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I'll talk about the Declaration of

Independence of the United States and

why'd the 13 American colonies decided

to become independent later you'll

practice your grammar with a point of

view story we hold these truths to be

self-evident that all men are created

equal that they are endowed by their

creator with certain inalienable rights

that among these are life liberty and

the pursuit of happiness

these famous words are all that most

people remember of the American

Declaration of Independence but the text

as a whole is far more complex and

subtle than this piece of liberal

rhetoric might suggest Thomas Jefferson

was given the job of writing the

Declaration of Independence by the

Second Continental Congress committee he

wrote the original Declaration in only

four days he revised it a little bit

over the next two weeks when he was done

he gave a copy to Benjamin Franklin and

John Adams to read and

associated with the 4th of July since

1777 right now we're celebrating in

Philadelphia and Pennsylvania with

bonfires gunshots and explosions awesome

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