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We left Yamaguchi prefecture and now we're in Fukuoka prefecture,

on Kyushu island.

Now we're in the city which name is Fukuoka too.

Let's see what they've got, I've never been here.

Generally, when somebody's in Japan for a short time, I'm not sure if I would recommend themed restaurants,

which serve stuff out of tofu, 'cause

those tastes are very, very, really delicate.

And it's not like it'll blow you up when you'll taste it.

It's rather for patient ones. And more advanced ones.

I've gone to sleep late yesterday. I was making a video for "The Uwaga Pies" channel, from the previous prefecture.

If you want to have details about what we were doing, click here.

Good video.

I recommend.

The guy who made it is...

He made a really good job.

I mean, I meant myself.

This place, this "Bird Pappa" is devil itself. It smells really f***ing good here.

It's impossible just not to buy it when you cross it over.

You'll see, come to Japan. It's not even Japanese,

but when you'll come to Japan, you'll smell and you'll buy it.

Remember. "Bird Pappa" means "old man" in ours.

Their special dish, mot***kers with creme.

We've arrived at the city, which name is Dazaifu.

We'll once again shoot pretty things

and views and food.

What I'm recording here is like the thing we've got in Taiwan.

My daily vlogs were "making of" of what we were really shooting.

And as I said before, we're shooting promotional videos of prefectures we're visiting.

Japanese people really know how to sell themselves, in terms of tourism.

Here's temple, famous in the area. There's always shopping street with souvenirs.

They've local snacks which you can't find in any other place, they're inventing some special dishes and other things.

And the whole machine's working!

It's always impressing me, how it's done in Japan. On one hand those products

are made for tourism needs.

But on another, they aren't cheesy in any way,

despite the fact

that it's pleased to be. On the whole world, tourism means being cheesy.

But here... it has some level. Look.

An important point on a touristic map of this region...

is designer Starbucks shop.

There's something

disturbing in it. Everyone's taking photos, so...


And we're in designer Starbucks.

Those Japanese people...

What couldn't they think of?

Here's main building of the temple.

Temples in Japan are mostly alike.

But you have to admit that everyone has its own charm.

I'd also always liked when temples are

rooted - literally and not

in nature. And are always surround with nature, there's beautiful flora around,

some carps, pretty birds.

I don't remember if I've ever been impressed by a tree,

but this tree

is huge!

Do you remember those times when taking a pic of food before eating it

was embarrassing, 'cause other people didn't get used to it yet?

I'm thinking about it while being which people which shoot everything they eat.

Closest dish that reminds me of Japanese regional specialities market

are creamcakes (kremówki) in Wadowice.

Origins there are, of course, different than in this case,

but let's say that in a small city,

let's take Radom,

everyone came up with an idea of promoting strawberry dumplings

And everyone in Radom is starting to make strawberry dumplings,

everyone come to visit Radom to try trademarked strawberry dumplings from Radom.

And that how it works, yeah...

And that how it works, yeah.

Supposedly, in Fukuoka, the most popular transport are buses

that's unusual, really, in Japan.

Supposedly that way is the cheapest, effective, fast, everywhere are bus stops.

By flying with drone, we've made a sensation,

we've got a little fan club.

People gathered and were asking us what was that.

Workplace no. 500000 in this month.

We're going to try some, again, food.

More food.

We're trying some Street Food and it's clear that...

People here are more sympathetic than in Tokio,

'cause the whole pub is drinking with us.

We've ended with Street Food, so it's time for little mélange [blend]

Nihonshu (sake), mmm...

That's new experience in Japan, 'cause everyone's open

and everyone's drunk as f***.

Cool. In Tokio is different.

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