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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cassie suddenly dies in an accident | Kadenang Ginto Recap (With Eng Subs)

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Mama, are you really going to ignore Mr. Bernard's call?

I've talked to Tope.

Are you really sure about Mr. Bernard?

We must be careful, Cassie.

I don't want to doubt our close friends,

but I have to do it if it means your safety.

I'll take Romina's room.

Let's go.


Goodbye, Romina.

Have a safe trip to hell.

Damn it!

Boss, Cassie and the others are gone.

They tricked us.

Find them!

They haven't gone too far.

We're too late, Romina.

We didn't tell them that Hector is here.

Hello, Bernard?

What do you want?

Hello, Romina!

Get out of there now!

Hector is on his way. He's going after you!

How did you know?

I heard Daniela.

Believe me, Romina.

They're almost there.

Ma'am, we have to go now.

Let's go, Romina!

Mama, come on!

They're going after us!

We have to leave now.

They won't stop until they kill us.


Mom, don't do this please.

Let's talk about this.

Please, Mom.

You told me this isn't the solution, right?

Mom, please...

Marga, I'm so tired of this.

Everything I hear...

All these accusations...

I've already lost my family.

I've lost Dad.

I've lost Carlos.

And even you...

Even if you're here,

I feel like I've lost you too.

I've lost you too, Marga.

And I can't do something about it.

I'm innocent, Marga.

I know in my heart

that I didn't do anything bad.


Everything I do is for our family.

I do all this for our family.

It just pains me and hurts me so much

for you to think that I can hurt you.

I just want this pain to end.

Mom, no!

Please, don't!

Don't do this, please.


Don't give up.

Don't give up, please.

I'll give you another chance, okay?

Just please, don't do this because...

So please don't leave me.

Just stay with me.


They got away, boss.

This can't be.

I'm sure they haven't gone far.

There they are!

You're dead, Romina! You won't get away this time!

They went off road!


You shouldn't have messed with a demon like me, Romina.

Make sure they're dead.

Yes, boss.

It's the cops!

Let's go!


A car owned by Romina Mondragon,

the president of Romina Sardines,

exploded after it went off road and crashed.

According to reports,

all passengers are safe and only sustained minor injuries

except Romina's daughter, Cassandra Mondragon,

who died in the explosion.

- Cassie! - Stay tuned for more updates.



Stop crying, Marga.

They don't deserve your tears.

But Cassie...

You feel bad for them?

Dear, you should feel sorrier for our family.

We're about to bury your dad.

We've already lost so much.

Listen to me, Marga.

They only have themselves to blame for their suffering.

We are the victims here.

I called to tell you that your sister's dead.

At least now, we're all even.

But Romina's still alive.

I saw it in the news today.

Cassie's death won't atone for my husband's.

It's not enough.

Well, my original plan was to kill them both.

But for some reason, Romina knew we were coming.

They even tried to escape.

Romina's the reason why my husband died.

She's the one who needs to die.

Hang in there, Romina.



Why did this have to happen?

There's just too much going on.

I'm sorry for your loss.

We still can't believe she's gone.

Why did they do that to Cassie?

Everyone loves her.

She never did anything bad to anyone.

Thank you for coming here.

I'm sure that wherever Cassie may be,

she wouldn't want to see you like this.

Auntie Romina.

Just like that, Daniela?

You buried Carlos without consulting us?!

You didn't even tell us what happened!

Just let us see him for one last time!

It's done. My husband's been laid to rest.

Let him rest in peace.

He was my son

before he became your husband, Daniela!

He's my flesh and blood, so I have more right than you!

I helped you cover up your lies

and saved you from trouble countless times

just so Carlos would stay with you,

even if I was already wondering why Carlos loved you so much!

And this is how you repay me?!

You dare deny me my own son?!

- Huh?! - Aah!

- Oh no! - Oh! Daniela!

See that?!

Hell is already opening its doors for you!

Even the devil himself can't wait to welcome you there!

That's enough, Kulas!

- Daniela! - Grab my hand, Daniela!

- Mom! - Daniela...


Let me--


I can go to hell and back again, just so I can get what I want!

You wouldn't want me for an enemy, Father.


What are you doing here?

I just wanted to see Cassie.

Don't you like my little tribute for my dear sister?

You know me.

I put the fun in funeral.

Take your flowers with you.

After all, you died long ago,

and your soul has been burning in hell ever since!

Oh, shut up!

I didn't come here for you, so stop making a scene.

Just let me see Cassie, okay?

No, you don't!

Maybe I should put you in a casket!

You're a mother too, Daniela.

You know what a grieving mother is capable of doing!

I don't care anymore!

I no longer have any reason to live!

If you want a war, then so be it!

I'll give you one, and I won't be holding back.

Are you really sure that she's dead?

Daniela, I saw how that car burned to ashes.

I'm sure her body burned along with it!

Why won't you believe me?!

No, you don't!

I wasn't able to see her corpse.

I want to see her dead with my own eyes.

Are you asking me to bring her corpse to you?!

Isn't that too morbid?

We need to make sure of everything, Hector.

We're at war here!

Cassie's dead, Daniela.

Shouldn't we be celebrating

since we eliminated one of our enemies?

But you better be prepared,

because I'm sure Romina will get back at you.


But for now, we need to get ready for a bigger battle.

I'm still not done with Romina.

Kristoff, don't!

Give me that, Mikoy!

Just let me take it.

I'm just trying to relieve my pain.

This won't help you, Kristoff.

- Your dad and I are here-- - You're not helping!

If you want to help, just let me do what I want.

And then what, Kristoff?

Are you going to make a scene again?

You should face your problems, not run away from them.

It's so easy for you to say that, Mikoy!

You don't understand!

Cassie is the love of my life!

I love her!

You can't just tell me those things when she's gone!

She's gone forever, Mikoy!

We'll take care of things here, Romina.

I want to watch over my daughter.

At least, this way...

...I can protect her.

They killed Cassie.

I hope they'd stop bothering you now.

We can't be sure about that, Bonita,

especially now that we have no idea who's selling us out.

Do you have any idea who's doing this?



Do you know who it could be?

It can't be Bernard. He helped us.

Have you seen anything suspicious lately, Bonita?

I don't want to accuse anyone, Romina.

But whoever the traitor is...

...I'm pretty sure

that person has a reason for doing that.

You're a good person, Romina.

I hope you're right about that person.

God knows what I might do to them.

A lot of lives were put in danger.

I don't know if I'll ever forgive them.

I'm sure you're glad that Cassie's gone.

Now, you don't have competition anymore.

- You didn't even pray for her! - LJ, please...

So what if I didn't?

Did any of you pray for me?

I just lost my dad.

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