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hey everybody welcome to Falcon place sheltered indefinitely to channel you

would know that I'm a sucker when it comes to post apocalyptic games and

shelter is the opinion me up dad

very much along the lines of something like this were mine granted as were mine

was not possible to let that was more a war scenario

but the gameplay is very similar to that in the fact that you can have a certain

group of people get to take care of which happens to be your family

and you have to kinda by increase an upgrade your basis go along to you

either extend the base itself the bunker the you actually living in or to

actually make different stations to either purify water

make food make traps expand your bunker

et cetera et cetera I could sit here and talk about this a long time but I'm

pretty she doesn't see what the game's all about so definitely else involved in

here really quickly

and I should note as well first episode of the series would be to enjoy desi

let me know in the comments and also let me know by leaving me a thumbs up in


the support really does mean a lot and did you guess like DC definitely expect

more this in the future

let's actually get involved here display already has your first order of business

will be to actually customize your family you have a chance about creating

two parents and two children

I'm it actually makes it after that to be like male-female apparent to be

female female

male-male it's basically open to your own discretion here I think this guy

kinda fits the bill for Falcon I cannot went ahead and made 'em

of cameras at the city you're not the options you know it's little hipster

hairstyle wearing a blazer rip and

they can it sounds like found in a little bit too much city however I'll

tell you this much I'm not much of a courageous individuals get the street at

the way here to make those guys close as possible to me

and then we'll try to help my shortcomings address my family

I am a deep sleeper I can actually sleep to work weeks no lie

I don't see myself as being much practical hands-on I could be optimistic

and resourceful

hygienic you know I actually happened to you that day I Jenny let's go with Dom


now for the stats over here these are actually all presets you can really

customize them

but as the series a bear arms that's the preset the actually kinda bomb for me

then you're gonna be here

I don't think I'm really well educated to be honest here I'd let you know

I try to run a bit of been better nature by would death by myself as Atlantic

troubled I E not much of a troubled individual I think street-smart a

logical sounds more

along my couple but t hear some good logical for this one resource a logical

make sense let's go forward now my wife let's see here for this when I get to be

kinda random ice a bit here and try to

you know get something going on let's see Melissa

you know one apparently really gives her family you fit the bill quite well

pillaged ours is like probably weren't Chuck Taylor something

seems pretty good logoed Melissa she could be the courageous one of the two

others because let's be honest here is a courageous parent it's not gonna be


now in terms of her stats over here well-rounded I'm not really too crazy

about a well-rounded I think you should probably

I guess focus on something right so

violent can be pretty good just because an experienced racism be my main

scavenger wanna say so this could probably fit the bill pretty well

violin good upbringing well-educated athletic it also

do pretty well this is a nine enough for ed I'm gonna go with a biologist for our

