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Hi everyone. My name is Mathijs de Jonge,

Im the Game Director on Horizon Forbidden West.

Last year we revealed our ambitious new project,

and since then the team has continued to make great progress

on the development of the game.

We are very excited and honored to give you an update

in this State of Play.

In the Countdown video leading up to this moment,

you have already seen glimpses of the Forbidden West,

but now we have something truly special for you:

Almost 14 minutes of gameplay, captured on PlayStation 5.

And you don't have to wait any longer. Let's get right to it!


ALOY: Easy, easy.

It's okay.

You're safe now.


Wait. What happened?

Where's Erend?

DELVER: Ambushed. Ruins are crawling with raiders.

They hit our camp hard.

We ran and they chased us down.

Erend was away from camp... scouting.

I bet he's still out there.

ALOY: What was that?

DELVER: Raider's got machines on their side...Clawstriders.

You should go after Erend.

If they find him before you do,

who knows what they'll do to him.

ALOY: No...I... You're injured. I have to --

DELVER: Don't worry about me.

I'll make my own way out.

Get going.

ALOY: Okay.

What are raiders doing in these ruins?

I hope Erend is okay.


Raiders...riding machines?

This is not good.

Better be careful. There might be more.

Yep, another one.

I need to get clear.

Oh, that was close.

I can't shake 'em.

Up we go.

Maybe I can lose 'em in here.

These guys won't give up.

The only way out is down.

More machines. Better go under.

Oh, don't mind me.

The current's strong here.

EREND: I have friends, okay.

Not just the one's you slaughtered.

And when they come looking for me, there's gonna be...ugh...



You guys wouldn't be laughing if I had my hammer.

RAIDER: Enough! Get moving.

ALOY: I gotta help Erend...

and deal with that Tremortusk.

RAIDER: Now we have two gifts for Regalla...

A Tremortusk and a loud mouth Oseram.

Which one's uglier?


Loot the camp.

Make it look like bandits were here.

Then, we'll head for the old bridge and meet up with the others.

Will do.

Yeah. Got it.

ALOY: This must be Erend's camp.

Raiders made short work of it.

RAIDER: Filthy Oseram.

RAIDER: I'm gonna take you out.

You think you can hurt me?

ALOY: Yeah, I do.

All right. Back to the hunt.

Raiders said they were heading for the old bridge.

Maybe I can cut them off.

Better get to higher ground and find a way.

There's the bridge.

I think I know a way to get there fast.

I've gotta be careful.

That should do it.

Help's on the way, Erend.

EREND: Aloy?

Aloy, watch out!

They have a...Tremortusk!

ALOY: Erend, stay put. I'll handle this.

RAIDER: I have her.

ALOY: Got ya.

RAIDERS: - Man down. -Fire cannons!

ALOY: Gotta keep moving.

RAIDER: Fire now!

ALOY: That must've hurt.

RAIDER: Fall back!

ALOY: I have to stay ahead of it.

Gotta slow you down.

RAIDER: Fire that thing!

ALOY: Oh, here he comes.

Time to head back.

RAIDER: We're under fire.

ALOY: Oh, didn't like that, did ya?

Time to finish this.

EREND: Aloy!

ALOY: Glad to see me?

EREND: You bet.

I owe you another one.

ALOY: Come on.

EREND: But this time I have a present for you.


I found it, Aloy.

Eh, what you sent me for...

right before the raiders got me.

ALOY: You did good.

Now, let's see where this thing will take us.

EREND: You always said a storm was coming.

ALOY: Yeah... and it's almost here.

MATHIJS: So there you have it.

The first gameplay footage from Horizon Forbidden West

running on PlayStation 5.

We hope you are excited about it as we are!

While we have you here,

we would like to spotlight some of the new elements

you have just seen in our gameplay capture.

And to help with that,

please welcome Ben McCaw,

Narrative Director on Horizon Forbidden West.

BEN: Thanks, Mathijs, and hello to all our viewers.

Horizon Forbidden West is set a thousand years in Earths future,

after a global catastrophe.

People live on in primitive tribes,

but theyre no longer the dominant species.

Giant, animal-like machines now roam the land,

and theyre extremely dangerous.

The machines arent the only threat in the Forbidden West.

A strange red blight is spreading across the land,

and it wont be long before it strangles all life.

Aloy, our hero, is the only one who can stop the blight.

But to do that,

she and her companions will have to comb through the ruins of the Old World

to find the technology they need.

In this quest,

Aloy has sent her loyal friend, Erend, into the remains of San Francisco

to find a crucial piece of technology.

Erend encounters raiders from a rebel faction

of the Tenakth tribe.

They are vicious fighters,

but even worse, theyve acquired the power to override machines.

To rescue Erend, Aloy winds up fighting them.

But first she must cross the ruins to reach their camp.

MATHIJS: We face a lot of obstacles

as we traverse the ruins of San Francisco.

To overcome them, weve given Aloy some great new tools...

Using the Focus scanner,

you can highlight spots that allow free-climbing

anywhere in the open world.

The Pullcaster speeds up climbing

and can get you quickly out of trouble.

The Shieldwing allows you to safely descend from great heights

or surprise enemies from above.

With the Diving Mask,

you can stay submerged as long as you like,

and take your time to plan a path around amphibious machines,

or boost through strong underwater currents.

And to speed up overland travel,

a variety of machines can be overridden and used as mounts,

or in combat.

Combat in Horizon Forbidden West puts a strong emphasis

on tactics and player choice.

For close range combat, the Spear is an excellent option.

There is a range of Combos that have different uses and effects.

Valor Surges add a unique set of special abilities,

one of which can be used to knock back nearby enemies.

The spear can be charged to create a high-damage effect

that can take down even the stronger enemies.

A wide array of different weapons is quickly accessible via the weapon wheel:

A slingshot with adhesive grenades to temporarily stall machines.

Bows with arrows that can strip armor and expose weak spots.

A powerful launcher that fires spikes that explode on impact.

Smoke bombs that temporarily blind enemies.

Or you can pick up weapons shot off from machines.

The full game has many more unique weapons,

and each of them can be upgraded on a workbench,

but more on that another time...

The player will need to be smart and creative

and use all of the combat options we have shown

to deal with a large variety of deadly machines.

Sunwings in the sky.

Clawstriders and Tremortusks on land.

Snapmaws in the water.

Even the seemingly harmless Burrowers that you saw briefly swim by.

They are all dangerous.

And even more so when overridden by human rebels.

BEN: We've only scratched the surface of the rebel threat,

as Aloy will fight them in many forms throughout the game.

And to defeat them,

she must explore the open world to uncover the secret behind their power...

and how that secret is related to her quest to stop the blight.

This is just one of the mysteries she will unravel

as her journey through the Forbidden West takes many twists and turns.

MATHIJS: Its time to wrap it up.

We will have more updates close to launch,

and everyone here at Guerrilla cant wait for you to experience the full game!

Thank you for watching!

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