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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: University of Glasgow -Gym life (Vlog) UofG sports

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Oh it's on! Hi I'm Muhammad Ahmad Bin Zia and this is my first ever official

Vlog for the University of Glasgow (not really) today I'm gonna tell you about: Gym

life at the University.

So let's get cracking

The university's gym is located in the Stevenson building, on the main campus, it's really easy to locate

the gym has an amazing atmosphere as soon as you enter you'll be greeted by

some lovely people at the reception

on 3rd floor we have pulse but we're gonna

go straight down to power play because that's where the magic happens

here we have 12 Olympic racks, platform benches and so much more

I go to the gym four times a week, this amazing environment and atmosphere

helps me relax and cope with the university stress, they have all the

equipment one could think of and some amazing views

And the best part is: for just 132 £ you can get a year long membership

that does not only include the gym, it includes the amazing swimming pool the

badminton squash courts, 80 plus weekly classes ranging from I don't know

amazing super circuits to relaxing flow classes and so much more, it's just crazy!

This was a little bit about gym life at Glasgow I hope you all enjoyed it please leave some

comments telling me what my next vlog should be about and I have started my

own YouTube channel the link is in the description below please follow me see

you next time

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