Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 鮭魚&高麗菜奶油炊飯/Salmon&Cabbage Butter Rice |MASAの料理ABC

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Hi everyone. I'm MASA.

Today, I want to share with everyone a delicious rice dish.

It's name is:

In English it's called "Salmon and Cabbage Butter Rice".

Last time I introduced it in my late-night snacks video

Braised rice with chicken and tomato

This time, we'll use salmon, and butter and soy sauce for seasoning

This combination is incredible and can make a delicious dish

Okay! Let's start cooking now

Ok. We are all set!

This time I'm using salmon

For the seafood part

You can also use different kinds of seafood

Cod and snapper are also fine

You can also use a whole fish

The key is, if you cook seafood directly with rice

It would have an unpleasant fishy smell

So it's best if you season it with salt first

Allow the water to drain out, which also takes away the unpleasant fishy smell

Then wipe it clean

Another important thing is, fry until golden

You do not need to cook it thoroughly at this stage

Just cook it until it's beautifully golden on the outside, and smells nice

I'm using Thai rice this time

You can also use whichever rice you like

Not necessarily long grain rice

You can use normal (short grain) rice you can get from the market

Rinse before use, and let dry

If you are afraid the rice would not cook thoroughly this way

You can also soak it in water for 30 minutes and then let dry

In this way, it will cook more easily

So, start heating

Ok, this is the really delicious

Salmon&Cabbage Butter Rice, done!

Ok, let's dig in

When I was braising the rice just now

cooking it with the lid on, the smell is so appetizing

It's really, so good

Let me put it on the plate

Beautiful! Smells great

Squeeze a little bit of lemon on it to make the dish more refreshing

Lemon and salmon are a great combination

Oh, wait, I forgot!

I almost forgot

Today, I opened a sparkling wine especially for this dish

I've only used a little

So the rest

Since this is sparkling wine

It's best to finish as soon as possible

Drink the same wine you cooked with

This would be a great combination


A great dish deserves great beverage


It's very tasty

Let's go on with the dish

The rice is very fragrant

And you can see the rice crust here

Before turning the stove off, I used high heat to cook

Creating a crust underneath the rice

Here, I think I missed just now

This here, the golden-brown crust

very fragrant

If you cook like I did

There is no unpleasant fishy smell at all

Since we fried the fish first until it smells good, we can enjoy the flavor of the fish itself

Also, we used butter and soy sauce to season rice

Eat the rice dish, and enjoy this Japanese style western food

Enjoy this perfect combination of butter and soy sauce

This is already perfection

I can finish this all

But, if you want to add some variation

that is, “ajihen” (flavor change)

You can make it into

soaked rice

Put the braised rice into the boal

Put the skinned fish on top. It's really tasty

You can choose to add cheese or not

It's on your call

Then add some stock, chicken stock

Or Japanese stock, both are fine

This time, I used Japanese stock

With a little bit of soy sauce to season

Here is the prepared soaked rice

It's fantastic

Ok, let's again, dig in

Totally nailed it

This is not the traditional Japanese way to eat soaked rice

that is, Ochazuke (rice with green tea)

This we have here is more western

With cheese and butter

Melting into the stock

The flavor is so rich

You have to try this

Maybe this is a bit caloric-dense

But it's ok. Enjoy this

And then work out later

Ok. This dish I introduced is very simple

If you get a good fish

Don't just fry it

There can be variations like this

If you're interested

Have a try. Thank you!

The Description of 鮭魚&高麗菜奶油炊飯/Salmon&Cabbage Butter Rice |MASAの料理ABC