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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Teen No Budget Back To School Shopping Challenge / JustJordan33

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- Hi, guys, it's Jordan and today I'm here with my brother!

- Jake from Jake and Ty!

- And we are gonna be doing

the teen no budget shopping challenge!

(screams) - Yay!

So, the teens of the family are me and Jake currently

because Audrey is on a vacation!

She left us, and then Ty,

I mean, he could join this challenge

but we're gonna do teens only.

So, it's gonna be me and Jake.

The Middle Children Club, yes! (cheering)

But this is kind of a surprise to my parents.

So, Mom, I have a great idea and you can't say no.

- I can't say no?

- Teen No Budget Shopping Challenge! (cheering)

- Yeah, on your budget!

Sponsored budget, so it's okay - No on your budget!

Hah psych, we're going okay

let's go to the mall.

- Out of this store I found two perfect items,

this shirt because it's so soft

and this because it has my name on it.

- Okay we just left Hollister right

oh you can't even see it, where's the sign?

Oh it's right there, there's not even one up there.

But we just left Hollister,

Jake got his stuff, tada!

And I didn't find anything in there

so I think we should move on to the next store.

- Yay.

- Okay, so this teen shopping challenge is super fun

because it's fun to see what Jake's going to pick

out shopping truly for the first time

like his own. - Yeah because normally mom

picks out stuff. - Normally I just get it

so it's fun, but the biggest reason

that I like this is that the kids

are getting all their back to school clothes done

and I don't have to like pick it out myself.

Like they're doing it, so this is a perfect challenge,

it's awesome, back to school shopping.

- Okay so we came to the shoe store

and I do need back to school shoes

because I don't, I mean I have my vans,

but they're like really worn out

and like they're getting holes in them and everything

and so I should probably get new shoes

for the school year, but I don't know which ones to get.

There's like so many options and I'm like the most

indecisive person so this is not good.

- [Dad] Hey real quick look at this.

- We may be here a while.

- Jordan why don't you just buy some

of these little squiggly things?

As shoes? - what are these?

They're at the end of every aisle.

I've never seen these before.

Look there's a whole bunch of them, there's tons!

- They're literally socks to put on your feet

- These are socks, no they're not.

(gasp) They are, they're stockings.

What, they don't have these in the

boy's section. - Oh Dad.

It's Billabong, this is like one of,

I love this brand and these,

I literally have these shoes so I go really excited

because I'm like, it's my shoes!

I'm too short.

No I can't decide, I can't decide.

There's these like Nike slides.

I've never had a pair of slides in my life

and I'm like maybe now's the time to try it?

But I don't know, I don't know what to do.

We found the shoes and so we've got two stores down,

a lot more to go, just kidding!

We're gonna keep looking around the mall though,

there's two levels to this mall, this is insane.

I'm like kind of freaking out.

Okay mom I have another idea.

So we're at the food court and it's lunch time

and I'm kind of hungry and this is a no budget challenge

and so I was wondering if I could get Chick-fil-A

but like also that's not back to school,

that's just my lunch for today so?

I don't know, what do you say?

- [Mom] Yes because you gotta eat.

- That's true okay, okay, alright.

- [Mom] Jordan got Chick-fil-A

the boys ended up with Subway

and David and I got Chinese food so.

That's awesome. - Yay, thanks mom.

- [Mom] That's what's great is we all

get our own meal.

- Mom, Mom, Mom, look at this, look at this!

We finished our food and everything.

I got my Chick-fil-A, Jake got Subway

and I think it's time to go back to shopping.

I just found American Eagle and I want to go

see what's inside. - Okay.

- Let's go, Jake's like alright I guess so.

Jake do you have any stores you want to go to?

- GameStop.

- Ah.

- [Mom] That's not back to school shopping.

- You got to look for back to school stuff.

- Okay.

- Tada.

- [Mom] I like.

That's cute

- I really like this shirt

I think I'm definitely gonna get this shirt

I don't know how I feel about the jeans though, I'm like--

- [Mom] I think they're cute with that too

- I don't know, I don't know, I'm not sure.

I don't know how I feel about it yet.

but we're really like, we're striking

jackpot here, like look, Jake's got like tons of stuff.

- Yeah.

