Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Twin Prank!!! | Double at the Drive-Thru

Difficulty: 0

So that was actually my twin brother okay, I'm not going crazy

$1.08. Here is one dollar, and that should be eight exactly

Here's your receipt

There you go. Thanks boss. Have a good day. See ya

Here you go man. Thanks man. Yeah, no problem

Here's that for ya

1:08 yep

And I know this is gonna sound really weird but is that guy your brother

What guy? The guy who is just in front of you you look exactly exactly



Hi, how are you? I'm doing good, how are you? Good. Just a sugar cookie? Yes. $2.04

Did you want that penny back? Yeah. K

Thank you. Have a good one! You too

Hi how's it goin-- Oh wait, you're back? What?

Never mind, nothing

[Music] They ask you how you are, and you just have to say that you're fine when you're not really fine

But you just can't get into it, because they would never understand

There's just someone who came through that looks just like you. Oh, no problem

Um, $1.97

K, 3 cents. And, there's your drink

Alright, small french fry. Thanks man.

Small french fry. Thanks man.

He didn't even look at us!

Going to Taco-Bell

Um, can I have a shredded chicken-- sorry, two shredded chicken mini quesadillas. Okay

Thank you so much.

Have a great day. You too.

Hello. Hi.

You look identic to him. To who? The guy that's right there!? Umm.. Oh

He's even got a white truck, a box in the front seat. I mean--- wow. Ha

Haha, it's almost like seeing double. He ordered two of the mini quesadillas. Oh wow

you guys look so much like, like you could be brothers. Oh wow

that is so.... weird. That's a weird coincidence.

Alright, there you go. Thank you so mu--- So, we're actually filming a video. A Youtube video


You guys are twins aren't you? Yeah, we're twins.

Is it okay if we use that for our video? Sure. Okay, thank you so much. Yep, you bet.

So, that was actually my twin brother. Okay! I'm not going crazy! No, you're not going crazy.

We're actually shooting a Youtube video. Oh my gosh ha. So, is it cool if we use your reaction for our Youtube video? Yeah

Sweet, thanks. Have a good day

We're twins. We- we're doing a Youtube video.


I know, I saw you notice the camera, that's why I let you know.

Okay, well no, but like, he-- still. He looked a lot like you. We-- we're twins. Oh, you are, Okay. Yeah haha. Okay.

But is it cool if we use your reaction for our video? Sure, go ahead.

Alright man, thank you.


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