shibi are mean scavengers see I will have violent

courageous Melissa obviously she's the one who wears the pants in a family

let's go next year

now our kids at let's see your kids that's random as a little bit as well

let's be honest here my kicking my looking like this way at its no offense

but I'd probably have to ask my wife by

what she's been doing under time free for me because

let's be honest here doesn't really quite look like me much in awe

had let's read my see a little bit on Cynthia sounds good

now sent you could be my knee I want her to be the

just smart 21 if we can make that happen here so may be optimistic

and did smarty pants like a second work pretty good 544

know it on our stories all around so basically these are name different in

appearance want their similar to the parent presets but they actually have


a few stats below because their kid store at

I let's go with ya

well-spoken I like the brain box or do brain box optimistic

great now all this is good let's

I like this guy how he does have a name so was random I something over here Jan


J since his scud Peter

Cynthia what have you been doing your time us away from me

Eric small leader I think Eric sounds pretty good is that apparently a mode as


um let's give him I'm must deal with the

courageous I'm gonna make him a bully at the networks %uh pretty it's a


and then where is the bully one

Darius every the bully I like it let's go next over here

we name the families is my first names now can produce family

be kinda weird to be Falcon Falcon family still let's go with the hippie

which kinda makes it so much that's really weird

disease ear you got the hippies but it will be

I'll be found him yet that makes any sense now our pet name

Hameau no unfortunately for me he can any bird pets so it's either a dog or a

cat will go with a dog named bird

by the way here is the cad if you wanna see what that's all about sadat name


GP family I like it was go forward to two real no I think we're fine

oh yeah I'm not really find this game just came out recently they talked about


there's really not much strategies out there just yet so this will be a

learning experience for all others I'll tell you that much right now

Alice go here in open storage this actually start time for a little while

so you still have it on again to catch a bread

and look around a little bit here so at the same time to give you get a bit run

down to see what's happening you're so for the

storage items collected and stored here you can create extra storage space by


crafty more storage boxes are to get to know right now we have some gasoline

duct tape

would gotta have wood metal nails war

got some springs got some anti-radiation tablets which actually have a pretty

good on

high-price you do better training has been too and he's actually carry a big


amount of trade value we have buckets over here we have some gas mass which

will be used to actually scavenge outside

I T so let's get underway over year a little run down generator

you might want to keep this up and running a few online this will be here

to be really important water filter with things that actually deter units him

early on

is the lack of water because then you will be able to drink where shower you

actually have to take your viewer

on hygienic needs a year so im thinking mister dove really quickly is by

fixing this up here the intake easily 55

and the integrity of our Osito 267 so his media

I'm Falcon actually FL conspired over here and take a suit

in go ahead and let slop over to milissa

person D A all cindy is the daughter I called her my wife in a greater screen

that's kinda weird ignore that Sao can come up here and it's actually get shit

fix this and a yes/no and/or

I got my friend be careful out there innocent people out here to work on

submission but the has met sued on

so I didn't get any poisoning else India happens to be a smart

individual so meet each data maker bit better at fixing stuff

Solis Haberle so grab the other has masud on

and when she's ready to go whenever come over here and fix the oxen filter

forests meanwhile

I'm thinking with analysts out to scavenge soon as possible here

so you're ready to go just have you come up here and fix open doors for you

and closes behind you now meanwhile

we actually want to keep its doors closed by the way because you know

radiation would not

so you're here fixing grade every come down over here my friend and what's have

you as my son

rather be more aplicao was have you upgrade your you can increase your

shelters efficiency by upgrading your oxen filter generator and water-filled

so right now we have this one we can actually upgrade

I know it will have desman Weegy make the song right now cuz when I was a

little one so this will be the level 21 which job in

a much more things down the line I guess we'll probably do this one first

right off the bat he could actually already make some stuff craft item for


yet here you can make furniture for your shelter craft weapons for combat in

traps to catch animals

I it's the right now we have everything we are available sold the further you


your workbench you'll be able to make more important stuff sorry now for tier

1's were kinda wanna stick to you

when most important things early on is to get you saw the toilet and maybe even

a sleeping bag

so you actually get some sleep you're tired so let's actually set up a

sleeping bag and it's a

and will place is bad boy I suppose over here makes

sense I T

milissa you may be going out for an expedition here

cell in order to do that we have to yourself expedition

and we wanna go wit my wife Melissa which that's not her

area Melissa hungry thirsty tiredness toilet dirtiness already

where do you keep air your dirty already Lord Melissa

stop running into my career doing nothing courageous and a high unhygienic

and it's no good

not good nature i really wanna white this unhygienic as I'm really a neat

freak myself but United's says a point yes

the sounds she sounds good I should be going by herself now when you send

lets people out it means you could actually bring less items which you but

the same time you also require less water to go out

now is actually really important is really a fifteen water early in the game

you gonna be

I guess stunted by your lack of water do we get water is by keeping that stilted

and fixing

at high grades an upgraded because within range to actually collect all

that water into your a

system a beer tent show off he said but I will pretty shortly but on a lot of


did you doing early on is waiting for water and waiting for rain because

which roger is really hard to come by in number to uni water if you wanna go out

and actually scavenge about

so we have a church in we have a school and boy oh boy

not really the greatest cent above your stuff earlier I guess we go to the

church which is nearby

and Addison costly to water confirm it and we have to acquire purple she leaves

a year

and we can also give her some items declaring his runs into any sort of

people out there she do some trading that's available

remember the more things the center of wood the less I don't should be able to

pick up on

and excavate scavenge trip so we definitely want to give her a weapon

just to be sure and it is any issues here not twenty

equipped perfect and we also need to give her a gas mask otherwise should get


radiation sickness over there so you could add I think it's pretty good

and if we do any trading out there you don't tell me how much the value for

this is a

