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So in

2020 will Things 3 become a paid subscription

application in today's video we're going to be diving into just that topic so let ol in

So the latest news is that fantastic out three now

they've moved from two to three the Mac and iOS calendar application has now gone to a

Subscription model and of course, this is the trend in at least the last couple of years

all of the applications have moved to this model it is I guess a little bit difficult sometimes to understand because you're probably like

More money's coming out of my pocket

but the idea behind it is that it gives a developers more of a

Sustainable approach to their work and of course with things like inflation and things like that

Naturally things keep getting more expensive to do the concept is very simple and allows you to pay on a regular basis

So fantastical has moved from a one-off fee. I think it was

$49.99 service. I make sure to include a video about fantastical 3 soon, but in 2020

We'll thrinng things 3 move to this model. Now. The argument is 100 percent. Yes

I don't know anything more than that, but I think the things sorry news is out there who are watching along?

I think they definitely will move to that model. It's a more of a sensible model

It's definitely more supporting for the developer cultured code

At the moment you could pay

$49.99 99 for iPad 9099 5 phone so collectively you're paying about


97 something like that, which is fairly high

But as a one-off Const it's not bad because you could probably recoup the costs over three years

but what I think is gonna happen is things for when they really start which I can imagine will probably be

middle way through


and include a

Lot more of an ocean-like experience. I think in my opinion I think now he's gonna sort of take it to that next level

And it will include a subscription plan. I think that's almost guaranteed because it's much more of a better way for the company to earn

Consistent generation of money, but then again, they could stay with a more consistent experience where one of costs are better

It really depends because they have what they have a little bit different to some companies is they have version updates?

So they'll go from things one things to things. Sorry, so they may be able to get the recurring type of model from that

So it's working out whether that's good. But in my opinion I think things for probably released in mid 2020s

Ascription model and a notion like experience. So that's my opinion if your things through a user

Definitely good buy at the moment because obviously you've probably made your money back compared to some other applications

In subscription recurring but guys, hopefully you enjoyed that future. Let me know what you think about this

Do you think thinks we will turn to a subscription model? Let us see anyone guys

I look forward to reading your comments and I'll talk to you guys very very soon. Cheers ever. Bye

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