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- Hey YouTube, what's up? We're

at Galveston State park today.

Gonna do some fishing on a Monday,

which is always good. Stay tuned to the

end of the video, I will show you exactly

where I launched and where I caught fish.

(Giant Wave Sound)

- All right and we are off.



(heavy breathing)

(Wind blowing in microphone)

- Well it doesn't get much smaller than this.

This is about an 8 incher, there you go buddy.

So I've resorted to trolling, uh

that was about an 8 incher cut and released

a 10 incher on the troll. Throwing this little guy.

But that uh is the only way I been

able to find them so far today.

Go Pro ran out of batteries so,

apologize for rookie move, but uh

if I catch them on the Go I'll let you know.

All right guys I'm gonna switch it up to the

mag minnow 90F I was catching them on the troll. With um,

this little guy

on 8th inch shake head.

I got this from a wader when he got here

he had a limit he had um, loaded out using

this guy so there's a lot of dinks.

I've two 8 inchers and one 10 incher.

So I'm hoping this up size is gonna work for me.

Got my rod out sideways trolling that magnoder

right now but I was doing it earlier

with the soft lastic it was producing.

I'm just kinda pedaling at a steady pace.

And every once in a while

I just give it little bit more jerk

to give it a little bit more action

but you should be able to feel

the lure doing its magic there.

And um, I haven't caught a fish here

but only been going on the mag darter for one pass so far.

Felt like I got a few bumps but I'll

let you know if I caught any fish.

(whispering) I can only tangle in there but






- Whew wee boys I got this guy on the troll.

Bout 17-18 incher Awesome.

Got em on thee um, bait, I'll show

you man I gonna let him go.

But yes!

Trolling.... produces.

Whew he's ready to go.


This is what produced. Its a mag minnow 90F

I'll have a link it in the description

I gotta find out, I forgot who made it.

But uh, I'm just trolling this along

at a steady pace and bam, upgraded.

I was catching 8 to 10's on that little

on the little bait, the little swim bait.

Upgraded to this guy, and boom produces a nice fish.

Hey YouTube Great day today out on the water today.

Took me along time to figure out what the fish wanted.

I threw my entire tackle box at them.

Then I ended up using a technique that I

haven't used at all in Texas. I've used it a lot in

California, trolling for stripers.

I just started trolling. Uh, caught about

three dinks, super dinky fish. Then I switched it up.

To the crystal mag minnow and uh produced

a nice 17 and a half 18 inch fish on the troll which was

my last fish of the day. But it was an awesome one.

- I'm gonna show you where I was fishing today

and where I launched from and the general area.

That I finally caught fish in.

Uh so were gonna zoom into Galveston Island

state park right now, um, the Google Earth

puts you on the beach side um, that's not where I

launched. Where I launched was from this side right here.

Uh you drive in off St. Louie Pass Road.

Also known as FM3005.

You take a right off that road

if you're coming from Houston.

Uh, down to Seawall.

Come in, check into the park, hit this T

take a right and you basically just follow

it all the way down to the end.

You'll pass the RV park on your left here.

And right here Is where the launch is.

Um there's a little foot bridge

you kinda gotta perverse. Its pretty easy no big deal.

Especially if you got a car if you have

somebody to help you. Its really easy.

When I first started fishing I was fishing

this um, these two passes right here.

This general area I had no luck what so ever.

Uh one of the other gentlemen I was

up there with caught a nice 19 inch

Flounder right against this shore line.

Right when we got there which was about 8:30

I fished this area through here.

I fished all these flats. Um my swim beta I was using

got chased by a sheep set over here

a little bit but that was about it.

Fished all through here, back down here.

Came back to this shore line right here

for quite some time it has some broken

up concrete, the sun was coming out

I was hoping it would warm that up.

Saw a lot of bait over here um

saw quite a number of blow ups.

But uh this is where I really

through everything I had in the

tackle box at these fish and couldn't

get them to bite, did that for three

three hours about, didn't get any bites.

Finally got frustrated, switched to trolling.

Started trolling the little swim bait

that you saw and it was in this

general area right in here kinda

where it gets the narrowest that I caught

the small guys and my final big uh, 17 inch biggish fish.

Uh right here, so if you're familiar with the area at all.

This is Watermen's restaurant. This is also the marina

here uh pretty popular restaurant if

you're familiar with the area.

So yeah if you launch, yeah again

this is winter time so I would suggest

maybe hit the shallow part here

but then troll deep through most of the day.

Also there seem to be kind of some fish

over this big area here but I really

didn't troll that much I like went

past didn't catch any fish. So.

There's your port guys. Its a nice spot

super easy launch. Very easy to get to.

Will cost you five dollars to get into the park.

I have a park pass so its free.

Uh but that's it.

Hey, thanks for watching today.

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