Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ryan Aigner talks about movie "Soaked in Bleach" (Nirvana, Kurt Cobain)

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I discovered your name from the movie

soaked in Bleach what can you tell me

about that and when did they come to you

with that particular flick that they

were good working on it well that was a

year or two ago and and again you know I

don't know much about that era and the

history of the band because I wasn't

involved with it at that time I the

first three years right prior to the

relationship with the Geffen label was

when I sort of stepped back and decided

to not go on tour with them and and not

pursue working with him any longer and

so all those things happen without me

and I think the producers of soaked in

Bleach didn't realize that they they

didn't do their home work quite as well

as they should have and it was sort of

an uncomfortable situation when they

shot me down for interview and they

started asking me all these questions

and I said well I don't know because I

wasn't there

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