,

Weve been fighting for it, Ive been fighting for it at my shows.

So, I wrote a song calledFeature Lovea long time ago,

And it was really about free love and gay marriage

and so, I was so happy. I went right into the studio

and I kept writing.

I know Ive been telling everybody my album is almost done,

which it kind of is done, but I cant stop writing music!

So, I dont know what Im going to do.

I might have to put out two records. I don't even know.

Ryan: Some of those things, though, that you end up writing about

can be very important and theyve got meaning and message.

So, its hard to stop, right?

Its likeOkay Ive gotta cut if off tomorrow. I've gotta cut it off next week.'

And then you goWait a minute, this is important to me! I've gotta put this on.'

Gaga: Well, I never stop writing.

So, even when my album is out and Im on the road,

Im still always in the studio and Im always working.

When I put this album together,

I want to write the album in an innovative way.

I wanted the music to be innovative,

and I wanted the message to be innovative.

And I already have the sonic ideas and the message ideas.

I basically just asked friends of mine to produce the record with me

And we created a name for ourselves, were called theBanditos.’

Ryan: The Banditas!

Gaga: The BanditOs.

Ryan: The Banditos.

Gaga: Yeah, I get overruled in the crew because theres three guys.

Ryan: Well, it sounds like youve still got that cumulo-nimbus cloud of creativity you've always had

and I know youve expressed your fear of losing it by having sex

so it sounds like thats still all within you!

Gaga: Well, I guess thats a pretty good indication.


Im really having a great time. I get to see my fans everyday on stage.

Theyre electrifying and phenomenal and mind-blowing.

My fans have become their own cultural revolution regardless of me

and thats whats really exciting.

I mean, I even went down to the old bar that I used to work at when I was in New York,

and even the parties that emerged down there and popping up all over New York City,

the rock nroll mellow community,

The electro-pop community,

the dance communities

everythings just in full force.

The clothes that everyone had on, and the hair, the make-up,

the attitude and the fashion and the street.

It was exciting to go home and see, perhaps, what my friends were telling me,

was the effect the my music was having on our old neighborhood

and that is more exciting than anything.

It made the neighborhood even stronger.

Ryan: Well you talk about doing it for your fans

and you being able to feel that energy from your fans,

one of which is listening now, her name is Mya,

and she wanted me to ask you,

Do you see yourself being Lady Gaga forever

or do you think therell be a point where youll reinvent who that is?’

Gaga: Yes I do thinkWell, I am Gaga.

Its kind of like if your parents have nicknames for you.

My nickname is Gaga.

But, kind of the idea of everything that I stand for

As a person and as an artist, is that I am

Ever-reinventing, I am ever-changing.

I am ever-metamorphosising.

I dont know. Im always changing.

I don't reinvent from album-to-album. I reinvent from day-to-day, week-to-week,

Video-to-video, song-to-song.

Im quite chaotic about the way that I tell stories.

I still think that my fans understand those stories

Because I think that they recognize their own chaos within themselves.

Ryan: Right, which is the universal relatable factor.

The folks that are listening that are in Los Angeles right now

that are coming to your show, can you tell us about it?

Or what can we expect? Are there any surprises?

Gaga: Oh yeah, the show is my opus.

Its my great opus.

Its really just a beautifully strange other-worldly experience

and its really not like going to a pop concert

its like going to a party. A huge part of 20,000 people

jumping and sweating and covered in glitter

listening to amazing, amazing dance beats.

And, you know, everyone that is on the team is the best at what they do.

The guy who mixes my show is a killer,

the PA every night just sounds slamming.

Its a beautiful experience, from the clothes to the story

The whole story is that me and my friends are trying to get to the Monster Ball

and all these things get in our way.

Our car breaks down.

Then we get on the Subway which takes us to a strange place in the middle of Manhattan.

Then a twister swallows us up and we get sent to the center of Central Park.

Through my fish-eye lens, its my version of New York.

Its the New York that I live in, this fantasy version.

Its just a blast.

Just leave your inhibitions at home and come to be free.

Sometimes I find that when I play these bigger-city gigs,

with corporate groups that come to see,

Im always trying to scout everybody out

so I can find all the Superfans that were sleeping on the boulevard.

Ryan: Well, we will know tomorrow at every office in town,

if people have glitter on their forearms, where they were.

Gaga: Yeah, and their wives are screaming at them.

Ryan: Yeah Gaga: [screams]

Ryan: Ive got a pair of tickets to see Gaga at Staples, 800-520-1027,

Right now, caller #102.

Hey darling, thanks so much for calling, I know youre in transit now.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Gaga: Yes and I just wanted to say thank you to my fans who are listening,

thank you so much for voting for me on MTV,

Im so so honored to have my 13 nominations,

So thank you so much for all your support and I love you and Im making some kick-ass music for you, so Ill see you soon!

Ryan: Cant wait to hear it, thanks Gaga, see you later.

Lady Gaga: Okay, bye!

Ryan: Bye!

A few tickets are still available at if you want to see. It's not even a show, it's an experience.

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