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The tiny house movement seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

And I don't just mean the people who are joining the movement,

but I mean the houses that they're building on average,

I'm now seeing houses that are around 24 feet long. I hardly ever see the small,

tiny houses that we used to see at the beginning of the movement.

But today's video tour is the lightweight,

tiny house design that I think you all are going to love and I think there's a

lot of you out there that can relate to Josh's story as well.

So without further ado, let's check out his tiny house

I spent 38 years of my life accumulating stuff and not doing anything.

Living tiny afforded me to see life instead of somebody else telling me

I started my journey in Georgia. I traveled to South Carolina,

North Carolina, Florida, New York, 27 States,

19 national parks and 12,841 miles.

Well, this is the outside of the house.

When I was nine I actually the Eagle, so I am incorporated

I've had it for a while incorporated it into the house,

just to give me a little sense of my roots where I came from.

I did when I was nine.

I actually carved the mold for it and then poured

Never know when you might need to look nightlight and the camera system.

I also have the fire safe and electronic safe in there.

It was important to me to have my valuables protected at all times just like you

would in a regular house. Um, the,

the electronic locks on the door and a steel plating on the door combined with

the cameras in the safe gave me a, uh, a sense of security. False sense.

the back of the unit is the most fun for me cause there's,

this is where all the magic happens. If you talk to a lot of tiny home builders,

they'll tell you that the biggest problem they have inside of a house is water

and condensation. So in 66 square foot,

I did not want to deal with that so the answer, move to shower outside.

Um, I got to leap here changing station,

which is a French beach changing station. Got it on Amazon. Um,

I built my own little rig to hold my shower head and the camplux portable hot

water heater is phenomenal. This thing works on two pounds of pressure.

The propane, I filled it up one time in the last 10 months.

So and believe me, I shower more than once a week. All right,

so this is the inside of the house and we'll start on this side.

2.1 cubic foot refrigerator.

It is a frost free refrigerator or freezer combo and it's also Thermo electric

so it's really good on efficiency. 21 inch flat screen.

Smart television doesn't get any better than this.

Probably feels big in a tiny house, doesn't it? It does feel big in a tiny house,

especially when it's smart heater fan combo it's only a 100 watt unit inside

insulated in here. It's really good about five minutes and cook you out.

Computer station wifi, got to have it down below.

I got a dry storage and extra storage spaces, some extra shelves on top.

You gotta have grandpa's fishing pole and more storage spaces,

electronics, stuff like that. It's a 45 gallon water tank in here.

also my sleeping bag,

storage closet area hanging closet.

You can hang plenty of clothes. You've got the shoe rack down below.

Chemical toilet.

I actually have a toilet inside this you can put it outside if you want.

But you know. You use it a lot? Or are you mostly using public restrooms? Um,

I use this, uh, I find it, it's more convenient.

The best thing about having a small portable toilet like this is that every time

you empty it, you clean it. So it's the cleanest toilet in all

the land. How often do you have to empty it? About every three weeks. Okay.

All right. Now sink area underneath side-by-side washer, ah,

complete with dirty clothes. It's an eight power washer and a pound dryer.

It only runs all 400 Watts and the cycle is only 14 minutes long so it doesn't

use too much power in one wash it'll wash

two days worth of clothes and towels in one wash on the other side of the sink

Kitchen area. And it's not necessarily the kitchen,

it's just the kitchen storage. Um,

I have a three burner propane stove and then I also have the new wave induction

cooktop. So I, I, it's enough to cook dinner off in 66 square feet.

Counter space is a premium.

So I didn't want to put a solid installation for cooking a cook top in here.

Um, portable, easy to move, easily bring out,

and it just comes right out. And you have a little sink.

It's actually an old hotel utility sink.

And they came out of the old Fox theater in Atlanta and I incorporated a point

of use instead of hot water heater here. It's only a thousand Watts. Um, and it,

it provides hot and cold water. Is this etching on here or is that Oh yeah,

that is an acid edge and a sandblast. Um,

that was an extensive project that took me three tries to get right,

but I finally did. So you did that yourself?

I did. That's beautiful.

With a house this size, I'm only five and a half feet wide. It's 11 and 11 long.

So I don't fall under any housing authority restrictions.

I don't fall under any city ordinance restrictions with my truck attached to the

trailer. I fit perfectly in two spots in front of each other.

So I can park this in the middle of Denver.

I can park this in the middle of Austin. I can park

this in the middle of Miami.

And the housing authority and code enforcement would have no say over it.

The dinner table it's easily removable

and off it goes. The bed actually folds out of the table, comes off the bed,

folds out, and then it folds down.

So you would kind of be standing on the end of it.

It's full twin size mattress here, more storage space,

clothing storage

and on this side in the back, back there,

I don't know if you can see it in the bag back there.

All 4 105 full batteries.

They're 12 full sealed lead acids strictly for solar. Um,

and I can run,

I can turn everything on in the house and run the house for 70 hours without

even having, having the panels hooked up.

The other day I actually hooked up one of my neighbors,

tiny houses to my house so that he could have power.

Do you think you have more than you need for this little space then? Yeah,

absolutely. But I did it on purpose.

I overkilled the batteries so that I could plug my saws and my drills into my

4,000 watt inverter. Um,

if I need external power or half to power anything off 110 that's perfect way

to do it. Other than that, everything else in the house,

all the electronics off 12 volt

My roof is what the tiny lifestyle has afforded me in the last,

since January 7th in the last year or so.

These are places I've been things I've seen a little bit of my eclectic

lifestyle. A little bit of my brain is up there.

It's a way for me to, to express my personality. Um,

but at the same time I didn't want to be bored while I was in here. So I like,

so when I look around, be surrounded by my memories

I hook up with a GMC Sierra, great truck core truck,

pick up 5.4 liters. It is a little tough going down the road.

You can definitely feel the drag on it. It has a sway control ball on the front,

which keeps everything steady.

But I spent an inordinate amount of time working on the weight distribution.

So everything inside is distributed very well.

So that trailer actually sits good. I was sideswiped in Moscow,

Idaho and somebody broke my axle while I was inside of the store.

So I came out and found my axle broken.

So I just recently put a brand new 5,000 pound axle on it. Um,

and those are 12 wide tires.

And so I got 6,000 pounds worth of tire on a 5,000 pound axle

but the entire unit only weighs 2,971 pounds. So massive overkill.

I wanted to make sure that I didn't have any problems with rolling down the


The community in the tiny home movement as a whole is inspiring by itself is

awesome how we can all come together in a group of schoolies fan,

lifers, tiny houses,

and we're all involved in a movement of make life simpler.

But at the same time we're experiencing life a lot more

The future is something that's up for grabs.

I am absolutely not going to go back to a regular house.

I have never been happier with this for my entire life.

I've never experienced anything more enlightening than living in a tiny house,

Being stagnant for so long was the worst thing that could ever happen

I became lethargic

and this has brought about a new sense of being a new sense of self for me,

that's made me say, Hey, I can be better than I was yesterday,

and that's the most important thing.

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