I make I didn't you would be pretty important for trade value

this is eighty soul it feels like this is a little bit too much for today great


and boy oh boy gas as a really important for your skin

yeah its cabin trip so you definitely don't wanna Trados of any time soon

I'm gonna hope for the best and maybe two

now we need is for energy they'll

you know what I'll send one of these is actually cost ED I'm pretty sure which

is actually really high price buttock

I as long as you keep yourself be no in gas mask and has messaged on

you're not gonna get any radiation poisoning so maybe this is more the

trade bargain you're looking for here so let's go in center of

yes Colletti Melissa

I'm going up in store for you if you want relations were has mitzi to go out


out a gas mask and were says that I mean don't don't shoot me understand message

earlier let ourselves bets ready to go

Rd ariel's have you come over here my friend and my son I should say I'm happy

crafting the item

let's go ahead and get the toilet ready so use the bucket over here I miss a

bucket bucket of my next move you'll be here because here's where foods that I

don't necessarily want people peeing and pooping

next for food all by the lake Eric stop that for a second

our mom has found some things I was going to be here in except the


hello missier I stumble across a church and it looks like it might have some

good stuff let me to take a look

absolutely I like how the Suns the one given her permission for that too

other we stop the building we did out some fortunate

and Eric let's have you

craft this again then because more than likely

of Falcon is gonna be done over here pretty soon on trading

excellent yes get the water coming in please

here you go see this actually increase in this is the water but

he it but sorry you're actually collecting water because it's raining

really good I'll

I'm sorry is often the Korean and a transmissions over here as well

so you come over here and accept a transmission really quickly

minnesota-based I found somebody in this church

shall I stop and talk to them in %ah

this could either be good or bad if they're in a church was a hope that

they're good people so I'm gonna go ahead and have our approach to strangers

and when you go into a scene over here this will be either a combat seen or

a train scene or maybe a nothing seen

this guy but the UN here buddy

blazer in some money I know vacation short severe

above the mean old no es pay over there

%uh recruited you can recruit people haha I did not know this

this is new to me %uh let's see I don't really wanna recruiter exiting really

low on item so to see about the reason trading

look you wanna check our supplies see if we can help each other out

okay so here's what we got I

you can trade items would people that come to your shelter and when family

members got exploring

he's only God to food rations were 20 at $10 each so basic this will give us 20

this actually cost of forty I thought it was eighty

you know what I don't miss the bad trade sure he's chipping me out by twenty bud

so we could be really important as well obviously

you need you to survive see no I'm gonna make this trade happen I'm gonna do it

nice train bus

you got a nice things there are you telling me you valujet be of net trade


get here larry those shorts on we got a few stats over here as well

this will be random from my to my understanding so we got string career

may be either actually based on what you're doing

soul singer Alison actually level upper strength maybe

you anyway it's all fine and dandy skip out on that one

now she still has a scam is a church so we're not done just yet

by the way center you might wanna come in here daughter

daughter of mine on its Falcon Scindia you might wanna

returns Sudan Falcons have you also returned a suit close its doors last

sounds a bit thirsty their water storage that max capacity so you know what

right now what everybody drink water ever make my black taken and very now

come over here can drink water since we're maxed out this be the perfect

ending at the shower built

and also take showers early but unfortunately we don't have a shower

notice yet get some water Sun great was happy crafting the shower is a matter of

fact will place is right next to the toilet

get to work buddy already Falcon you're done let's have you come over here and

return it has messaged finally

already so it still raining which is actually pretty great

now she's back so the church really brought nothing for us

I am a bit disappointed about that but a leash is back in town actually get some

water in your

sales opens up for her grade house out there

scary research one location ID Melissa thank you for that

you can transfer items that you're hearing on the left into your shelter


so we got to food because we treated us mediation tablets hopefully we'll get

any radiation poisoning resume if you quite bullish about the trade but a

he's never been more extras but now confirm it

all's well ID Melissa was have you come over here and drink some water meanwhile

sign you need to get some sleep township you know you do let's finish up with the

shower it for so we can actually start taking showers and imagine the water

right now

storage there's at max okay really quickly it's fine I what's happening

over here

so you're fine at first issue your fly everybody's fine turns a

thirsty ear okay that's good showers ready to go

Sun come over here and get some sleep you come over here and take a shower


already pretty good still far for the first day I gotta say this rain came

really early so I'm actually really happy about that now

hours ago here 95 integrity great 96 great

already pretty good let's see about in

rate is still going on and I we might as well just done

disable the generator for now I'm not sure when you need though

their generator on or not are you gonna need on for

coach keep everybody bad idea

enable add we water and obviously oxygen coming in a row toward I

you know people to die without oxygen and water pretty crazy an hour

I know okay so easily you're sleeping great day to you

a me today to at the very least let's see about

crafting something else you so we have the shower ready ready to go

when the most important things that we don't want to do is actually spend their

base because right now we're limited to how many see on stage is a good put up

around here

so we need to extend a pretty soon however we need cement for that as you

can see we have nine

and if we wanna make cement weeks and im I'm sandwich we happen to have none

so there's no way for us right now expand our rooms and fortune is we have

to wait around for that

and we can actually make a mop and bucket I guess is there any

area actually place the San now this is the reason why we actually make another

room as we can clean

for the time being because we already have three stations up here already

that's unfortunate already so it's still

raining water is at max capacity what he could do potentially as well

is let's see here we can make a small water bud

and have this sexually get a bit more extra water

all we can to stations right cannot heat got dang it Bobby

we need an extra room we definitely next room

already well thats it rate there for now so how about we probably call today for


maybe is a good years like it so far away as enjoyable times early like to


doesn't a lot cut sick around and we will actually continue going further

from the steps the next time around of when joy

I will catch you next time

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