- Like I'm actually really surprised

but we're doing pretty good.

We literally found so many things

at American Eagle are you kidding.

Look at this, we're drowning in clothes.

So we're gonna check out and then we're gonna give

you like a mini haul so that we can see

everything we got. - Yeah.

- But yeah.

We made it back home! (cheering)

Bye Logan.

So we're gonna do like a mini haul

and everything for you guys

because we kind of got, we kind of went a little overboard

and we got a lot of stuff but that's okay

because this was like for back to school shopping

so this is gonna last us for like

the whole entire year so we're good to go.

We're gonna show you what we got.

First I think we should start off with

American Eagle, we got so much stuff from here.

Literally Jake and I found probably the most

stuff from American Eagle which I'm very surprised.

Usually, I don't know, we only like one or two

things every year.

Okay so the first thing in here is this

jean jacket that I got

and I used to have a jean jacket but it got too small

so I had to get rid of it

and now I have a new one and I'm so excited, yay!

Okay what'd you get Jake?

- I got loads of undies.


- Fun, I got a rainbow shirt,

you guys saw me try this on, it's so cozy.

I'm so excited for winter now.

I don't like winter but I'm excited to wear this.

- I got two pairs of pants.

- We both got jeans, so Jake got two pairs

of jeans and he's got like a dark pair

and like a lighter pair.

So I went with mom jeans and they're like light

and they have like holes in the knees

and they're really cute.

- I got some sweat pants,

because I like those. - Sweet.

I got a shirt, yay!

- I got tons of shirts

- True, wait let's see them all,

you've got to show us.

- Okay I've got this white and blue shirt,

the blue shirt and a gray shirt.

- This is blue, classic Jake.

If you couldn't tell, likes blue.

He's wearing blue. - Yeah.

And the last thing we got was this necklace

and it's like a layered necklace,

it's all like squished into this bag right now

but it's like a layered necklace

and it has this pink little fuzzy thing on there

and then it's just really cute so, excited for that.

- Okay, let's move on to this one.

- Okay, next up we're going to the Children's Place

and unfortunately I could not fit anything

in the Children's Place, but we got some stuff

for you and for Ty I'm pretty sure.

Maybe for you, I don't know.

I think we mostly got it for Ty actually.

- Yeah, I think these are all Ty.

- Yeah these are all Ty's clothes

so we'll just show you one of them.


- The good life

- Service, wifi, battery, #thegoodlife


Here you go Ty, Merry Christmas.


Okay. - Now you've got your shoes.

- Yup next up is the shoe place

the foot locker or something?

These are mom's shoes,

Jake's gonna show 'em off and model them.

- Okay here's mom's shoes.

- That she got.

- They're fashionable.

- Ooh, yes.

- I don't know if it's fashionable.


Hey I'm not a fashion expert!

- That's like a burn to mom.

I don't know if those things are fashionable but.

Here are the shoes I got,

I ended up getting the slides because I figured

it's time to try something new guys,

because I don't know, I've seen slides before

and like a lot of people like them

and so I was like we're gonna try it.

Next up we have a baby bag from Bath and Body Works

and all we got from that store is a car freshener

and like the actual scent.

We got watermelon lemonade

and we've got this little fancy car freshener,

this one's for Audrey's car

and I got like just a basic like metallic gray

silver type of one that is already in my car so there we go.

Okay lastly we've got Hollister!

And I'm so surprised, I didn't find anything in that store,

normally I find at least one thing but like I don't know

I just didn't find anything today,

but Jacob, he found some stuff.

- I found undies,

more undies.

- Chips.

- There's supposed to be undies in this.


Is this mine, yeah, a shirt.

- Wait, I want to see, I want to see.

I never saw this one, tada!

- Oh, here's the undies, this is where they went.

- Jacob.

So basically, - I got so much undies.

- Jake got a lot of undies from Hollister

and also there were chips in there from lunch

so there you go.

- And also I got some receipts.

- Anyways, okay that's our haul you guys.

That's what we got so, there you go.

All right, so if you guys enjoyed this video

make sure you give it a big thumbs up

for back to school, aw sad.


Well make sure you subscribe, turn the subscribe button

from red to gray and we'll see you guys next time.

Bye. - Bye!

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