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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top Model Georgia Fowler's Nighttime Skincare Routine For Normal Skin | Go To Bed With Me | BAZAAR

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- Time to come to bed with me.

I have a seven step regime.

I have pretty normal skin, luckily.

But I do travel a lot, so I have to

really amp up the moisturizer at times and use more masks.

So, I'll start by taking my makeup off, a cleansing oil,

exfoliating lotion, a serum, moisturizer,

eye cream, and lip balm.

So I start taking my makeup off with Bioderma,

I just put it on a cotton pad, it's super gentle,

but it still manages to remove all of your eye makeup,

which is amazing.

Kind of start, start there.

Gonna rub.

More recently, I've become more into beauty care,

as we all get older and we live such busy schedules

and don't sleep probably enough, it's important

to look after your skin from the outside as well as within.

Yeah, there are definitely times when I'm just too tired

to take it off, but it's a no-no,

so follow these steps instead. (giggling)

I use a pad just for this one to take off makeup

because otherwise your white flannels

are going to be disgusting, so yeah,

definitely take off the makeup with that.

Can be quite rough because then I'm gonna follow up

with a cleansing oil.

So, this is a cleansing oil, there,

you can just use a face wash as well,

but I really like this 'cause it doesn't dry your skin out,

it's very moisturizing, but it still, you know,

gets it all off to a deep layer

than what just the makeup will, so a pump of that.

And then just kind of rub it in.

It feels beautiful being an oil rather than, you know,

a foam that gets a bit messy, and then you can really

massage it in to make sure you get everywhere.

And then, once you add some water to it.

So after that, you can use your flannel to dry your face

since you're not gonna get a whole lot of makeup on it.

So pat that along.

Maybe, you know, three times, four times a week

I might use a, you know, a heavier exfoliator as well,

but it's not necessary every night,

you just don't need to strip your skin that much.

The next step, I've just found this P50 lotion,

it's like an exfoliating lotion,

so without having to scrub your skin,

you can either use a cotton pad

or just straight on the face, which I sometimes do.

I use it every night, but if you have more sensitive skin,

I think you could tone it back

to a couple times a week or three times a week.

And if you have a problem area that you need to dry out,

like a pimple or something, you can actually

put it on a cotton pad and leave it on there.

And so that will help get anything out.

I think my beauty regime has changed significantly over time

because, while I'm growing up in New Zealand,

we weren't so focused on beauty, it was kind of just

going to the beach, fresh-faced, no makeup,

but now, obviously modeling, I have makeup on and off me

all the time, I'm constantly traveling, so I do feel like

I need a more thorough clean, and you know, just,

you know, stop the wrinkles before they happen, so.

The next step is a serum, I love using serums

'cause they actually reach a deeper layer of your skin.

Moisturizers often can just sit on the top.

There's a few different serums that I love.

The Chanel one is great, but the Clarins Double Serum

is really smart.

So it's got two separate kind of containers in here,

and you twist it around, rub them with your hands

to combine them together, and I think it activates

whatever magic stuff is in there,

and then you just press it into your skin

rather than rubbing.

I think that patting is, yeah, more to sink it in evenly

over your skin rather than rubbing it,

and maybe you're rubbing it off at the same time.

It's just what, you know, beauty experts have told me

in the past, so following their orders. (giggling)

Next up is a moisturizer, I really like this

Chanel La Solution 10, 'cause it's only got 10 ingredients

and it's super simple, so even if you have sensitive skin,

I've been advised to use this.

Lather it on, it's not the richest,

but it is a perfect everyday moisturizer, so if I'm flying,

I will use something heavier,

or if I feel like I'm particularly dry, I will,

you know, go for something else.

The hardest thing for me to do is just to

remember to get up and do all of this before passing out.

And then, yeah, just to be gentle on your skin,

there are a lot of products that have, you know,

a lot of very drying elements,

and there's just so much noise out there, so you have to,

you know, figure out what skin type you have

and what works for you and just try some things out.

Okay, so next, I will use an eye cream.

I love this La Mer eye cream, it's quite rich.

In the morning, I will use one that is more anti-puffy eyes,

that might have a little bit of caffeine in it,

or a little roll-on, but this is great

for moisturizing around the eye area.

I put a little dab on my finger.

And a little at the top, too.

And finally, lip balm, I always find myself

having the driest lips, especially if I'm flying

or not drinking enough water, and that is a major thing

if you find yourself getting dry lips.

This Barbra Sturm one's fabulous, it's very rich and creamy.

I put way too much on, but why not?

Makes them kissable. (lips pop)

If I have extra time, when I'm just chilling at home, too,

I love the Sisley mask, so you leave it on

for 10 or 15 minutes and really add some moisture.

Or, if you're brave, these sheet masks

from III Skin are incredible.

In the morning, I am a firm believer of using a jade roller,

I really love them for getting rid of a puffy face,

like sometimes if you're flying, or you've had a salty meal,

you just wake up and you're like, "What is this?"

If all else fails, cold spoons in the fridge over the eyes

works a treat.

In the morning, I tend to keep it the same, I will go for,

this moisturizer is fine in the morning, but generally,

if there's something with an SPF, or follow it up

with an SPF, I love the Barbra Sturm Sun Drops.

Even if you don't think you're going outside,

you're always walking down the street

and catching some rays, so very important.

And then to finish my routine, I always give a little spray

of my favorite perfume, just around my neck because,

you never know, you still might want to be sexy.

Well, thank you for getting unready with me,

see you next time.

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